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July 18, 2024: Dungeons & Dragons Stamps Available For Pre-Order

Do you want your tax return to depict a hero lost in a maze? Or perhaps your holiday cards could do with the festive colors of the five-headed dragon Tiamat? Good news! Dungeons & Dragons stamps are now available for pre-order from the US Postal Service!

Depending on the geek-type collector you've leveled up to, there is a treasure chest brimming with different options suitable for framing, collecting, or giving as potential loot to would-be adventurers. And they're "Forever" stamps, so you can send letters bearing an archlich with an undead army for decades to come.

According to the Nerdist website, if you'll be at Gen Con this August, there may be opportunities to get them at Lucas Oil Stadium – the location of different gatherings of gaming enthusiasts.

-- Steven Marsh

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