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Warehouse 23 / Atlas press release

Warehouse 23, the online retail store at Steve Jackson Games, is celebrating its third birthday with a bang and a big announcement. As of today, Warehouse 23 ( is now handling all mail order fulfillment for Atlas Games.

"It's hard to believe we carried only three companies when we first opened: Steve Jackson Games, British Isles Traveller Support (BITS), and Atlas," Warehouse 23 manager Michelle Barrett said. "Since then, we've grown to include 79 different companies, but our 'charter members' are still very important to us. The quality and popularity of Atlas Games' products has made it consistently one of our top-selling companies; we've carried all of their English language products, and Penumbra was the first d20 line we stocked."

Customers who have used Warehouse 23 before will notice very little difference in the Atlas Games section – a handful more products will be offered, and fewer items will be "on order." Customers who have ordered from Atlas in the past will still be able to browse and select items on their website, but checkout will go through the Warehouse 23 shopping cart, and Warehouse 23 will ship the product.

John Nephew of Atlas Games said, "Warehouse 23 has already invested in the infrastructure needed to do e-commerce right, and now has three years of experience to prove it. This is a winning proposition for both companies – Warehouse 23 will profit from selling more Atlas products, and we at Atlas will have more time to devote to other aspects of our business. It's also a big win for customers, who will benefit from all that Warehouse 23 offers, including secure online ordering (no more having to fax orders to us!), online shipping cost calculation (no more emailing us for estimates on shipping costs to Singapore!), multiple companies' lines from one source, excellent customer service, and more."

Both Atlas Games and Steve Jackson Games remain fully committed to brick-and-mortar retailers. Both companies have a comprehensive retailer database on their respective websites, to make sure our customers aren't overlooking an opportunity to shop locally. But for those who just don't have a local store nearby, Warehouse 23 is a good option. "I'm delighted to announce that we've found a solution to our previous lack of e-commerce functionality," Nephew said.

"We feel that this is going to be good for everybody! Warehouse 23 customers will enjoy better access to Atlas Games products; Atlas Games customers benefit from Warehouse 23's experience, services, and product selection; and the folks at Atlas Games get to put more of their time and energy into their wonderful products," Barrett said.

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