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SJ Games Privacy Policy

Warehouse 23 (W23); JTAS (Zines); SJ Games Auction (Auction); e23 (e23); Web Forums (Forums)

During the course of a transaction with SJ Games, you may be asked to submit several pieces of personal information, including full name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card number and expiration date. We would like to reassure our customers that:

  • This information is solicited solely for the purposes of facilitating and communicating with you about that specific transaction.
    • W23, e23, Auction: the transaction is a single order.
    • Zines: the transaction is the duration of the subscription.
    • Forums: the transaction limitation does not apply, but the information will be used only in regards to the webforums.
  • We use an automated, "blind" credit card processing system; we do not ever see your full credit card number or the expiration date.
    • Auction: credit card payment requires manual entry; we encourage auction customers to use PayPal.
  • We do not compile shipping, billing, or email addresses or use such information for marketing mailings. Our email newsletters are by registration only; you must go to the signup page and manually enter your information.
    • e23: email addresses (along with first and last name) are kept on file in order to notify customers when updated versions of purchased products become available.
  • We do not provide information about our customers to other companies or persons. Our mailing lists have hidden subscriber lists, visible only to the list administrator.
    • W23, e23: information submitted on the PayPal site is subject to their privacy policy, not ours.
    • Auction: information submitted on the eBay and PayPal sites is subject to their privacy policy, not ours.
    • Zines: this does not cover information voluntarily submitted or displayed on the message boards.
    • Forums: this does not cover information voluntarily posted.

Last updated 07/22/2004

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