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Redneck Gaijin's Song of Incubement - for humor value only. Really. (Never mind how many Lilim might like it - you know what they say about people in Hell wanting ice water...)

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Song of Elements
(from Joel Cardella <dronf@io.com>)

This Song allows the performer to affect the elemental structure of Nature and the Symphony. Unlike other Songs, the Song of Elements must be learned in ascending order, with the level of the top no higher than any of the lower levels. In other words, in order to have Celestial/2, you must have at least Corporeal/2 and Ethereal/2.

This allows the performer to control existing base elemental matter (earth,fire, air, or water) within 10 yards of himself. He can affect 1 cubic yard of material for every level of the Song. He may shape it, move it, or use it as an attack based on Precision. The performer may move while using this Song, and the material will move with him within range, if desired.

This Song allows the performer to control the weather in increments called pattern shifts. Each pattern shift costs 1 Essence, and takes 10 (Minus song level) minutes beyond the first shift to come to fruition. The shifts are: clear, cloudy, rainy (or snowy), wind & rain (or blizzard), driving rain (or sleet), tornado, hurricane. To create snow or sleet, the weather must be appropriately cold. Therefore, to go from a clear day to a hurricane would cost 6 Essence and take 50 (minus Song level) minutes. To coax rain from a cloudy day would cost 1 Essence and be immediate. The GM should decide what effects the weather causes.

This Song calls a celestial bolt of lightning down from the sky to strike anywhere the peformer can see, modified by range. This is an attack based on Precision. Damage is Song level times the check digit! If the performer wishes, an additional modifier of -3 can be taken, and the bolt will refract at the performers will. It can be sent around corners, or knock things from rooftops, or the used as the Quickening...oops, wrong genre. This bolt is non-conductive. Therefore an insulated person will still take damage, and a person standing in water will take normal damage. This is a favorite of Dominic's servants.

Essence Cost: 1 per minute, Corporeal. Varies, Ethereal. 4, Celestial.
Degree of Disturbance: Check digit.


 Song of Fire
(from Calbim < Calabim@aol.com >)

These songs all burn of fire. One can increase the check digit for any of them by the amount of extra essence (over 1) that the singer puts into the song. Targets can be affected by only one Song of Fire at a time; subsequent Songs of the same type have no effect until the effects of the first have worn off.

Spontaneous combustion. Something that the singer can see bursts into flame, provided it is combustible if held in a typical fire. The flame is perfectly natural, and will spread or be extinguished by natural means. (Note that the effects of this song cannot be simply "willed off" by the singer.) The check digit equals the number of hits that anyone in contact with the fire takes per round. Anyone who attempts to put the fire out immediately can do so by spending one round doing nothing else (not even Dodging). However, if the fire has a chance to spread, the GM must rule on how many rounds extinguishing it takes.

Inspiration. The target of this song must be a person (whether mortal or celestial). The very next roll that the target makes to deduce or create something gets a bonus equal to the song's check digit.

Fiery form. The singer's celestial form becomes outlined with celestialfire, which lasts as many minutes as the singer has celestial forces. Although this fire will not affect the material world or the singer, any celestial being who touches the singer (or is touched by the singer) while the fiery form lasts takes celestial damage equal to the song's check digit. If at least one point of Fighting damage gets through (after Dodging), the nonñfiery one takes the fire damage, with no chance to Dodge it. Or if either celestial successfully grapples the other, the non-fiery one takes this damage each round that the grapple lasts.


Essence Requirement: 1.

Degree of disturbance: the check digit.

**Flaming Feather**

Song of Lightning
(from Austin Loomis <zedd@io.com>)

This Song unleashes a blast of raw Symphonic energy into its target, doing damage that can rip body, mind, or soul to shreds. But it's a decidedly two-edged sword -- a sufficiently strong-willed individual can absorb the energies into himself and *gain* in power thereby!

Briefly, this Song comes in the usual three versions. Further details are basically the same for each version, with the appropriate substitutions left as an exercise for the apt pupil.

Success with this Song does the appropriate type of damage for that version of the Song (the Corporeal version does Body hits and so on) equal to the successful check digit plus the amount of Essence put into the Song. The target, however, may resist with a Will roll, at a penalty equal to the Essence spent by the performer. Ifsuccessful, he *adds* the "damage" to his characteristics of that type (Intelligence and Precision for the Ethereal rendition) for a number of minutes equal to *his* successful check digit.

Someone who gains four or more attribute points from absorbing the lightning *does* get a temporary extra Force (or two) while the boost is in effect. If that would put him over six Forces of that type, he must allocate the additional attribute points to an adjacent category until it, too, is filled. Overflow from the Corporeal and Celestial Songs of Lightning goes to Ethereal Forces first; Ethereal Song overflow goes to Corporeal attributes first.

