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Steve Jackson Games Jumps On The d20 Bandwagon, Sort Of

Austin, TX – Steve Jackson Games announced today that their Floor Plans line of products are now fully compatible with all d20 products.

Actually, they always have been.

The Floor Plans products are sets of detailed maps of specific locations in 25mm scale, the standard for most roleplaying games. Each map is two-sided, with a 1" hex overlay on one side . . . and a 1" square overlay on the other. The d20 game system just happens to use 25mm-scaled maps with a 1" square overlay. Coincidence?

"Well, we know a lot of gamers like square-based movement systems," Steve Jackson said. "And while our GURPS system uses 1" hexes, we wanted to make these Floor Plans usable by as many gamers as possible, no matter what system they use."

"Too many people, including many game distributors and retailers, assume that our Floor Plans are only usable with GURPS," Marketing Director Ross Jepson said. "But with so many companies jumping on the d20 bandwagon, it's important to let people know that our Floor Plans can be used with d20 and practically any RPG out there."

The first Floor Plan, Haunted House, is now available. Underground Lab has been announced as a July release, and more will follow. Each of these Floor Plans comes with a sheet of Cardboard Heroes that fit the theme of the product. "Which reminds me," Jepson added," Cardboard Heroes are also fully compatible with d20 and most other RPGs, too."

Cardboard Heroes are the inexpensive standup cardboard figures, with great art at a great price. You get over 400 fantasy figures at 25mm scale, plus over 300 flat counters for things like pits, dropped weapons, and treasure, for the cost of half a dozen or so metal miniatures. And you don't have to paint them.

"I don't know if all that d20 synergy is a coincidence or not," Jackson mused. "Probably more like a conspiracy . . ."

For more information, contact Scott Haring ( or Steve Jackson ( at (512) 447-7866.

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