Angelic Characters

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These are going to be listed alphabetically within Choir. Outcasts are included here as well as on the Outcasts and Renegades page. A "*" means it's off-site. Please tell me if a link is broken.

Important Note! Though SJG has kindly provided space to host these pages, the characters contained within are *not* official or canon! They are created by and for fans of In Nomine, and are the responsibility of myself and the individual authors.

Seraphim | Cherubim | Ofanim | Elohim | Bright Lilim | Malakim | Kyriotates | Mercurians | Relievers

By Superior


Araunah, Seraph of Creation (Eli) in service to Judgment (Dominic)
"Birdy," Force-stripped Seraph of Lightning (Jean)
Cassiel, Seraph of Trade (Marc), Angel of Truth-in-Advertising
The Penquin, Seraphim Master of Judgment (Dominic)
Samual "Smilin' Sam Seraph of Trade (Marc)
Shelemiah, Seraph of Flowers (Novalis)
Torquemada, Seraph Master of Judgement (Dominic), Angel of the Holy Inquisition


Cupid, Cherub of Creation (Eli), Angel of Love
Esrom, Cherub of Creation (Eli) in the service of Dreams (Blandine)
Leorah, Cherub of Master of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Candles
Mastema, Cherub of Destiny (Yves), Angel of Injustice
Robert, Cherub Servitor of Stone (David), Angel of Protest Music
Sara, Cherub of Children (Christopher)
Shinar, Cherub of Purity (Uriel) *
Andrew Steward, Cherub of Creation (Eli)
Suzanne, Cherub Friend of Fire (Gabriel), Angel of Housewives
Zibiah, Cherub of Lightning (Jean)


Jessica, Ofanite of War (Michael)
Madian, Ofanite of Judgment (Dominic)
Rachael, Ofanite of Creation (Eli) in Service to Flowers (Novalis)
Rhys, Ofanite of Destiny (Yves)
Thierry, Ofanite of Trade (Marc)
Tragan, Ofanite Vassel of the Wind (Janus) in the Service to Lightning, Angel of Car Wrecks
Unnamed Ofanite Combat Monster
Zeredah, Ofanite Master of War (Michael), Angel of Revolutions


Azrael, Elohite of Fire (Gabriel), Friend of the Divine Spark, Angel of Vengeance
Deuel, Elohite of Destiny (Yves), Angel of Redemption
Gazezael, Outcast Elohite of War (Michael), Angel of Brutal Necessity
Lucas, Elohite of Creation (Eli), in service to Lightning (Jean)
Marlowe, Elohite of Judgment (Dominic), Angel of Ratiocination, "The Gumshoe Angel"
Phasekiel, Elohite of Destiny (Yves), Angel of Heresy
Rephaiah, Elohite Vassal of War (Michael), Angel of Unction
Tebaliah, Elohite Master of Destiny (Yves), Angel of The Water
Uriah, Elohite of Fire (Gabriel)

Bright Lilim

Dedan, Bright Lilim of Judgment (Dominic)
Havilah, Bright Lilim of Fire (Gabriel), Angel of Contrition
Ruzael, Bright Lilim Master of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Roses


Courteous ("Curtis"), Malakite Master of the Sword (Laurence), Angel of Etiquette
Elzaphan, Malakite of the Wind (Janus)
Emmanuel, Malakite of Creation (Eli), in service to Destiny (Yves)
Horatio, Malakim of Fire (Gabrial), Scourge of Mass Murderers
Hymaneus ("Manny"), Malakite of the Sword (Laurence), Angel of Marriage
Jecamiah, Malakite of Fire (Gabrial)
Mene, Malakite Friend of Trade (Marc), Angel of Accountants
Rahmiel, Malakite of Judgment (Dominic), Angel of Mercy
Remiel, Set Over Those Who Rise, Malakite of the Sword (Laurence)
Zuriel, Malakite Master of Stone (David), Angel of Masada


Elizur, Kyriotate of Stone (David)


Alo, Mercurian of Creation (Eli) in service to Animals (Jordi)
Barimen, Mercurian Master of Stone (David), Angel of Alcohol
Boabriel ("Bob"), Mercurian of Creation (Eli)
Claudine, Mercurian Ambassador of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Forgiveness
Drew, Mercurian of Creation (Eli) in service to Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Sexuality
Erikel, Mercurian of Creation (Eli), Angel of Music
Green, Mercurian of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Drugs
Jediael, Mercurian of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Communion
Julian ("Juliano"), Mercurian of Creation (Eli)
Mariel, Mercurian Master of Flowers (Novalis), Angel of Cloves
Marlael, Mercurian of Creation (Eli) *
Nirel, Mercurian of Creation (Eli) serving Lighting (Jean), Angel of Science Fiction
Olivia, Mercurian of Creation (Eli), Angel of Style
Telechronia, Mercurian of War (Michael), Angel of Time-Effects during Combat


Maarath, Reliever Familiar Outcast from Fire (Gabriel)
Zoar-Jazeridan, Reliever of Judgment (Dominic)

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