When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Habbalite

By James Walker


When I grow up, I want to be a Habbalite:

I wrote a bit about this in digest #2287, while talking about religion in Hell, so this'll be short:

Habbalah claim to be angels. Balseraphs claim that Habbalah are angels. Any demonling who, no matter how slightly, wants to be an angel is going to fledge as a Habbalite. This is something for redemption crews to consider - any non-Habbalite you meet has already refused the chance to become an angel, in his own mind at least.

Habbalah actively recruit. Most demons couldn't care less what you become. The Habbalah know that God's work must be done - and you can do it! And the Habbalite resonance is ideal for recruitment.

The more intelligent demonlings are going to have questions about the War, God, angels, Heaven and so on. The only demons they can really talk to about this are the Habbalah. Further, Habbalah will tend to be the most intelligent demons, as their resonance rewards high Ethereal Forces, unlike any other. This will make the Habbalah a tempting option for the smart. (For anyone with a knowledge of Myer-Briggs, or better yet Jung, consider a Habbalite whose personality is a shadow dominated NT/Rational. Scary, yes? Believable, yes?)


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