Lilim Renegade from Lust (Andrealphus)

Created by Brian (


Corporeal: 2

Strength: 3, Agility: 5

Human Male (vessel/2): Charisma/3 (sex appeal, opposite sex only), Body Hits: 12

Human Female (vessel/1): Charisma/3 (sex appeal, opposite sex only), Body Hits: 9

Male Nightingale (vessel/1): Body Hits: 9

Ethereal: 2

Intelligence: 5, Precision: 3, Mind Hits: 10

Celestial: 5

Will: 12, Perception: 8, Soul Hits: 60


Dodge/1, Detect Lies/1, Emote/1, Fast-Talk/1, Fighting/1 (Will), Lying/1, Savoir-Faire/1, Seduction/1, Singing/1


Song of Attraction (Ethereal/4), Song of Charm (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4), Song of Entropy (Ethereal/2), Song of Form (Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Song of Tongues (Corporeal/3)

Attunements: Lilim of Lust

Bound/6 (ring given to his love), Merciful/3 (for Renegade requirement)


Sanvi has just recently been created by Lilith (the late seventeenth century to be exact) and was indentured into Andrealphus servitude. Spending his early existance as the incubus that he is, Sanvi developed little substantial combat ability, mostly of the Ethereal and Celestial kind, rather focusing on charm and seduction. Recently however, Sanvi actually fell in love with one whom he was trying to seduce to the infernal side. He could no longer perform his purpose, and before being destroyed by Andre, he fled and now seeks redemption, or at leas protection from other infernals.


Sanvi inherently wishes to be free, as do all of Lilith's creations. After having fallen in love, he is faced with paradoxical feelings of faithfulness and freedom. He is confused, but he is certain that he no longer belongs to the infernals. Sanvi is at first quiet and reserved, guarded, but very sensuous and personal when you get to know him.


In celestial form, Sanvi appears as does his common corporeal form, his human male form, with skin and hair tinted emerald and flaming amythest eyes. He maintains three corporeal forms, manifesting as a human male, a human female, and a male nightingale. His male and female forms look very similar, with the obvious distinctions. Both are small and waifish looking, and have dark, almost raven black hair, as well as gleaming emerald eyes. His female form's hair falls to the small of her back, and is curly, while his male form's falls to the tips of his shoulders, and is straight. His male form is always clean shaven. Both human forms dress in expensive clothes which are as revealing as they are concealing. Their expressions tend to be subserviant, yet they always seem to be smiling with a devilish idea in their eyes. His avian form looks like an ordinary nightingale, though it is almost always impecably clean and healthy looking.

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