In Nomine Characters

I've taken over the In Nomine Collection's Rogue's Gallery. Sorry to change the format so abruptly, but I'm trying to make it mesh with my GURPS Character Archive.

Same rules as with the GURPS lot -- if you're not comfortable with a concept, don't read it. I'm not going to deal with the black background-white text trick, though. (Among other reasons, makes it hard to print the page.)

The game already requires one to be mature about religion being depicted in a game; if there are sexual issues in these pages (and there are some), you'll have to be mature about them, too. (Note: Demons are not nice people; there are likely to be demons of every perversion you can think of. Exercise caution, and if something disturbs you, stop reading it and don't add it to your game. You are in control of your computer and game, you have the power to decide what you will and will not deal with.)

Some Words may be duplicated -- different people have different "takes" on what a Word-bound would be like, and whether they'd be an Archangel or not. (For instance, there's an Archangel of Music, and an Angel of Music in service to Creation, and two Demon Princes of Pain.) This is to be considered a feature and not a bug, by giving you more Freedom to choose...


Though these pages are located at the Steve Jackson Games web-site, the characters contained within are NOT canon! Steve Jackson Games has kindly provided the space for these UNOFFICIAL character sheets, but the responsibility for them is mine and the authors'.

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