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July 25, 2021: Red Dragons And Skulls

We're often planning several months to a year out, taking actions today that will lead to new projects in the future. In an attempt to have some fun extras and add-ons for Warehouse 23 sales and Kickstarter campaigns, we sometimes work with the factory to run a wave of dice in a new color and/or design. Recently, we've been taking advantage of the dragon and skull family mold to create new colors of the dice found in the Dragon d6 Dice Set and Skull d6 Dice Set

One such new color is a translucent red that reminds me of cherry cough drops. While we do not yet have an exact home for these dice (maybe the Random Fun Generator 2 Kickstarter campaign?), we are positive that these look fabulous! What a lovely shade of red! I'm looking forward to mixing dozens of these into my bag of six-sided dice.

-- Phil Reed

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