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Card Suggestion Page

We are happy – indeed, gleefully overjoyed – to accept suggestions for new cards. (Note: We don't buy ideas for individual cards, or even for batches of cards, for our existing games. If you are interested in pitching a complete new game proposal to us, see our Authors' Guidelines.)

By submitting a suggestion here, you are giving us permission to use it. We will ask for your name and email address. We can't promise to acknowledge the submission or even give credit (please remember that we get LOTS of duplicate ideas), but we want to know who's helping us . . .

What game are you submitting an idea for?

Munchkin Chez Geek

Other Games
If you do not see a link for a particular game, it means we are not looking for card suggestions. Perhaps we're sure we won't do a supplement. Perhaps we're sure we ARE doing a supplement, but want to hog all the card-inventing goodness for ourselves. Fnord.

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