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GURPS To Power New Prime Directive RPG

Steve Jackson Games and Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. announced an agreement today that allows ADB to use the GURPS roleplaying system in their new edition of Prime Directive, a roleplaying game set in the Star Fleet Universe of ADB's Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, and other best-selling games.

"This is the next step in our strategic plan to take the Star Fleet Universe where it always should have been," ADB President Steve Cole said. "Prime Directive, 2nd Edition is the linchpin of a comprehensive line of gaming products set in our universe."

The Star Fleet Universe is the science-fiction world of the original Star Trek television series, up to but not including the first theatrical movie. Building from that foundation, many years' worth of original material has been added to the universe through the original Prime Directive roleplaying game, as well as Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire.

The first release in the new Prime Directive, 2nd Edition line is scheduled for late in the year. Gary Plana, a veteran of the 1st edition of Prime Directive, is leading the 2nd Edition team. "We knew we needed to upgrade the system as part of a new edition," Cole said, "and GURPS was our first choice. It's the game that our staff and our fans were begging us to use."

"As an old Trekkie, I'm very happy that the new Star Fleet Universe roleplaying game will be 'powered by GURPS'," Steve Jackson said. "Steve (Cole) is one of the good guys of the industry, and it's great to be working with him."

"Powered by GURPS" is a new label for roleplaying lines that use the GURPS game system but are more than just GURPS supplements. Prime Directive, 2nd Edition will be the first game published by a company other than SJ Games to carry the "Powered by GURPS" logo. "But not the last," Jackson said. The new Transhuman Space line, which kicks off from SJ Games in late 2001, will also be "Powered by GURPS."

"It is a particularly happy occasion that we could reach this deal with Steve Jackson, an old personal friend," Cole said. "We've always wanted to do products together, and combining the best RPG system with the best sci-fi universe is, obviously, a natural."

For more information, contact Scott Haring ( or Steve Jackson ( at (512) 447-7866, or Steve Cole ( at (806) 351-1950.

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