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May 27, 2024: Memento More-y!

I'm a community-theater geek (insert joke about "being dramatic" here). At the end of most shows, I've given a memento to the cast and crew. This might be an ornament (especially around holiday shows), knickknack, certificate, or something else thematically related to the show. If I were to run a longer-running tabletop game/campaign nowadays (especially with a group I like), I'd be tempted to the same at the end, as a souvenir of the game.

Some fairly quick-and-easy ideas:

Candy! A game set in modern-day Japan or Europe would be a great reason to give a few regionally appropriate treats from the area they adventured in.

Coins! Was it a modern (in the past 70 years or so) campaign? If so, you might be able to buy coins for the participants. For one production I was in, I bought 1950s quarters from the year the show first ran (it had a governmental subplot, so it made sense). . . . [more]

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May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

As a writer and editor, I realize I'm having a hard time keeping up with recent history. By which I mean, I can conjure what life was like in – say – the 1950s, or the 1970s, or the 1990s with vivid clarity. But my brain breaks down totally when I try to recall what life was like in, say, 2004. Or 2014.

Part of that could be because period-piece history has a way of collapsing; when I think "the 1970s," my brain tends to conjure "earth-tone yellow-brown kitchens" alongside ABBA's "Voulez-Vous," even though there's nearly 10 whole years dividing those two. Nonetheless, I'd be happy if my brain could come up with what "something vaguely 2000s-y" felt like. It's felt like now for an awful long time.

I don't know if anyone else feels the same way, but if you have any writerly resources, period-piece recommendations, or other insight, I'd love to hear about it on the forums!

-- Steven . . . [more]

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May 25, 2024: The Fantasy Trip Is At BGG.Spring

The BGG.Spring convention is now through May 27th at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport, and we have some fun news.
Our friend Nathaniel has organized Those About to Die, Salut You - The Fantasy Trip Tournament at 10:00am on Saturday for a chance to win some great prizes from Steve Jackson Games.
You can sign up for this and other great events here.
If you have a chance to participate, send us an email after and tell us all about your experience! 

-- Michelle Richardson

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May 24, 2024: Off To UKGE

This morning I head to England for, among other things, the UK Games Exposition. My first visit! By all accounts, it's big and fun. I will be running the TFT adventure The Effigy of the Oil Wastes, participating in a couple of panels, and catching up with some old friends. I will also be doing some signings at the Catalyst booth. Look me up there, if you are in the neighborhood, or catch me elsewhere. I will be one of the ones wearing a "Steve Jackson" nametag . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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May 23, 2024: Inventory On The First Play?

Am I alone in taking inventory of new games as I open 'em? When I'm enjoying that new-game smell, I'll generally do a quick count of the cards, parts, etc., and compare them with the parts list in the game itself. If I'm really feeling my oats (especially if I'm the one who has to put the game away), I'll do an inventory after the game as well. If a game doesn't have a complete parts list, I'll often whip up my own before the game gets sequestered back into its cardboard home. There's nothing more frustrating than discovering one has lost a die, pawn, chit, or card a few months down the road, long after vacuum cleaners or free-roaming house rabbits have made a tasty snack of something irreplaceable.

I'm especially grateful when publishers provide detailed inventory lists. If I'm looking for a complete card list for (say) Munchkin 9 — Jurassic Snark, it's awesome to get it straight . . . [more]

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