Lilim Captain of Death (Saminga)

Demon of Tragic Hipness

(Created by: "Benjamin D. Hutchins" <>)

Forces: 13

4 Corporeal (Strength 7,     Agility 9)
4 Ethereal  (Intelligence 9, Precision 7)
5 Celestial (Will 11,        Perception 9)


"Vampire" Human 3, with 3 levels of charisma and a status 4, level 6 role as an angsty Goth musician with a cult following

Bat/1, which he hardly ever uses anymore and usually doesn't admit he has.


Numinous Corpus, Fangs/1, Corporeal Healing/3, and Corporeal Motion/3


Emote/3, Singing/3, Seduction/4, and Savoire-Faire/1


Well, I know he's got some, but I haven't gotten around to them yet. They're Vampires, though.


Vulnerable to Sunlight/3 and Need-Blood/2


Lilim of Saminga, Balseraph of Saminga, Vampiric Kiss and Captain of the Infernal Legions


Ripley, one of the handful of male Lilim, is tall, dark-haired, very handsome in a slightly androgynous way, never seen without sunglasses, and wears more black leather and white lace than any two of his sisters combined. His Celestial form is similar, but he's green.


According to his official autobiography, Ripley, the lead singer of the moderately successful band "Bloody Kisses," was born into Scottish nobility at the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and brought into a world of shadows by an ancient Babylonian Queen/Vampire. The most interesting parts of the autobiography (mostly written in Significant Capitals) deal with his years travelling Europe and serving as a dark Muse for Lord Byron. Ripley can produce a portrait, painted in 1821, in support of this and indeed it does bear a striking resemblance to him. This, as any servant of the Lesser Zadkiel, Angel of Biography could tell you, is utter crap. The truth is goes something like this . . .

Throughout the Middle Ages, Ripley had a moderately successful career appearing before various powerful men, Cardinals and such, and offering immortality, for a price. (Two prices, actually, the Geas/6 he got for the transformation to undead status and the little eternal service to Hell thing.) Although the Geases he aquired were quite useful to Saminga and many of the Vampires he created (he never did manage to produce a Mummy, and he won't talk about the Zombis) were infamous in there own times, Ripley became dissatisfied. He never seemed to accomplish anything permanent, and there was almost no chance of any of this leading to a Word of his own. As the centuries passed, Ripley began doing less and less of his own volition, and was in fact beginning to look distinctly Grey, when he recieved an assignment that changed his life. He was told to obtain the services of a doomed mortal poet named George Gordon, Lord Byron.

The truth is, Ripley never inspired Byron, Byron inspired him. He was just so dark, so brooding, so Romantic, so *cool!* Ripley began to dress like him, to talk like him, he modified his vessel to look like him, and he used and casually discarded lovers, just like his hero. He completely failed to recruit Byron, or indeed any of his circle, but he didn't care. Finally Byron discarded him (he considered Ripley just another wealthy hanger on), and Ripley travelled Europe alone and renegade, until It happened. He was speaking with a young aristocrat, another fervent Byron groupie, and just for fun Ripley decided to read him. The Need he discovered was astonishing - the aristocrat wanted to be a Vampire. Not to be immortal, just to be stylish! And this aristocrat was just the first of many. Soon, Dracula appeared on the scene, and then motion pictures, and then the greatest gift of them all, Anne Rice.

Ripley's modus operandi is much the same as it was in the Middle Ages, except that he keeps busier. There are a lot more people who want the new brand of immortality that he's selling now, and life is mostly good. However, he's made a few enemies along the way. A number of his older vampires want his head, some of Gabriel's Malakim are getting a bit suspicious, Lilith hasn't spoken to him in over two hundred years, and worst of all, Saminga doesn't like the way he does things. (That's why Ripley has so much discord, Saminga likes to pile it on for fun. He's threatening to add Pallid next.) As a result, Ripley is cautiously approaching both Nybbas and Andrealphas about a change of employers. Still, he knows he'll survive, and he hopes one day to earn his rightful place as the Demon Prince of Blood.

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