Renegades and Outcasts

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Okay, I'll do them by Choir/Band. In other words, you'll find Mercurians and Impudites together, Elohim and Habbalah, etc. But not Lilim and Malakim -- they may correspond in the lists, but they aren't versions of the same entity. (Yes, Malakim can Trip, though not Fall; they are #1 on various hitlists, because they might choose, eventually to "Jump," and no angel wants that!) There's a strong chance that Grigori or the Children of the Grigori (if I get any) will be here too, eventually.

Renegades and Outcasts will also appear on the Demon and Angel pages, depending.

Important Note! Though SJG has kindly provided space to host these pages, the characters contained within are *not* official or canon! They are created by and for fans of In Nomine, and are the responsibility of myself and the individual authors.

Seraphim/Balseraphs | Cherubim/Djinn | Ofanim/Calabim | Elohim/Habbalah | Lilim | Malakim | Kyriotates/Shedim | Mercurians/Impudites | Relievers | Undead


Hamayzod, Balseraph Renegade from Fate (Kronos)


Gazezael, Outcast Elohite of War (Michael), Angel of Brutal Necessity


Sanvi, Lilim Renegade from Lust (Andrealphus)
Urilebana, Gray Lilim of Freedom (Lilith)




Maarath, Reliever Familiar Outcast from Fire (Gabriel)


Jean Miro, Renegade Mummy, Ex-servitor of Death (Saminga)

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