Impudite Captain of Factions (Malphas)

Demon of Paranoia

Created by: Hatcher Rhanyr <>

Here's a guy that makes you wonder if you locked your doors....

Corporeal 3    Str   5    Agi   7	
Ethereal  6    Int  12    Pre  12
Celestial 4    Wil   8    Per   8


Role: Government Agent [Men In Black]-Status/1


Computer Operation/2, Emote/3, Fast-Talk/2, Fighting (Akido)/3, Knowledge (Government)/3, Lying /5, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapon/3, Small Weapon/2, Tracking/3


Charm (Ethereal)/3, Entropy (Celestial)/2, Form (Ethereal-Celestial)/2 Healing (Corporeal)/3

Attunements and Distinctions:

Impudite of Malphas, Imboglio, Polarize, Captain of the Broken Promise, Conspiracy*(See Below)

Conspiracy was given to him as a bonus for his faithful service to Malphas.This Servitor Attunement allows him to give a victim the Discord of Paranoia for check digit days. (The Victim can make a resistance to this by Roll against this on his/her Will). If the effects are resisted he cannot use this Attunment on that individual for check digit days.


Quite a bit of mystery is associated with the demon that currently is known as Amraphel. It seems that this individual has had quite a list of names. In the past he has gone under the name of Hagar, Shual, Jaakobah, and Matred, just to name a few. Some claims have been made in the Diabolical Courts that he may be the child of Lucifer himself, but as with all things about this demon's past, this can be neither confirmed nor denied. Rumors fill the Diabolicals ranks that this is a fiend not to be trusted. Needless to say that when Amraphel looks back on everything he's done, he has to laugh evily.

"The Truth is out there...but you can't handle it" --Amraphel to an unknown FBI Agent

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