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December 1, 2022: Dire Wolf's Munchkin Digital Releases On Steam Early Access

Munchkin Digital from Dire Wolf Digital launches in Early Access on Steam today! This precedes the future release on iOS and Android, but they're coming! For now, though, you'll be able to get the game on Steam for Windows and Mac. This is Early Access, which doesn't mean unfinished, but it does mean that the developers are looking for feedback. You'll be able to submit your feedback via Steam through reviews and forums, and they'll be collecting player data from games played. This will, in turn, help Dire Wolf make the game even better for the full launch. All you have to do is play!

There will be both solo and multiplayer play, and our Discord might be an excellent place to look for a game with some fellow munchkins! So get some games in, have some fun, and know that you're helping the awesome team over at Dire Wolf improve Munchkin Digital for yourself and for your future opponents. Fans . . . [more]

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November 30, 2022: Fantasy NPCs On Kickstarter

Some of you have been asking whether we are still moving forward with the Squarescape project. You bet we are. In fact, a photo session is scheduled for next week and I'll be sure to share some of the results. Dry ice may be involved. Spooooooky mist, anyone?

Since this is a terrain project, we'll need a variety of figures and props for the photography. Here's where some of them are coming from. I've backed this beautiful campaign at an All In level and happily recommend it to your attention. The sculptures are wonderful and the creator, Rafael Moreno Dominguez, is enthusiastic and communicates well. I'm a fan!

-- Steve Jackson

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November 29, 2022: Learn Zombie Dice With "Watch It Played!"

First published in 2010, Zombie Dice has been one of our top sellers for well over a decade. The game started out during walks through Madison and went through a number of versions before Steve finalized the design of the game as you know it today. I can still remember one of the earliest playtest sessions where the dice draws were not random; Steve had structured the rules so that each player could select which difficulty of dice to throw on their turn. We soon found that the blind draw, the randomness of chance, made for a far more engaging and exciting experience.

If you have friends who have yet to discover the fun of pushing their luck just a little too far in Zombie Dice, then I highly recommend this tutorial video from Watch It Played! The video breaks down every step of the game and makes it easy to introduce new players to the fun of chasing down and consuming brains.

-- Phil . . . [more]

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November 28, 2022: Brick D6 Dice Set Tooling Samples

For those of you who enjoy building with interlocking bricks and have a passion for dice, our upcoming Brick d6 Dice Set may catch your eye. With a brick design on each of the die's six faces, these new 16mm six-sided dice are sure to pop when you roll them in front of your friends.

These are now available for preorder in our current BackerKit dice store.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive news on this and other dice sets we have in development. We've got surprises for 2023 and will reveal the designs as they're ready to move from our brains to the world.

-- Phil Reed

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November 27, 2022: Cthulhu D6 Dice Set Second Printing Now Available

First released in 2019, the 19mm six-sided die design included in the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set pre-dates the official release by several years. We created the steel tooling for this design all the way back in 2012/2013 when we were hard at work on the Ogre Designer's Edition. The die saw limited release in the years after the design was first completed, but it wasn't until the first printing of the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set in 2019 that the dice found their way to a wider audience.

Earlier this year, we brought a second printing of the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set into the warehouse and it is available right now to friendly local game stores around the world. If you want to add this pack of six 19mm dice to your collection, please visit your local game store today. If you do not have a local store, you can always find the dice at our online store, Warehouse 23, as well as at and other online . . . [more]

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