New Choirs and Bands

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There are a number of "unnamed" minor Choirs and Bands, or so The Book claims. Here are some of them...

Important Note! Though SJG has kindly provided space to host these pages, the characters contained within are *not* official or canon! They are created by and for fans of In Nomine, and are the responsibility of myself and the individual authors.


Ahikim: The Comforters, The Avengers

Bonakim ("Bright Malakim"): Confessionals, the Pure of Heart

Grigori: the Watchers (unofficial version!)

Dark Malakim: the Heart of Darkness (by David Edelstein)

Grigori: the Watchers(David Edelstein's unofficial version)


Nephallim: the Giants (unofficial version!)

Warlocks: the Fallen Malakim (unofficial version!)

Ha-Satanim: the Accusers

David Edelstein's Minor Bands