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Munchkin cover, 19th printing

Steve Jackson Games Gives Munchkin A Facelift

Munchkin, the hit card game of killing the monsters and taking their stuff, is getting a new look. Starting with the 19th printing, all the John Kovalic illustrations in the fantasy Munchkin game will be in full color. Reprints of the fantasy supplements, also with colored art, are scheduled throughout the rest of 2010, starting with Munchkin 2 – Unnatural Axe and Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors, both in June. Several other reprints, including Munchkin Bites! and Super Munchkin, are also at print.

"The last few fantasy releases had color art," commented company president Steve Jackson. "The fans noticed, and they really liked it. So we got out the paintbrushes and colored the rest of the line."

Wizard class card Transferral Potion Super Munchkin card Friendship Potion

New printings of all core Munchkin games – including Munchkin Cthulhu and Munchkin Booty – will include a custom six-sided Munchkin die. The rulesheets in the core sets have also been expanded by two pages, allowing larger type and more Kovalic illustrations. A small number of cards from sets throughout the line have also been revised, says Munchkin Brand Manager Andrew Hackard.

"We've had nine years of feedback from Munchkin players about what they do and don't like about the game," Hackard said. "We tweaked a few things here and there to make the game smoother and more fun. It's not a new edition, but it's not the same old Munchkin, either."

Steve Jackson Games plans to support all Munchkin players, old and new. All the revised rulesheets will be posted online. In Fall 2010, SJ Games will release Go Up a Level, a supplement with replacement cards and transitional rules to make it easy for current players to keep using the sets they already own.

All future Munchkin releases will have UPCs rather than ISBNs, to avoid confusion between boxed games and books. Also, in response to higher printing and shipping costs, the prices of Munchkin games have been increased from $3.99 to $4.99 for a booster pack, from $9.95 to $10.99 for a 56-card expansion, from $17.95 to $19.99 for a 112-card expansion, and from $24.95 to $24.99 for a full 168-card set.

The 19th printing of Munchkin begins shipping May 24, 2010.

About Munchkin

Munchkin was first released in September 2001, and has rocketed to the top of sales lists around the world. The basic Munchkin alone has sold over 400,000 copies in 14 languages. Today, the Munchkin line includes nine core games, 18 expansions, the Munchkin Quest boardgame, and plush toys, along with an iPhone app and an Android version on the way. The Munchkin home page, which includes weekly news, Frequently Asked Questions, and links to every Munchkin game and expansion, can be found at

About Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games, located in Austin, Texas, has been publishing roleplaying, strategy, and card games since 1980. Among its other hit games are Illuminati, the game of conspiracy; the fantasy roleplaying system GURPS; Chez Geek; and Ogre, the original game of future cybertank warfare.

SJ Games is on the Web at and on Twitter @sjgames.


Andrew Hackard, Munchkin Brand Manager or (512)447-7866, ext. 207

Ross Jepson, Director of Sales or (403)935-7735

Paul Chapman, Marketing Director or (512)447-7866, ext. 206

Custom Munchkin die

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