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Steve Jackson Games Retail Store Terms

Updated October 29, 2002

SJ Games will sell to any bona fide retail store. We do encourage you to use a game or book distributor, but if you cannot get acceptable service or fill rates from a distributor, we will ship directly to you.

How to Order

  • By fax: 403-935-7737
  • By phone: 403-935-7735
  • By email:
  • By mail:

    Ross Jepson
    SJ Games
    PO Box 18957
    Austin, TX 78760


  • All orders must be prepaid.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as PayPal.
  • We can also accept a check or money order (U.S. dollars).
  • We will ship COD for money order or cashier's check (U.S. dollars) only. There is an extra $6.50 fee to cover the actual COD charges and our extra handling costs.

Minimum Order

The minimum order is $200 (USD) net, i.e. after the discount is applied. Note that on orders of $400 (USD) net or more, we pay freight.

You may order products in any quantity. However, we do not sell individual booster packs of card games. These are sold by the POP only.

Discount and Freight

A 45% discount off of the retail price will be applied to all orders. For orders of $400 net or more we will pay all freight cost to any location within the continental U.S., regardless of the weight of the order.

Note: We may include free sample copies, posters, or other promotional material with your order, since the extra cost is borne by us.


New products are not available for pre-order under these retailer terms.

International Orders

For orders outside the continental U.S., we will pay freight to a U.S. destination (e.g., a freight forwarder). If you want it shipped directly to you, (e.g., by air) you pay the full freight charge regardless of the size of the order. Customs charges are your responsibility.

Our preferred shipper is UPS (which takes from 1 to 5 days depending on how far away you are located. If you want overnight or other special freight treatment, we can probably do it, but you will have to pay the entire cost; talk to our shipping department (512-447-7866) for details.

Special Product Availability

Some of our products are considered "direct sales only" due to limited demand and/or high cost. They are not available through the regular distribution chain. These include the new Ogre releases. However, by request of retailers who have supported Ogre for years and have established play groups, we WILL sell the Ogre Mk. IV and following "big Ogres" under these retailer terms. These will arrive in a ziplock bag with a label inside. Contact Ross Jepson for details.


We do not accept returns for exchange or credit. Faulty or damaged-in-transit merchandise will be promptly replaced in kind; return the complete item(s) to us within a week of receipt, and we will send replacements and credit your next order for your shipping costs. We will not replace shopworn merchandise.

These terms may be modified at any time.

Steve Jackson Games
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