Shedite Captain of Gluttony (Haagenti)

The Demon of Anchovies and Sardines

By Jesse Rooney <>

13 Forces

Corporeal Forces 4  Strength      8  Agility    8
Ethereal Forces  4  Intelligence  8  Precision  8
Celestial Forces 5  Will         12  Perception 8


Knowledge of Seafood/6, "Lots of Songs and skills that I wouldn't go into."

Attunements and Distinctios:

Shedim of Gluttony, Captian of Cannibals, Consume, Devour, Lilim of Gluttony

Special Rites


Scaleteeth has not always been a happy demon. Up until 1900 he was traded amoung the Princes as a powerful pawn. In 1900 Kronos handed him off to Haagenti to whom Scaleteeth took an immedity liking too. Scaleteeth enjoyed serving his new Prince for the first time since Creation. Scaleteeth's favorite tactic was to entroduce a mortal to anchovies and sardines and turn them into seafood gluttons. He was so passionate and proud of his work that Haagenti eventually supported him in a bid to gain the Word of Anchovies and Sardines. Lucifer accepted the proposel and gave Scaleteeth his Word.

Today Scaleteeth works closely with the Demon of Seafood (His direct boss) and the Augustine, Demon of Caeser Salads. He constantly encourages resteraunts and pizza parlors to serve anchovies espically if he can convince them to serve them without the customer's apporval. He enjoys promoting his Word with a passion. His Word and power are slowly but steadly growing, but this does not bother Haagenti as Scaleteeth is happy where he is and Lucifer would nevr make a Prince of Anchovies.

Scaleteeth would make an interesting adversary for Angelic player, esp. if the Angel of Pizza is in your group, or he could be the boss of a Demonic servant of Gluttony.

For anyone who has never tried anchivoes please do. They are quite good but a bit salty. All this writing has made me hungery, maybe I will order a pizza...

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