Thunderstones (relic)

By Hart, Joanna (


Name: ThunderStones

Appearance: These stones can appear in various sizes but the most common is a small piece of knapped flint, sized to fit comfortably in a human hand. In fact archaeologists regularly dig these up and classify them as neolithic knives or axeheads (you didn't really believe Vapula's line about evolution? :) ), and put them in museums. There are larger versions, most notoriously ancient monoliths such as Stonehenge or Avebury but these aren't very portable.

Owner/ Maker: David

Point Cost: The small stones can be costed as per holy bullets.

Background: These stones are the oldest relics of the first war in heaven, they were created by David to arm Michael and the Heavenly Host when the Lightbringer and his followers were cast out. Some of them fell to earth and can be found there to this day (usually in old archeological digs). Most of the earthly ones have been used up long ago and have no more power than a certain odd curiousity value, although demons tend to superstitiously avoid them.

Powers: Originally the small stones were endowed with Song of Thunder/1, and their use required that they be thrown down at the feet of the enemy whilst the wielder called out the demons name or invoked the divine presence. (They can also be thought of as a pre-firearms combination of holy pistols & holy bullets). Oddly enough, the ones which are left on earth seem to have an unerring ability to fall into the hands of potential soldiers of God and its not unusual for a mortal to be tuned into the symphony from having heard the stones singing to them. It was for this reason that Yves had advised David after the Fall that they should be not be gathered in. His actual words were along the lines of 'Let them lie in the earth and we will see what fruit these cold seeds will bear'.


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