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Monday, April 4, 2005

Yes, We Have Some Articles

(I know, it doesn't scan.)

More than 50 new articles this weekend, and more to come this week. This winter hasn't really been good for me in terms of Life stuff, but it looks like that's coming to an end with the advent of spring.

Would an RSS feed of these news updates be useful to you? Let me know!

-- EDG

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  New Articles

  • "One thing has remained constant through nearly all the infinite variations of reality: Metatron, Voice of God, was slain at or shortly after the Rebellion.

    But there is a place where the Metatron still lives. Sit ye down children, and hear the tale of the exception to the rule..." - Metatron, Archangel of the Infinite by Charles E. Smith

  • "The average Clockwork Ninja is an interesting study in mysticism and hardheaded practicality." - Clockwork Ninjas by Moe Lane

  • "The Prince of Death is not immune the occasional fit of clarity in which he wonders if he might not perhaps be focusing a wee bit too tightly on nothing but simply killing things." - Special Distinction: Saminga's Therapist by Prodigal

  • "What if you could get an Attunement from a set of multiple Superiors?" - Overtones by William J. Keith

  • "He was ancient when I first knew myself." - Fire To Ashes by Unni Solaas

  • "The big hint that something was going on was that Haagenti started throwing up." - It Started With a Stomach Ache by Joey

  • "Blandine and Beleth were not the only great lovers in Heaven, though they were the first, and as Cherubim, the obvious. But tales can be told of the cool, intellectual love of Jean and Raphael, the first Elohim, or Janus and Oannes, with the everpresent joining of wind and waves..." - The Armies of Love by Elizabeth McCoy

  • "You knew it had to happen." - wtfbbq? by Kim Kondratieff

  • "I wasn't prepared. I wasn't prepared to see him like that." - Unprepared by Unni Solaas

  • "At random intervals, a panda will come and savagely attack the poor unfortunate saddled with this Discord." - Tournament-Style Discord: Giant Panda Attack by Moe Lane

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