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December 3, 2023: Steve Jackson Games' 2024 Schedule Announcement!

If you weren't able to make it to PAX Unplugged this weekend, you missed a not-so-little presentation we gave to unveil our 2024 lineup! Fear not! We have the best bits right here for you to glue your eyeballs to, and throughout the year we will be writing Illuminators to highlight both the new games and the beloved reprints coming to your gaming table.

As the still new-ish CEO of Steve Jackson Games, it was important for me to kick off our new year with a roadmap of where the company is heading. As you can see, we have some really fun new titles in Groo: The Game and Tabloids. We continue to show our love and support for Car Wars, with an all-new 2-player set that makes it easier for new fans to drive into the arena, and will give long-time players some much-anticipated updates.

Munchkin, our flagship, will continue with some punny good expansions, and the all-new Munchkin Shadowrun. But I . . . [more]

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December 2, 2023: The New Kickstarter: Best Thing Since ANY Bread

Our current big Kickstarter is a special one to me personally -- not just the Foes 2 STLs but the Bestiary itself.

The Bestiary has been a project longer than I've been an SJ Games employee. It took a long time to get it exactly right. In addition to the people credited on the cover, a lot of people have contributed in some way to the project, myself included. Even more people edited and reviewed it for accuracy, both game and real-world. I personally can hardly wait to hold it in my hands after all the years it's been a PDF draft.

The Bestiary is a big book. It's bigger than In The Labyrinth, and exactly three times the size of Old School Monsters. There are several hundred creatures and variants listed. Each creature's listing, aside from TFT stats, describes the habitat where they are found, their behavior and tactics, and many other useful things such as how much meat is on a crabman . . . [more]

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December 1, 2023: Today's Random Thought: Talon Show

I have never had an RPG campaign that wasn't improved by the addition of pets for the PCs. These critters don't have to be magical, or special, or important. You give someone the opportunity to have a wisecracking parrot, a ferret in a trench-coat pouch, or a headquarters full of bunnies, and that player will be quite probably be happier.

-- Steven Marsh

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November 30, 2023: Then Is Tomorrow

Those who love futuristic settings or exploring alternate timelines, if you want to make your future feel that much more oddball but grounded, consider letting obsolete tech thrive.

What do I mean? Well, there's an oddity when watching any visual medium where future technology can generally only be represented by what exists now, especially for shots of tech that are meant to be used and aren't entirely props or special effects. The most immediate and obvious example of this is how many CRTs exist in the ultra-tech worlds of (say) Star Trek V or 1980s-era Doctor Who. And, of course, Murphy's Rules has examples of "future tech" that fails to reach the realms of a mid-2000s iMac.

So why not embrace that?

Yes, as it turns out, Magical Space Radiation means that CRTs are well-suited for space travel in a way that makes LCDs (etc.) impractical. Wow, it looks like Zip disks were beloved . . . [more]

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November 29, 2023: Shiny Thing Evidencing Voluminous Energy

Not everyone has an astronomical phenomenon named after them. Heaven knows, I don't! But this is a good article anyway.

-- Steve Jackson

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