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March 3, 2024: Put On The Wax Cylinder, Jeeves!

At the risk of dating myself like the inner ring of a mighty oak . . . do folks make "mix tapes" for their games? Or playlists, or whatever we call 'em nowadays?

If there's a certain vibe or atmosphere I'm trying to create, I'll toss on an album to get folks in the mood. If it's a longer-term effort or special event, I might even come up with an honest-to-goodness playlist mix – more time-consuming, but perfect to punctuate particularly exciting moments. It's especially helpful in "flashback" games, or ones where I'm using music to define an era. (One of the great gifts the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies had was their soundtracks, which provided an evocative one-of-a-kind tone that's instrumental in establishing the flavor of its world.)

If anyone else has been a mix-master for their own gaming tables – especially if you have any tips – feel free to drop a line on the forum . . . [more]

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March 2, 2024: Saethor's Bane On Backerkit

Saethor's Bane is a conversion to the Dungeon Fantasy RPG of David Pulver's excellent Dark Lord's Doom, available for both TFT and OSE (with greyscale interior) by Gaming Ballistic.

It is designed to showcase the capabilities and options of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, taking four martial characters – the spellcasters would be assigned to a different unit – through a full campaign arc. It presents a fantastic opportunity to – by obtaining the core rules and the solo adventure – to try out the Dungeon Fantasy RPG and experience how much fun it can be once you get to the table.

The characters start at 125-150 points (Journeymen level from Delvers to Grow) and rapidly advance as the adventure progresses. Very rapidly. Artificially rapidly. Showcasing how the capability of characters grows, what options that affords, enabling players and GMs to see what it takes to challenge characters at different . . . [more]

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March 1, 2024: Steve Jackson Games Is On Bluesky

Fans of the endless scrolling experience, rejoice! Steve Jackson Games is now actively posting on Bluesky, the latest social media platform to open to the public. You can find us at, where we'll be posting about games, interacting with fans, reblogging important gaming news, and hopefully providing a bit of amusement in the process.

Feel free to give us a follow if you wish. Maybe you could invite two of your friends to follow, and encourage them to each invite two more, who could in turn invite two more. It's a decidedly geometric plan to ensure a healthy follower count. A sort of ziggurat plot, if you will . . . 

-- Katie Duffy

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February 29, 2024: The Future's Pretty Awesome When It Comes To Learning Games

Just the other day I realized how downright amazing it is nowadays, as far as learning a new game goes. Like, take a random game such as . . . ohhh, how about Car Wars Sixth Edition.

• Do you learn better by reading? Then the rulebook is available online, in its full-color glory as a searchable PDF.

• Are you a visual learner? There's a "How to Play" video with Chris Steele on Tabletop Game Talk.

• Do you learn better by asking questions or searching for answers? Then we've got forums and a Discord server to talk about our games.

• And, of course, the Internet makes it easier than ever for like-minded folks to form groups and figure things out.

As someone who had to muddle through (say) the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons using just the hardcovers, the plethora of preparatory possibilities available nowadays is nothing less than amazing to me. And, of course, it means that . . . [more]

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February 28, 2024: GAMA EXPO Starts Next Week!

The Game Manufacturers Association annual Expo will take place next week, March 3-7 in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky International Convention Center and the Galt House will host this year's convention – and Steve Jackson Games will be there!
The GAMA Expo is a yearly B2B trade show and includes panels, seminars, an exhibit hall (with over 250 exhibitors!), and game nights. This is an exciting opportunity for game creators and industry professionals to gather and network with each other. 
If you've always wanted to meet Steve Jackson himself, we have great news! He will be in attendance and looks forward to meeting other industry friends and fans.
Steve Jackson Games is booked at Booth 420, and we will also be demoing new releases at the game nights, held Monday through Thursday.
Are you attending this year's Expo? If so, stop by Booth 420. We hope to see . . .


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