The Celestial mix of this Song *can* do celestial damage to a target in corporeal form, and unlike the Calabite of Lust attunement, it *can* do enough Soul hits to strip away a Force -- unless the target is naturally corporeal, in which case it just knocks him down to his last Soul hit.

[Alternatively, you can impose on it the same limit as the Calabite of Lust attunement, that it can't take out the target's last Soul hit unless he ditches his body. Or state that it can never strip more than one Force from the same victim (the lost Force becomes a sort of psychic burn-scar, which can't get any worse thereafter). I can understand the in-game reasoning in back of that sort of thing [not allowing anything to strip Forces from a celestial in a vessel --arcangel@prismnet.com] , now that it's explained to me slowly and patiently.]

Essence Requirement: 1, maximum 3.
Degree of Disturbance: performer's successful check digit, plus the successful check digit of the target's Will roll.


Song of Rest
(from Joel Cardella <dronf@io.com>)

Not every Song is a note. This one is a natural pause, a rest in the Symphony. You can remove an object or being from the Symphony for a number of minutes equal to the check digit. During this time, the person/object simply ceases to exist. They can't be found by any means (including Resonance, Attunements & Distinctions), and the Symphony merely flows over the point they existed. They won't heal or be damaged, and they can't act or spend Essence. This is as natural as drawing a breath while singing.

When the Song ends, the target will reappear in the exact spot they were removed from, and in the exact state (damaged, etc.).

May only target Corporeal objects/persons.

Only Ethereal person/object may be targeted.

Only Celestial being/object may be targeted.

The longer the target is out of the Symphony, the more acclimated the Symphony grows to that absence (the rest). For this reason. when the Song is first invoked, it will not disturb the Symphony at all, even including the Essence spent to fuel it. However, when the target reappears, the disturance generated is equal to the check digit times the number of Forces (or Level, for objects) the target has, plus the Essence spent. Unwilling targets get a Will roll to resist, minus the performer's skill level with the Song.

Essence Requirement: 1 Corporeal, 2 Ethereal, 3 Celestial.
Degree of Disturbance: Check digit times the total Forces or Level of target, plus Essence spent, only when object reappears.

(This means that a normal Celestial's Corporeal vessel, removed from the Symphony, will generate a Degree of Disturbance equal to 9 times the check digit plus one! Great for vanishing from the scene, crappy for reappearing. This is really good for stopping bleeding or impending death, until a professional can arrive.)


Angelic Numinous Corpus

(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777U@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

One of my players commented that she thought most of the existing Numinous Corpus aren't really suited to angels, and were obviously 'demonic'. I agreed,and rewrote the Feet and Claws Songs slightly to create ones for angels. Astute readers will notice that the rules aren't different but the descriptions are. Saves work don't it?


This toughens your fists, enabling you to attack with a Power of +1 for every level you have in this Song. The Accuracy for this attack is +1. At level 4 and over your fists and forearms look like shimmering metal with an Accuracy of 0. While this Song is activated you must reduce any other Agility or Precision rolls requiring the use of your hands, by the level of the Song.


This Song hardens your feet like granite (Power +2 at level 1) or steel (Power +4 at level 4 and over). You can attack with both Feet and Fist at the same time, but one attack must be based on Strength, and the other on precision or Agility.


Unchanged from the rules on page 82.

More Angelic Numinous Corpus

(From: John Coleman <psu03606@odin.cc.pdx.edu>)


The divine answer to demonic Horns, this is a globe of pure light which encircles the head of the Angel. Anything impure, such as a demon in corporeal form, will take damage of Power +2 if any part of them enters this globe which extends from a distance of 6" from the Angel's head. An angel may 'head butt' his target with an accuracy of +1, or (and this is optional for GMs who don't mind playing w/ more complex rules), if the Angel makes an Aglity roll (to grab the opponent), and then beat his target in a contest of Strength (to pull opponent close to the Halo). For every round that the Angel succeeds in this Strength contest, the Demon takes an additional Power +2 damage. Like the horns, these may bve increased past level 4 with anaccuracy of 0 and a power of +3.

Holy Water

The Divine answer to acid spitting, except that the Angel can fire drops of holy water from his/her hands the number of yeards equal to their CELESTIAL,rather than corporeal forces (power comes from up above, rather than chemestry). Like Acid, accuracy is ability and power goes off of level purchased.

Tongue of Fire

Unlike the Tongue of the Demon, the Tongue of fire is a minor maefestation of the Holy Spirit in the mouth of the Angel. Appears to be soft, flowing red flames with power of +1 and acc. of +2, with range equalling level of the ability. After level 4, this may do mind hits on a demon or human OR heal mind damage on a human or Angel (Angel states at outset of attack what it'll be).


Song of Ligature
(from Joel Cardella <dronf@io.com>)

The Songs of Ligature affect the sounds and noises of the Corporeal world. They have NO effect on Symphonic disturbances.

