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Game Evaluation Waiver

This waiver is provided for your information. Please don't copy the type, print it out and send it to us. You may either download the PDF version here, or send us an SASE for an actual printed copy. Either the PDF or received-by-mail version is suitable for signing, notarizing and returning.

Note again: This waiver is not for your protection . . . it's for ours. We apologize if this seems obnoxious to you. It sure seems obnoxious to us, but it appears that we have to do this. It's a litigious nation we live in.


This is to certify that I, , have submitted to Steve Jackson Games (hereinafter "SJ Games") an original game design, manuscript, or concept, or an original digital design of an existing SJ Games game, for evaluation. I certify that this material is the product of my own creative effort and that I am legally able to offer it for sale. I further warrant that this material is not presently being considered for publication by any publisher or other entity, and that I will not submit it for such evaluation for four months after the date of this waiver or until I receive an evaluation and/or offer from SJ Games, whichever comes first. If the submission is a digital design of an SJ Games game, I will not submit it in any form to any other publisher or entity without the permission of SJ Games.

It is specifically stated and agreed that this document is neither a contract nor an offer by SJ Games to purchase said material, but instead a vehicle for the protection of SJ Games against possible legal actions arising from its evaluation of said material.

The material I am submitting for evaluation is described and summarized as follows:





This material is a: ( ) complete game design ready to be playtested ( ) partial game design requiring further development ( ) manuscript only ( ) concept ( ) other:

It is specifically understood that this material is submitted voluntarily, and that this submission and the examination of this material by SJ Games does not establish, by implication or otherwise, any relationship between myself and SJ Games not expressed herein. it is further understood that SJ Games, according to its own judgement, may accept or reject the material submitted and shall not be obligated to me in any way with respect thereto, unless and until SJ Games shall at its own election enter into a properly executed written agreement with me, and then only according to the terms of the said agreement.

It is further stated and agreed that I, the creator of the material submitted, fully understand that SJ Games may already have in its possession or have under development similar designs, manuscripts, or other creative works bearing a resemblance in subject matter, mechanics, design innovations, concept, theme, etc., to my submission, and that said other works may be published in the future after my present submission has been evaluated and rejected. I hereby agree that, should such a situation occur, I shall have no claim or recourse, legal or otherwise, against SJ Games.

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Notary Public:   Email:

My commission expires:

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