Sorcery Rituals: Beast-Mastery

By Moe Lane (


These Sorcery rituals are used to summon and command corporeal entities. Generally, use of them on a regular basis will attract unwelcome attention from Jordi: however, the Archangel of Animals has been known to 'overlook' such antics, depending on why the entities were summoned and/or commanded. Jordi is sometimes willing to forgive acts of eco-terrorism and/or 'poetic revenge'.

Summon Beasts

All of these rituals will call any one type of animal. The sorcerer may choose whether to specify a species, at a -2 penalty (but see Summon Specific Beast below). Essentially, every creature affected within a mile must make a Will roll or converge on the sorcerer's position. Summoned beasts will not be under the control of the caster, but will be at a -2 to resist any immediate Control Beast ritual.

The duration of this ritual is one hour. Animals that have not yet gotten to the sorcerer may still arrive, especially if they don't have anything else to do right now.

Time: 10 minutes. The animals will begin to appear after the ritual is completed.
Essence: the check digit

Summon Bugs (Summon/1): This can be anything from insects to spiders to worms, or anything else that the average person would call a bug.

Summon Fish (Summon/1): This will include octopuses, crustaceans and squid, but not sea mammals.

Summon Reptiles (Summon/2): This includes frogs, toads and other amphibians.

Summon Birds (Summon/2): Includes bats, for some reason.

Summon Mammals (Summon/3): Includes sea mammals, but not humans.

Summon Humans (Summon/4?): This one is mythical. Nobody on either side lets sorcerers successfully research this ritual: Heaven and Hell retains quite vivid memories of Legion.

Summon Specific Beast (Summon/Special: skill cannot exceed prerequisite Summon Beast skill): This is actually a large number of rituals, each designed to Summon a specific species of animal. The sorcerer must know the general Summon Beast skill first. This can be further subdivided into sex, age, and coloration: if the Sorcerer wants Summon Male Hamsters with one eye, he?ll have to learn Summon Mammals, Summon Hamsters, and Summon Male Hamsters first.

Command Beasts

These rituals have as prerequisites the equivalent Summon Ritual. Each must be learned separately. The sorcerer has two options when setting up the ritual: he may choose to either command one beast's actions or else make himself safe from attacks from that type of animal. In each case, a contest of Wills is required.

The ritual only works for one hour, and may not be maintained. For a -2 to the ritual, the sorcerer may attempt to control a group of one type of beasts (maximum number equal to the sorcerer's total Forces).

A swarm is equal to one Force, for the purposes of this discussion: a school of fish and/or a flock of birds is equal to three.

Time: 1 minute.
Essence: 4

Command Bugs (Command/1: may not be at a higher skill level than Summon Bugs)

Command Fish (Command/1: may not be at a higher skill level than Summon Fish)

Command Reptiles (Command/2: may not be at a higher skill level than Summon Reptiles)

Command Birds (Command/2: may not be at a higher skill level than Summon Birds)

Command Mammals (Command/3: may not be at a higher skill level than Summon Mammals)

Again, if there's a Command Human ritual, it's very well hidden.

Command Specific Beast (Command/Special: skill cannot exceed prerequisite Command Beast skill): Like the equivalent Summon ritual, the sorcerer must learn a different ritual for each specific species. The duration for this ritual is two hours, and may be maintained for 2 Essence.


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