Habbalitic Logic

By Michael Cleveland


Question: How do you determine the likelihood of a test subject being acceptable?

Answer: Answer is multi-part -

Step 01: Select subject from available candidates.

Step 02: Use Resonance to incite unethical behavior.
02a: If Resonance succeeds, subject has failed. Return to Step 01.
02b: If Resonance fails, proceed to Step 03.

Step 03: Offer subject opportunity for pleasure at expense of others.
03a: If subject accepts, subject is selfish. Failed. Return to Step 01.
03b: If subject refuses, subject is selfless. Pass. Proceed to Step 04.

Step 04: Enter dreamscape. Levitate. Insert meathooks into chest. Release subject.
04a: If scream = >50 decibels, subject is weak. Failed. Return to Step 01.
04b: If scream = <50 decibels, subject is strong. Pass. Proceed to Step 05.

Step 05: Kill person emotionally close to subject.
05a: If person shows sorrow, lacks faith in God's plan. Failed. Return to Step 01.
05b: If person accepts God's Will, subject has proper Faith. Subject Acceptable.

Special Skill / Attunement

Habbalitic Logic (Defaults to Perception -4)

This skill is particularly hard to learn - it requires 5 character points to learn the initial level, reflected the extreme difficulty and severe mind-bending required to understand a Punisher's sense of logic. Additional levels advance at the standard rate.

This skill, although quite expensive, is of great use in understanding the twisted prophesies and tilted logic that make up the Habbalite mindset. It also gives an additional bonus of 1/2 its level, rounded up, to the use of any Technological item, due to a better understanding of the testing processes that the items go through.

Understandably, most Archangels are somewhat leery of the concept of any of their Servitors learning how to think like a Punisher - particularly if said Servitor is an Elohite. The one advantage that allows most Servitors to not have the knowledge stripped from their minds is this - anyone who holds this skill has a chance of understanding the Punisher's delusions and therefore has a higher likelihood of being able to poke holes in their logic. This can, in turn, give a somewhat better chance of having the Habbalite Redeem.

Ironically, those Elohim who are in possession of this skill when they fall lose this skill, as it becomes supplanted by the knowledge of The Correct Way Of Things. On the up side for the newly fallen, those who had high levels of this skill are often put on the fast track for promotion to Knighthood, and those who join the Archangel of Technology almost always gain the Balseraph of Technology Attunement, if not a Knighthood outright.


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