Emily K. Dresner ("Em")

Balseraph Captain of the Game (Asmodeus)

Demon of Playing IN Backwards

by "Emily K. Dresner" <zenith@engin.umich.edu>

> >- Em, Demon of Playing IN Backwards
> And what kind of Rites does that give you? O;>

OKay, okay, lemme try this. I do NOT have my IN gear with me, so this is sort of off the top of my head. I don't have Asmodeus memorized, so bear with me if some of the stuff here is totally wrong, and the numbers might be off. It was originally going to be Malphas, but I don't make them really fight each other, I don't factionalize... I just sort of spin doctor, and let them go for it. It's all those years of wonderful Amber experience.


Corporeal 2  Strength 3        Agility 5
Ethereal  4  Intelligence 10   Precision 8
Celestial 5  Will 10           Perception 10

Vessel: Human/1

Role: (Emily K. Dresner) Programmer/6, Status/4


Charm (Celestial/4), Entropy (Ethereal/4), Harmony (Celestial/4)


Programming/2, Knowledge (Occult)/2, Knowledge (IN Rules)/1, Writing/2, Computer Operations/2, Lying/2


Balseraph of the Game, Impudite of the Game, Humanity


+ Make a player distrust all the other players in the game (+2)
+ Give a player nightmares (+2) (Yeah, okay, I went over the top on gory detail on night.)
+ Make canon from the rulebook seem just slightly off (+1)
+ Make a player paranoid (+1)

"There are no good guys in your game!" the player said after the session.

I grinned. "Of course there are. You just aren't looking hard enough."

"But..." the player replied, "but... but I need to feel like a I fit. Right now you have me trying to kill all the other players! I think they're all Heretics! And I can't see a way out!"

"Well, it's all your choice. Besides, it's all part of the Game. Trust me, it'll get better. Really. All you need to do is Get With Dominic's Program..."

I'm a tried and true Balseraph when it comes to actually being a GM. I'll lie, I'll scheme, I'll screw, all in the name of an interesting gaming session. That's the ultimate - when the player walks away wondering what happened, and all they know is that the poor Renegade demon they were trying to protect just got splattered all over the walls by people they thought were friendlies. Makes you just want to chuckle.

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