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Steve Jackson Games Adds Christopher Shy

Austin, TX – Christopher Shy has joined Steve Jackson Games as a staff artist. Shy, known throughout gaming for his excellent freelance cover work for SJ Games and White Wolf, among others, is already hard at work on a number of projects.

"Christopher is a good friend and a great artist," said SJ Games Art Director Philip Reed. "Having him do covers now and again for us was wonderful, and this will be even better!"

Shy's distinctive style is already a big part of SJ Games' "Summer of Horror" promotion for the GURPS roleplaying game – he's done the cover art for GURPS Monsters, GURPS Cabal, GURPS Horror, 3rd Edition, GURPS Dark Places, and the GURPS Horror GM Screen. Now that he's on staff, Shy will also be doing interiors for GURPS Monsters and other books. He'll also be a big part of the GURPS Transhuman Space line, a realistic near-future game universe that kicks off at the end of the year.

Christopher Shy's work is also spotlighted in the debut release of the new Cartouche Press imprint, Ronin: The Art of Christopher Shy. Ken Hite once said of Shy, "If Christopher Shy's art gets any better, it's going to jump off the page and cook you breakfast."

Ronin: The Art of Christopher Shy, will be released in August.

For more information, contact Scott Haring ( or Philip Reed ( at (512) 447-7866.

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