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I haven't figured out how to do this yet. I'm leaning towards Alphabetical within Band.

Renegades are included here, as well as on the Renegades and Outcasts list. So are Free Lilim and "Gray Lilim" (a relatively non-selfish, unbound Lilim who's working hard at being free; known as "Renegade" by Servitors of the Game...). Bright Lilim are angels.

Important Note! Though SJG has kindly provided space to host these pages, the characters contained within are *not* official or canon! They are created by and for fans of In Nomine, and are the responsibility of myself and the individual authors.

Balseraphs | Djinn | Calabim | Habbalah | Lilim | Shedim | Impudites


Aram, Balseraph Knight of Greed (Mammon), Demon of The Books
Astaroth, Balseraph Demon of Ignorance, dethroned Prince
Dalmatia, Balseraph of Fate (Kronos), Demon of Hope
Demarius, Balseraph Baron of Technology (Vapula), Demon of Electromagnetic Energy
Duke, Balseraph of the Media (Nybbas)
Em, Balseraph Captain of the Game (Asmodeus), Demon of Playing IN Backwards
Hamayzod, Balseraph Renegade from Fate (Kronos)
Hypaeos, Balseraph of Fate (Kronos)
Ibadim, Balseraph of the War (Baal)
Izrann, Balseraph Duke of Cities *
Jetrel ("Jet"), Balseraph of Fate (Kronos)
Lenore, Balseraph Baron of Lust (Andrealphus), Demon of Romance
Lucinda, Balseraph Knight of Technology (Vapula), Demon of Cloning
Maztish, Balseraph Baron of Death (Saminga), Demon of the Second Amendment
Nalrah, Balseraph Baron of the Media (Nybbas), Demon of Science Fiction
Michri-jeru, Balseraph of the Media (Nybbas)
Rigger, Balseraph of Gluttony (Haagenti) *
Screwtape, Balseraph Baron of Fate (Kronos), Demon of Temptation
Sebastian, Balseraph of Fate (Kronos), Demon of Honor (Offsite version)
Titivillus, Balseraph Baron of Media (Nybbas), Demon of Misspelling


Absalom, Djinn of Fate (Kronos)
Bebaiel, Djinn of the Game (Asmodeus)
The Black Unit, Djinn Knights of the War (Baal)
Grengarl, Djinn Captain of Nightmares (Beleth), Demon of Stalking *
Hamut, Djinn Captain of the War (Baal)
Hattaavah, Djinn of Lust (Andrealphus)
Shogg, Djinn of Sloth (Meserach, working for Lilith)
Tizzareia (aka Tizzy), Djinn of Technology (Vapula)
Zorak, Djinn of Fate (Kronos) *


Bragantus, Calabite of Fire (Belial)
Ender, Calabite of the War (Baal) *
Freddy, Calabite Baron of Nightmares (Beleth)
Gorethiel, Calabite of Technology, Demon of BFG
Iri, Calabite Servitor of Fire (Belial)
Pardas, Calabite Baron of Factions (Malphas)
Pochereth, Calabite of the War (Baal)
Yanax, Calabite Baron of Factions (Malphas), Demon of New York City *


Abaddon, Habbalite Baron of Fate (Kronos), Demon of Fall aka the 'Angel of Abyss'
Acerbial, Habbalite Baron of Dark Humor (Kobal), Demon of Sarcasm
Grudnak, Habbalite of Factions (Malphas), Demon of Patriotism
Irene, Habbalite of Death (Saminga)
Hiram, Habbalite Captain of Factions (Malphas), Demon of Pro-Lifers *
Karniah, Habbalite Knight of the Game (Asmodeus), Demon of Gun Control
Karypti, Habbalite Baron of Death, "Angel" of Schlock Horror
The Librarian: Ylisha, Habbalite of Fate (Kronos)
Sitri, Habbalite Captain of Lust (Andre), Demon of Homosexuality


Deborah, Free Lilim
Kasha, Lilim of Freedom (Lilith), Demon of Abortions *
K.K., Lilim of Dark Humor (Kobal)
Lucretia, Lilim Baroness of Justics, Demon of Brainwashing
Martizhalan, Lilim of Gluttony (Haagenti)
Merq, Lilim of Fire (Belial), Demon of Righteous Anger
Nadine, Lilim of Fate (Kronos)
Ophis, The First Lilim
Ripley, Lilim Captain of Death (Saminga), Demon of Tragic Hipness
Sanvi, Lilim Renegade from Lust (Andrealphus)
Urilebana, Gray Lilim of Freedom (Lilith)
Zina, Free Lilim (serving nobody, theoretically)


Fisuba, Shedite Baron of Factions (Malphas), Demon of Abuse
Kwakabel, Shedite Baron of Dark Humor (Kobal), Demon of Unsafe Sex
Meremoth, Shedite Captain of Death (Saminga), Demon of the Bad Death
Merodach, Shedite of the Game (Asmodeus)
Othoros, Shedite Captain of the Media (Nybbas), Demon of Celebrity Stalkers *
Pathros, Shedite of Factions (Malphas)
Ralph, Shedite of Dark Humor (Kobal), Demon of Ragweed
Scaleteeth, Shedite Captain of Gluttony (Haagenti), Demon of Anchovies and Sardines
Skip, Shedite Knight of Fate (Kronos) *
Zeiteng, Shedite Baron of the Media (Nybbas), Demon of Trends


Aleki, Impudite of Drugs (Fleurity)
Amraphel, Impudite Captain of Factions (Malphas), Demon of Paranoia
Caym, Impudite Baron of the War (Baal), Demon of Duelling
Frank N. Furter, Impudite Knight of Lust (Andre)
Frankiel, Impudite Captain of the Media (Nybbas), Demon of Bad Taste (Offsite version)
Ribesal, Impudite Captain of Dark Humor (Kobal), Demon of Satire
Rude "Rudy Core," Impudite of Technology (Vapula) *
Schaaph, Impudite of Technology (Vapula)
Tabaet, Impudite Baron of Factions (Malphas), Demon of Soft Drinks
Usagi, Impudite of Dark Humor (Kobal)
Wahtsi, Impudite Knight of the Media (Nybbas), Demon of Collectible Card Games

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