Tizzareia (aka Tizzy)

Baby Djinn of Technology (Vapula)

Created by: Dorothy Bixler <mudmh10@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu>

I made this little one up awhile ago mainly to come up with a Djinn who was nice. She's only 7 forces, so she will be an NPC (unless you want to play an under-powered character). She's a fun may for cruel GM's to screw with players heads (Demon or Angel). Demon's will have to restrain themselves from killing her and Angels either won't suspect her or although many will have trouble killing her when they find out. This is a particually cruel thing to do to other Djinn of Tech.

Corporeal Forces: 1   Dodge (agil)/2
   strength 2            Corporeal Song of Healing/2
   agility 3

Ethereal Forces: 3   Computer Operation (int)/2
   intelligence 5       Electronics (pre)/1
   precision 7          Escape (pre)/2
                        Lockpicking (pre)/2

Celestial Forces: 3  Emote (per)/2
   will 7               Singing (per)/1
   perception 5

Vessel/2 (little girl) , Charisma +1, Role (Jennifer-an orphan)/2 (status1)

Apperance: In Celestial form, Tizzy looks like a small furry wolf cub with bat wings- except for the fact that she's bright purple (very bright purple). This is due to an Vapulain experiment gone awry. She was volunteered for a new shampoo that turned her brown fur neon purple (when it was discovered that the color was permanent, it was sold to some of the local punk rockers as hair dye) ("And it tingles!"). Her vessel is that of a cute little blonde girl with big blue eyes.

Tizzareia was sent ot earth a few weeks ago. No one's really sure why Lord Vapula sent someone so weak and inexperienced to work on Earth, but who's to question Lord Vapula? Her instructions were to tell everyone that she doesn't remember who she is, who her parents were, or where she's from. And then she blacked out. She woke up lying in a field next to the reck of a burning car. She gave her story as she was told and was taken to a local orphanage (after a brief trip to the hospital to make sure she was all right).

Roleplaying Notes:

Tizzy, who now insists on being called "Jenny" (Djinni), is absolutely way too cute. She's pretty; she's perky; she has very little survival instinct. She won't say she's a demon outright (until she knows she's dealing with other demons), but she has no fear of angels. For her palmtop computer (that the Djinn of Tech recieve) she has one of those electronic diaries (that can send out messages) for little girls. She misses her friends in hell.

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