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Steve Jackson Games Image Usage Guidelines

The images below may be used for promoting and marketing events that feature any games from Steve Jackson Games. We also invite you to read the information provided at the following locations:

  • Online Policy: Provides you with guidance for using Steve Jackson Games material online.
  • Style Guide: Provides you with our house style guide so that you properly follow our written style.

Image Use Guidelines

The images below may be used only for promotion and marketing of events that feature games from Steve Jackson Games.

  • Do not modify, crop, distort, obstruct, rotate, or otherwise alter any of these images. You may resize the image as long as it does not become unreadable.
  • When making the image smaller, make sure the trademark symbol is legible, but not too big (no more than 6 points - and no smaller than 4 points - at the finished resolution). The trademark itself should never be smaller than the trademark symbol.
  • Ensure that there is plenty of space between a company logo and other elements.
  • Do not combine these images with any images or material that Steve Jackson Games does not own, and do not use these images in any manner that suggests an association with Steve Jackson games or that disparages Steve Jackson Games.
  • Check this page for updated images before creating your next promotional materials.
  • Remember to follow our Online Policy when posting these images on websites that promote your event.
  • Steve Jackson Games reserves the right to terminate or modify permission to display any image, and may request that third parties modify or delete any image at any time.


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