By Moe Lane


"Anything capable of storing and/or emitting energy can be made to explode." - Mike's Maxims for Maximizing Military Mayhem (Malakite)

This is not a relic: it's more like a method for using relics in a way not intended by their creators. Well, it's exactly like that, actually: specifically, it's a method of shorting out a relic and/or reliquary so that all the Essence is released at once. This will result in an explosion - but then, that's the idea.

Jangling an artifact is not an automatic task: it requires a little time to work, a couple bits of wire - and a Precision roll. Modifiers to the roll:

 Fragility of the Artifact       Modifier

 Easy to Destroy                 No roll needed

 Fragile                         +2

 Typical                         no modifier

 Tough                           -2

 Very Tough                      -4

 Extremely Tough                 -6

 Unbreakable                     impossible

 Celestial has Enchantment skill +level of skill
Use the CD on a successful roll to determine how many turns before the artifact will explode: an unfavorable Intervention indicates that the artifact explodes immediately. Damage done by a Jangled artifact is equal to the amount of Essence currently in the artifact, times CD of the Jangling roll (minimum 1): range on the corporeal plane is equal to (level of the artifact) x (CD of the Jangling roll), in yards. The type of damage is the same as the plane in which the explosion occurs.

Jangling is one of those things that's not precisely taught, per se: it's not precisely cost-effective, under normal circumstances, and the practice makes most artificers grind their teeth. Still, when you're camped right outside of Beleth's Tower, with half of Hell coming up to say hello, and there's not much chance to drain the Fiery Sword before they kill you, well ... you might as well go out with a bang.

Also, it should be noted that Jangling is not forbidden, either: after all, what precisely is Heaven going to do with a captured Coffin of Undead, anyway? Use it for an ornamental planter?


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