Cabilite of Fire (Belial)

(Created by: "Robert Coon" <>)

Here's a demon I'm working on as a more interesting heavy. Enjoy, and please comment (especially on his vessel's name--I think I've heard Soto as a Japanese surname, but I'm unsure...)


Corporeal 4  Strength 7      Agility 9
Ethereal  2  Intelligence 4  Precision 4
Celestial 3  Will 7          Perception 5

Vessel/3, Charisma +1: Jeremy Soto. Body 42.




Fighting/4, Acrobatics/2, Dodge/3, Fast-Talk/3, Move Silently/4, Pistol/2, Savoir-Faire/3, Emote/3.



Bragantus is somewhat unique in the ranks of Belial's Calabim: a quiet and even vaguely honorable demon. He favors subtlety, trickery and deception rather than brute force, and this has served him well. His vessel, in which he goes by the name "Jeremy Soto," is a fair-faced Japanese/Anglo male of early-middle-age. Something of a "secret agent," Bragantus is most frequently given jobs which require a subtle hand or a degree of secrecy.

He is especially good at assassination, as his light frame, good looks and genteel attitude make him appear non-threatening and have gotten him into the confidences of his target. He is calm, patient, even gentle, unless in combat. Bragantus is quite skilled in a form of Tai Kwon Do, and prefers not to use weapons, although he's pragmatic enough to appreciate a pistol.

His major problem is his Discord; he never feels quite right until he can feel the final flutterings of his victim's heart. He does try to avoid leaving a mess, but he's had to run many times from Angelic forces hearing the echoes of his actions. He also has a habit of smoking a particularly foul-smelling brand of cigarillos, the scent of which often permeating the air around him. He also carries a utilitarian Zippo at all times, of course.

Bragantus tries his best to serve his Prince as best he can, and has never been treacherous to his fellow demons -- as far as anyone knows, at least. He also takes vengeance very seriously--no demon has ever pulled anything on him without dealing with his retribution. He has a subtle sense of humor, and even Kobal has found some of his actions amusing.

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