Impudite Captain of the Media (Nybbas)

The Demon of Bad Taste

(Created by: "Benjamin D. Hutchins" <>)

Forces: 13

CORPOREAL FORCES - 4    Strength 8          Agility 8
ETHEREAL FORCES - 5     Intelligence 12     Precision 8
CELESTIAL FORCES - 4    Will 10             Perception 6


Human/4 (Charisma +2)


Charm (Ethereal/4, Celestial/2), Entropy (Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/4)


Driving/2, Fast-Talk/4, Knowledge (Bad Taste Through the Ages)/6, Lying/3, Savoir-Faire/3, Singing/3


Impudite of the Media, Subliminal, Captain of Swank


Frankiel can draw Essence from anyone he can cause to exhibit bad taste.

Frankiel, or "Frankie" as he prefers to be called, is a great favorite of Nybbas's - and, it is rumored, favored also by Lucifer. It is said that the granting of Frankie's Word went something like this:


FRANKIE: O great Lord of Darkness, I beseech thee, grant me my Word! I have ever yearned to serve and advance the Word of Bad Taste.

LUCIFER: Your qualifications?

FRANKIE: Regretfully, Shining One, I cannot take credit for the 1970's - those clever humans came up with that on their own - but I did help it along, and I am responsible for its recent revival. I coined all the crass jokes that followed the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, and -

LUCIFER (interrupting): Including the one about the astronauts washing up in the Bahamas?

FRANKIE: Yes, O Ineffable Greatness. One of my best, if I do say so.


FRANKIE: My more recent achievements have been no less horrific, Most Unholy. I am responsible, for example, for the current fad among youngsters for wearing hideously oversized pants and deliberately letting their underwear hang out.

LUCIFER: That was you?

FRANKIE (humbly): It was, O Master of the Pits.

LUCIFER (thumbs-up): You the man.

Whether this is true, or only the product of Nybbas's media machine, no one is sure; but Lucifer has not denied it.

Frankiel delights in making humans make themselves look stupid, act stupid, and generally make themselves unpleasant to each other and everyone else. He and his Superior have a most harmonious relationship - Frankiel can use the power of Nybbas's Media to spread and legitimize his exercises in hideous taste, and Nybbas reaps the benefit of an ever-more-desensitized populace, and constant proof that they really will buy almost anything and believe - really believe - they like it. Nybbas also occasionally loans Frankie to Kobal, who is constantly amused by his work - amounting, as it does, to an endless stream of cruel pranks upon humanity.

Frankie himself does not practice what he preaches - he knows that it's ugly, crass, boorish and stupid. Instead, he appears as a handsome, late-twentyish fellow, well-dressed, well-mannered and cultured. No one would ever guess that he's responsible for the apparently unbreakable dominance of bright, green-based plaids in golfing attire.

I imagine the Archangel Frankie gets really sick of being mistaken for this guy. :)

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