This Song allows the performer to quiet the sounds in a radius equal to his [Skill*2 in yards] to a gentle pianissimo. This will effectively make a zone of noise equal to a quiet whisper. Anyone within the zone who wishes to hear anything must make a Perception roll, minus the check digit plus the Song level. Anyone outside the zone must make a Perception roll with the modifiers above, plus -1 for each yard away from the zone. It lasts for a number of minutes equal to the check digit.

This Song allows the performer to reorchestrate the Symphony. This has the effect of changing one sound into another. A cat could sound like a car, a man could sound like a woman, etc. The performer must state which sound she is modifiying, and what sound she wishes to change it into. One sound may be changed per level of Skill. Once the Song is activated, the sounds cannot be changed into something else unless the Song is performed again. If a character wishes to imitate someone else's voice, she must make an Intelligence roll, modified by the GM as to plausibilty. The Song lasts for a number of minutes equal to the check digit.

The Celestial Song of Ligature allows the performer to bring a sound to a thundering cresendo. She may choose to affect one sound or all sounds in a radius equal to Skill in yards. This has the effect of projecting sound 10 X Check digit yards farther than it would normally be heard. It will also augument sounds that would normally be masked by other sounds. A car horn would normally drown out a human voice, but not with the Celestial Song of Ligature! If used as an attack, it affects all creatures with hearing in a radius equal to Skill in yards, including the performer! It deafens them for check digit rounds (-2 to all rolls involoving hearing, including combat!) This Song is instantaeous. in effect.

Essence Requirement: 1

Degree of Disturbance: Check digit


Song of Unity
(from Joel Cardella <dronf@io.com>)

The Songs of Unity allow the performer to interact wioth the Symphony in a total harmonious manner. A perfect counterpoint to the Symphonic melody. The Songs last for check digit times Song level in minutes. They can affect a radius of Skill yards. Although initially they must be inrange, the objects/persons affected may then move anywhere thereafter and still retain the Song's effects for the duration.

This Song allows the performer to unite his corporeal being with material objects. This allows an extra number of Body hits added to the current toal. The number of Hits gained is check digit times Essence spent. The object will be completely absorbed. When the Song ends, the object will seperate from the performer. Any Body Hits taken will be subtracted from the object. Some objects may be totally destroyed in this manner. When performing it, the user looks like a synthesis of his current vessel and the object.

This version allows a numbera of minds equal to the check digit to link up voluntarily. Although only rudimentary communication can be used, the linked people will react to each others actions, thereby gaining bonuses for coordination and group perception. For example, a person facing away from the group who is surprised by an intruder will allow the others to immediately respond to him, attacks can be pinpointed, etc. Any person who does not wish to link, or wants to break out of the link may do so automatically. They can only reestablish the link at the performance of another Song.

This Song may only be used by celestials in celestial form. This also creates a voluntary link, but the link is far greater than that of the Ethereal Song. All the group's Soul Hits and Essence are pooled together. All users draw from this common source, and no one will lose a Force until the last Soul Hit is gone from the pool. However, if this happens, each person in the link will lose a Force! When the Song ends, the remaining Essence and Soul Hits are divided equally among all in the link. Any odd remainder is lost to the Symphony. Persons in this link may not break out voluntarily. They must wait for the Song to end.


Essence Requirement: Corp, varies. Eth, 1 per mind. Cel, 1 per person in the link.

Degree of Disturbance: check digit, special.

NOTE: The Degree of Disturbance issued by these Songs is radiated from each object/person affected. Therefore, if 3 people are linked in the Ethereal version, then no matter where they go for the duration of the Song, each one of them emits the disturbance.

From: "Leathal Weapon" <938269@wrpc.riv.csu.edu.au>

On the Songs topic, here's an idea I've been toying around with: Anti-Songs (for want of a better name). Basically I see this as if a Celestial sings a Song BACKWARDS it can cancel the effects of the same Song just sung properly. Whether this would require the character to learn the Song backwards, or merely take a Will (Perception, Intelligence?) roll to be able to reverse the 'words', I'm not sure. The time limit would be either while the original Song is still in effect (for duration Songs) or the character's Will in rounds (for instantaneous Songs).

For example, an Angel sings the Corporeal Song of Healing on a mortal who just got hit in a crossfire. Our Demon (with a Will of 6) has 30 seconds to sing the Anti-song if he wants that Mortal to stay damaged. If the opposing Anti-song is sung correctly, then the system to determine which Song takes effect is the same as any other contested roll (look at the Check Digits) although I'd allow the characters to spend extra Essence to add to the CD for purposes of letting their Song establish dominance (in efffect they are pumping extra fuel into it while it fades). This could make Songs quite a bit more Noisy, but would add an element of 'anti-magic' to a game, as well as allowing for 'Song Combat'.



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