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Neel Krishnaswami's Tetragramaphone: the celestial Cone of Silence.
Jo Hart's Thunderstones: relics of David, from the War in Heaven.
Shadowstar's Silly Artifacts, including the Mighty Squeeky Hammer of Smiting.
John Karakash's Summonable Feature, with some additional comments from Nana Yaw Ofori.
Earl Wajenberg's Possible Artifacts from the Bible.
Emily Dresner's The Judas Grail.
Martin Leslie Leuschen's Kobal's Halibut and the Forbidden Fruitknife.
Nana Yaw Ofori's Three New Artifacts
Bruce Dykes's Vapulan Essence Link
Vapulan Essence Machines
The Ring of Truth and other Artifacts
Pyrrhic Havens
Artifact Limitations
Walt Mazur's Artifact Limitations
Talismans (Etherial Artifacts)
Celestial Artifacts
Miscellaneous Ideas (Updated: 3/14)

Artifact Limitations

+5 Points:

Can be called into or out of existence with a Will Roll, plus spend one Essence.
(from Joel Cardella)

-1 Points:

Requires that the user injures herself to operate (inflicting 3 damage).
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

-2 Points:

May only be used from sunset to sunrise or sunrise to sunset.
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Artifact belongs to another, more powerful NPC.
(from Andrew Getting <>)

-3 Points:

Will only operate when user is totally alone and unobserved.
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

-4 Points:

May only be used once in any 24 hour period.
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Artifact belongs to another, more powerful NPC, and will return to that character on a failed roll with a check digit of 6 or higher.
(from Andrew Getting <>)

Artifact self-destructs on a failed roll with a check-digit of 6.
(from Andrew Getting <>)

-5 Points:

Will only operate when bathed in the blood of a newly dead human, angel, demon, undead (pick one).
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Item has no effect on humans, angels, demons, undead (pick one).
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Artifact belongs to another, more powerful NPC, and that character can track its usage from anywhere.
(from Andrew Getting <>)

By: (Walt Mazur)

A bit ago I asked how visible artificts were, suggesting the following scale (and I've added a couple elements at the end):

6. Brilliant strobe light: you'll see an artifact even through smoked glass out of the corner of your eye.

5. Bright light: you can see an artifact through smoked glass if you are looking in that direction.

4. Light: you can see an artifact through smoked glass if you're looking carefully.

3. Day-glow color: you can only see the object in conditions a mundane could see it, but it will catch your eye if you see it directly even peripherally.

2. Bright color: It catches your eye if you're looking generally in its direction.

1. Distinctive color: you notice it if you look right at it. The PC has to ask, "Do I see anything interesting?", or a least, "I seach the room."

0. Labeled, "This is an artifact," in black and white: you see it only if you specifically look at the artifact. In other words, the PC has to ask, is the object an artifact?

-1. Hidden: Even if you look at it, you will sense nothing unless you touch it.

-2. Secret: The PC has to touch it and ask specifically if it's an artifact.

The consensus, I think, was 1, distinctive color; still, the Canon has some mention of buying artifacts merely so they could be easier to find for the owner. Even having your car be an Artifact/1 is likely to draw unwanted celestial attention if it's a unique color.

In keeping with the +3 needed for a hidden artifact, I suggest that artifacts can be moved down on the above secrecy list for +3 points for cost, and moved up for -3 points, 3 points less expensive. Among other things this would allow effects like Raiders of the Lost Ark's Ark of the Covenant, which would be -15 points for being excedingly obvious. More mundanely with only a +3 penalty, it would allow the various artifacts to be actually useful instead of magnets for enemy celestials.

In addition, to allow for booby-trapped, self-defensive artifacts, perhaps a +5 limitation could trigger activations of songs when the invocation fails. For instance, a weapon that burns the hands of anyone not its owner could have: attuned to the owner (+3), trigger (+5), and Numinous Corpus Acid/1 to /6.

Talismans (Etherial Artifacts)

Perfume of Yves (St.) Laurence
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

This fragrant talisman comes in many different scents, and aids Seduction rolls. It's a favourite among Lilim, and is named as a mocking pun against the two archangels.

The Devil's Dandy Deck
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Much beloved of demonic gamblers, the dandy deck appears as an ornate deck of cards, somewhat similar to Victorian design, and aids in Gambling. Rumours of the Devil's Dandy Dice abound, but no-one has yet found them, and it's widely acknowledged that only people lacking in sophistication play with dice anyway.

Mighty Mouse!
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Not your superheroic rodent, but an ergonomic, tracking-ball mouse for your computer. This little lovely helps with Computer Operation.

Nasty Pliers
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

These ornate pliers, feature what looks suspiciously like human-skin leather on the handles, and fine scrollwork carving on the metal. The Inquisitors of Hell (and Heaven) find all sorts of painful (and inventive) uses for this Talisman, which, unsurprisingly, aids in Torture.

Ice-Cool Shades
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

These black and stylish sunglasses not only block out those harmful and nasty rays, but look so cool and mean that they aid Intimidation.

Cheetah Feet
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Not feet at all, but damn fine running-shoes, featuring all the latest trainer-tech. They aid with Running in case ya hadn't figured it out yet.

Versatile Wire
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

The Versatile Wire talisman is a short length of wire, easily shaped to fit most locks. It aids in Lockpicking guys!

Celestial Artifacts

Janus Boots
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

Janus boots are basketball-style trainers, with all the latest gear (pump-system, disc lacing, air-filled heels, etc.), but they also feature stitched, gold-leather wings on the sides that lay flush until activated. When the user spends an Essence point to activate them, they gain the benefits of the Corporeal Song of Motion. The effects last a number of minutes equal to the level of the artifact. Oh yeah, and the wings flutter rapidly in flight. Other variations on the same theme are winged, leather flying caps, and leather aviation jackets, featuring wings on the back.

Infernal Zippo
(from Psychedelic Goblin <>)

This zippo lighter is a fairly common artifact among followers of Belial. When fuelled with the expenditure of 1 Essence, it can be used as a miniature flamethrower! The blast of flame reaches 3m per level of this artifact, has no Accuracy modifier, and toasts the target for 3 damage per level of the artifact. In addition, any flammable materials hit by the flame are ignited. This artifact cannot store Essence, and each blast costs 1 Essence.

Miscellaneous Ideas

From (James Kiley)

From (John Karakash <>)

(7/10) Various people contribute to some ideas for Toys for Vapula.

(9/12) Joanna Hart does something interesting, with One Ring to Rule Them All - perhaps not quite what you're thinking. More a cool relic than an adventure, but has some potential both ways.

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