Habbalite of Fate,

Baron of the Book of Days, Demon of Fall aka the 'Angel of Abyss'

Created By: Tapio Erola <txr@rieska.oulu.fi>

"Now release your anger! Only your hatred can destroy me!"
-Darth Vader, _Empire Strikes Back_

[no stats]

An counterpart and fierce enemy of the Angel of Redemption. He is just the person tempting outcasts, helping them fall to meet their fate in demonic service. Like his counterpart, he has a solid 16 forces behind him. Not to mention the fact that he is in very good terms with his boss. (Not to mention the big L).

A real Habbalite, he excels in emoting dark feelings andpersuading his victims to take that last fatal step...

He appears as the quintessential smooth operator with engaging smile and _presence_. He wears black suit (Armani, of course) and black tie. He _reeks_ of dark camaraderie, with a friendly manner and sympathetic understanding.

Special Rites:

Redemption and Abyss are too powerful Words for players, so these are best suited as NPC:s for adventures where either possibility is involved. They would suit nicely for any team as involved adventure on either side. Both of them dislike the physical option, preferring to keep things 'civil', but Azzy and Dom are notorious in sending their personal hit squads to prevent any defections.

Here they are. Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome and can cause some modification. Flames will be rerouted to Gabriel who will take appropriate action...

--Tapio Erola

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