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February 28, 2024: GAMA EXPO Starts Next Week!

The Game Manufacturers Association annual Expo will take place next week, March 3-7 in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky International Convention Center and the Galt House will host this year's convention – and Steve Jackson Games will be there!
The GAMA Expo is a yearly B2B trade show and includes panels, seminars, an exhibit hall (with over 250 exhibitors!), and game nights. This is an exciting opportunity for game creators and industry professionals to gather and network with each other. 
If you've always wanted to meet Steve Jackson himself, we have great news! He will be in attendance and looks forward to meeting other industry friends and fans.
Steve Jackson Games is booked at Booth 420, and we will also be demoing new releases at the game nights, held Monday through Thursday.
Are you attending this year's Expo? If so, stop by Booth 420. We hope to see . . .


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February 27, 2024: The One Where I Talk About A Stapler

I recently regaled you all with my recommendation of software to make booklets. Those of you who sprinted out to buy the app may have quickly realized that you've ended up with a pile of loose pages that – although folded into a correctly numbered booklet – do not actually form a booklet. That's because you need a stapler. A very special stapler.

A saddle stapler (also sometimes known as a "saddle stitcher") differs from its other staplery counterparts by having room to tuck the rest of the booklet while you staple it, like a saddle . . . hence the name (the "saddle" part, that is).

I've had my saddle stapler for decades, and it's been a workhorse. Barring an unexpected incident, the only reason I can foresee my saddle stitcher not being passed on to my next of kin when I shuffle off this mortal coil is that I intend to request that it be buried with me, pharaoh-like amid the . . . [more]

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February 26, 2024: Sculptors In The Mist

Conor Flynn, the artist who sculpted the spectacular dragon from Foes 2, has a really awesome project on Kickstarter: the Tabletop Fog Machine.

The core is a tiny fog machine that generates a glycerine-based mist. This is thicker and more persistent than water fog, with no puddles or spray, but it doesn't leave a gooey coating like vegetable oil types. Around this, Conor has sculpted an assortment of structures that can be used in dioramas, battlefields, or dungeons. I know how good a sculptor Conor is, so I know these are going to be incredible.

The set comes with your choice of switch or remote-controlled fog generators, a container of "fog juice" good for 4.5 hours of total use, STLs for nine custom fog-emitting sculpts, and a set of pieces for the classic ruined walls, etc., for battlefield terrain to surround with mysterious fog.

I can already think of a plethora of gaming uses . . . [more]

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February 25, 2024: Looking For Our Stuff? Try Your FLGS

A new game store has opened up relatively nearby, and I'm excited to stop by, introduce myself, and see what their setup is like. Friendly Local Game Stores are always delightful, and it seems like more and more of them are becoming de facto gathering places. That's great! One of the best things about games is the way they bring people together.
While our online store is always open for business, we here at Steve Jackson Games are grateful to all of the brick and mortar shops that provide a place for people to try out new games, pick up old favorites, engage in friendly competition, and make new friends. The next time you're looking to pick up one of our titles, head to our store finder to see if your FLGS carries our titles. And if they don't, ask them to get in touch with us at!

-- Katie Duffy

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February 24, 2024: Mind If I Impose?

This may be the least surprising statement ever, but I do a lot of printing at home. I have three printers in my office, and a backup of one of those in the garage. One aspect of printing that's incredibly useful is making little booklets. As anyone who's tried to print a folded booklet knows, this is trickier than it seems; even if you take a simple "four-page booklet" (that is, one sheet of paper folded in half), you'll quickly realize that – for it to read correctly when assembled – it needs to be structured such that it's page 2 and 3 on one side, and 4 and 1 on the other (in that order). This is called "imposing" the pages, and can be the source of countless jokes . . . or exactly one joke, restated countless ways.

Getting the pages to line up correctly in this way requires software or (if doing it by hand) a general willingness to be sad and frustrated.

I've decided on the . . . [more]

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