In Cineme

By Earl Wajenberg


The IN material often talks about playing the game "cinematically," but when it does so, it seems to mean playing the celestials as if they were (mortal) action-adventure heroes. There's another way to play IN cinematically, and that's to play the celestials like movie-celestials. This requires only a few changes, though they're rather basic:

The 11th Commandment

"Thou Shalt Not Get Caught." Cinematic celestials appear and disappear freely, and hang around the corporeal plane indefinitely, unlike canonical IN celestials. But they don't often blink or fade in and out. Rather, their pressence or absence is surprisingly discovered by a mortal viewpoint character.

For "In Cineme," this means a similar lack of time limit for being celestial on the Corporeal Plane, and that going celestial causes no disturbance *UNLESS* the transition is observed by a mortal who is not Symphonically aware.

Numinous Paraphernalia

Cinematic celestials never have to worry about clean and appropriate costuming, or life's handy little props. This is a new Corporeal Song that lets the celestial control the style and cleanliness of its costume, alter hairstyles to suit, and produce minor props like combs, pens, and screwdrivers. It does not extend to creating money or conventional weaponry.

The Dossier Attunement

Cinematic celestials (notably the angel in "The Bishop's Wife" and in "Highway to Heaven") seemed to know everyone's first name and sometimes other important information. This cinematic attunement supplies such information and is handed out freely. All Mercurians and Impudites might have it. Anyone with a Cherub- or Djinn-like attunement might be able to use it to know the number of the phone nearest their attuned.

The Gift of Tongues

Cinematic celestials can read and converse in any mortal language.

The Surreal Discord

Exactly as described recently by David Streeter. It is, in "In Cineme," a very common discord, especially among less experienced celestials and demons.


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