Balseraph Renegade from Fate (Kronos)

(Created by: "Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki" <dankmyka@wfu.edu>)

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces - 1  Strength      2  Agility     2
Ethereal Forces  - 4  Intelligence  8  Precision   4 
Celestial Forces - 5  Will         10  Perception 10


none (see below)


Dodge/6, Escape/1, Fighting/1, Throwing/1


Healing (Corporeal/6), Shields (Celestial/6)


Balseraph of Fate (Kyriotate resonance), Impudite of Fate, Fated Future

Discord: Vulnerability:Sunlight/3

Hamayzod (Ham to his friends) is a "fresh" Balseraph, a fallen Seraph, who has come full circle, looking to become Bright again.

This is how it happened...

Ham used to work for Yves, under Garzanal, Angel of the Criminally Insane. To support the Word of his immediate Superior, he had to work with serial killers and would-be mass murderers in an attempt to have them meet their Destiny -- or, at least, not meet their Fate.

This is the sort of thing that makes Michael suspicious. Yves gives a Seraph, one of the Most Holy, and therefore least able to deal with humanity, the assignment to work with the absolute worst people humanity has to offer, not long after creating the Seraph in question. Straight from Heaven to Hell-on-Earth. It would seem nearly inevitable that Hamayzod would Fall.

And Fall he did. After spending too much time talking to an Outcast Servitor of Gabriel, he came to the conclusion that one of his charges didn't *deserve* to meet his Destiny, and allowed him to slide into his Fate by spending time working on other cases. This earned him his first note of Dissonance, and soon more followed, as Ham continued to "forget" to help certain people in favor of those he found slightly more sympathetic.

Kronos snapped this one right up. Ham pioneered the sort of techniques that Jetrel uses -- he requested the Kyriotate resonance specifically because he had figured out that particular way to use that angelic resonance. Ham's motivation was different, however -- he wanted to punish people for being weak, especially the insane, who he felt had "allowed" their minds to cave in so as to avoid resonsibility for their actions. Kronos usually paired him with a Habbalite, since their perspectives were so similiar. The one-two combination was usually terribly effective, and many people met their Fate with Ham's help.

However, all good (or evil) things must come to an end. As a Balseraph, Ham became more and more enamoured of the human capacity for self-delusion. "It's beautiful," he'd say. "Too bad it's just a cop-out, and doesn't serve a purpose. Like the reality I builds serves a purpose."

Then he met Dwight Mulgrew, aka Mulgrew, Demon Hunter (see Night Music, p. 63). And he fell in love. Head-over-heels in love. Here was a man whose insanity served a *purpose*, something that was functional both for him and for the (demonic) world-at-large.

Like many people in love, Ham became flustered, as he endeavored to stay around Mulgrew and help him out. After a while he couldn't keep up with the dissonance he was racking up when he accidentally contradicted himself time and time again, trying to please both himself and Mulgrew. Not to mention he was ignoring assignments from Kronos to spend time with Mulgrew. And if that wasn't enough, the female vessels Ham was throwing at Mulgrew tended to die in his arms, which got him even more dissonance from the Kyriotate resonance.

So he went Renegade, with the intention of redeeming himself, with the hope that he might be able to save Mulgrew and make him into a *real* demon hunter. Ironically, when he had firmly left the service of his Prince, Mulgrew was assigned to hunt him down, and Ham has been running from his beloved (with a couple of Ham's Habbalite ex-partners on loan to Asmodeus) ever since. The Kyriotate resonance makes him hard to track, however, which is about all he has going for him...

While Ham's reasons for redeeming himself are relatively unselfish (he's willing to give up being a demon, which he greatly enjoys, in order to find a way to save Mulgrew from being an expendable tool of Asmodeus), several hurdles in the form of lingering selfish feelings are keeping him back. The first is his refusal to talk to Yves, who he (wrongly) fears will destroy him if he comes back. The second is his strong desire to return to Heaven not as a Seraph, but as a Kyriotate. He's gotten quite used to the Kyriotate resonance, and likes the sort of perspective it gives him. The few angels he's talked to so far (a couple of Servitors of Gabriel), have been confused by him -- they're not even sure if what he's requesting is *possible*. The last hurdle (and possibly the worst one) is that he still doesn't give a rat's ass for anyone *besides* Mulgrew, which is hardly angelic as far as many Superiors are concerned. (Although his appeciation for the "beauty of insanity" has the potential to blossom into something deeper.)

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