Lilim of Dark Humor (Kobal)

(Created by: Elizabeth McCoy <emccoy@nh.ultranet.com>)

"If you kill me, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!"

Kanah (meaning "of reeds") -- commonly known as "Kay," "K.K.," or "Kamakazi" to her friends -- is a up and coming Lilim of Dark Humor, on the fast track to distinctions galore, and a definite contender for the Word of "Silly Deaths" (a hotly-contested Word in Kobal's bunch).

Corporeal: 1  Strength      2  Agility      2
Ethereal:  2  Intelligence  4  Precision    4
Celestial: 6  Will         12  Perception  12

Mind Hits: 8, Soul Hits: 72

Vessel [3 points]:

Human/1 (Body Hits: 4)

Skills [14 points]:

Dodge/6, Fast-Talk/1, Fighting/1, Large Weapon/4, Lying/1, Savoir-Faire/1

Songs (all Celestial) [9 points]

Charm/2, Light/1, Motion/5, Possession/1

Attunements [10 points]:

Lilim of Dark Humor, Prank

K.K. was always a physically weak celestial, having to make up for this with high-level vessels. Her main function was as a celestial bruiser and identifier of needs. While on a mission, she and her fellow demons were ambushed by a small but potent force of angels. Facing a Malakite, she invoked her resonance -- and saw the need to slay evil. She knew she was about to lose this vessel too, so she decided to go out in style. Crying, "You want me dead, huh? Fine! But no freebies!", she flung her arms wide and let her vessel be struck down, unresisting. When she woke up again, she checked her potential threads of Geasa -- and found a new one there. With an evil grin, she went to look up Kobal and asked, "What would *you* do with a Geas on a Malakite?"

Thus was born a most entertaining agreement. K.K. always has a Vessel/1 to play with (usually human, any and all genders, but not always -- "So the boss gave me this dog of a vessel -- 'Woof,' I say, 'woof'!"), and in return, she goes hunting angels -- and finding new and entertaining ways to get killed by the ones who need to kill demons. And in the process, she's racking up Geasa by the bucketful. It is her goal to get a squad of Malakim to sing the "brave guardsmen" song from the _Pirates of Penzance_ in the middle of the Seraphim Council, with a Seraph (preferably of War or the Sword, but she won't be picky) doing "I am the very model of a modern major general," and a servitor of Janus for "It is a glorious thing, to be a pirate king!" Or maybe they should just put on a show of "Jesus Christ, Superstar." She hasn't decided yet (and of course, Kobal might have other plans). She also wants a Servitor of Jean, to find some way to film this (and the Council reactions) so she can watch it later.

In personality, "Kama" is slightly manic and cheerful. You could almost mistake her for an Ofanite, except she sits still better.

You can tell when K.K.'s been in an area for a little while, because all the angels start trying to wear mirrorshades -- this is what the Celestial Song of Motion is for, and ditto the Dodge skill (to keep her vessel whole long enough to get that all-important Perception roll made). Angels hate her with a purple passion as soon as they get to know her. Eventually, the major Need becomes to "Get her to go away!" -- whereupon she'll agree to go away for at least a while, and point out that they owe her another one! The only other known way to make her leave an area is to get her to go celestial and gang up on her severely, hopefully making her flee for Hell. Unfortunately, she'll be back after the hit-squad has dispersed.

(For those thinking to follow her back to Hell, just this once, it should be known that her Heart is kept in the middle of a bunch of convoluted death-traps -- so she can stand in the middle and watch the hit-squad suffering fates that make Wile E. Coyote look like a survivor...)

Occasionally, she's been known to use Prank to make some poor Choir or Servitor react without thinking and generate themselves dissonance -- get a Mercurian swinging at her so furiously that they hit the human turning the corner, or taunt/trick a Servitor of Stone into making the first attack. When she exerts herself to be annoying, she's enough to make a Saint swear -- and she likes to try to make Elohim snappish.

Her interest in angels (and most other demons, for that matter) is pretty much restricted to, "So, can I satisfy a Need here?" and "Can I cause them dissonance just from being a pain?" If the answer is no, then she'll fish for information on other celestials around, tattle on angels if appropriate, and bounce off to see if she can find a Need to satisfy, and another Geas to add to her collection.

Due to the angelic will, it usually takes a Geas/4 at least, and a Song of Celestial Charm (reducing Will) to avoid lashback effects. But in Kama's opinion, it's worth the effort.

So far, Kobal is satisfied just by the humor-value inherent in gaining Geasa on the most serious and dangerous kinds of angels -- it is mildly amusing just to think of them having to explain their new Discords to their Superiors, or Servitors of Judgment. From time to time, he will have K.K. invoke a Geas on one (usually after using the Celestial Song of Charm to soften up the target's Will even further!) -- these Geasa are nearly always of the sort where the victim is dissonant if he does, and dissonant if he doesn't.

K.K., with her mind-boggling Will and weak ties to corporeal flesh, has a recovery time that rivals that of Malakim, and may eventually get so used to dying that she'll be as immune to Trauma as that noted Choir. Either that, or the GM will have to decide what happens if she rolls a 111 for a recovery.

In other ambitions, Kama wants to be a Baron of Dark Humor -- and get a reading on the most "boring" Archangels she can find. If she actually manages to disrupt a Seraphim Council with laughter (and laughing at the plight of a bunch of Geased Servitors has got to be inappropriate!), and obtain proof of this, she may get her wish... If Lucifer smirks about it, she may get a Word, too: if not "Silly Deaths," then something like "Evolution in Action," "Darwin Awards," or possibly "Pranking Malakim."


[Apologies to Cymrys, but the "Prank a Malakite" was just too good...--emccoy]

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