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By Elizabeth "ArchBeth" McCoy

(I'm pretty sure this is all Maya's fault.) (And I know it's too long to be a real trailer. Whatever.)


Standard SFX for celestial forms. A Lilim (Tryphena) leans on a desk in front of a Balseraph. The Lil has minimal Geas-bands (a few bracelets only!) and is plainly outraged.

Tryphena: "You want me to *WHAT*?? With one of *THEM*??"

Bal: "It's just one of those buddy movies. A pair of Hell's very own police of the Game..."

Tryphena: "*You made my co-star a SHEDITE!*"



The Lilim, the Bal, and a roiling mass of ickiness (Zaccur), on a cop-room set.

Tryphena: "I'm *NOT* going to work with that thing."

Bal: " 'Fena, darling, it's just acting."

Zaccur: "Do I get a chainsaw?"

Tryphena: <starts walking out>

Bal: <snags her by one ankle with its tail> " 'Fena, if you walk out, the Prince is not going to be amused."

: "*It dripped on me*!"

Bal: "CUT!"

Zaccur: "Sorry."

Bal: "Zack, my man, you gotta realize that this is not that kind of movie. Try not to drip on the co-star, 'kay?"

Typhena: "I want a stunt double if it turns into one of *those* kinds of movies."

Zaccur: "Right, no non-consensual dripping. Can I have a chainsaw?"

, Zaccur, Bal, on the set. It's obviously supposed to be a street in Shal-Mari.

Tryphena, dubiously: "So what's my motivation for this scene again?"

Bal: "You're a couple of Servitors of the Game, and you're staking out the place. We're trying to get a little 'odd-couple bonding banter' in."

Zaccur, hopefully: "Don't Shedim of the Game get concealed chainsaws?"



The Bal bursts into a makeup room where Tryphena is having her hair and face done. In the corner, Zaccur is flipping through, you guessed it, a chainsaw catalog -- or maybe a copy of _PlayShedite_, it's hard to tell.

Bal, excited: " 'Fena, Zack! Just got word in, we're being moved upstairs, they're changing the scripts now! Guys, we are going to *Earth*!"

Tryphena: <eyes go big, face lights up in wonder> "Earth..."

Tryphena is walking around a corporeal realm, obviously enthralled by her very first vessel. The Bal is in a Balseraph-type vessel, looking on, and a scruffy man (who is actually kind of cute) is poking through a script.

Zaccur (the scruffy one): "They didn't add any chainsaws."

Tryphena: "You're starting to get on my nerves, you know."

Zaccur: <looks unreasonably cheered>



Tryphena and Zaccur are doing a fire-fight thing over a low, half-demolished wall. Cameras are plainly visible from various angles, and the set is in a vacant lot between two buildings. Suddenly, one of the camera-men screams and falls over, clutching at the gunshot wound in his back. Tryphena and Zaccur look at each other, then they both scramble over the wall and cower on the other side. There are more gunshots and screaming and stuff off-camera.

Tryphena: "You didn't smuggle in any non-blank ammo, did you?"

Zaccur, sounding worried for the first time: "Not even a chainsaw."

Tryphena, cowering as more gunshots glance off their improvised cover: "So what's going on??"

Zaccur peeks over the wall, crouches back down.

Zaccur: "How about guys with black wings coming down from the roofs and doing the flaming-swords thing to our director?"

Tryphena shoots him a disgusted look and peeks over herself. The camera cuts to 2-4 angels (at least one a Malakite, to judge from the black NC) trashing the set, the cameras, and the Balseraph. Flaming swords are in evidence. Tryphena sinks back to the ground, looking horrified.

Tryphena, somewhat in shock: "Angels. What are we going to do?"

Zaccur: "I don't know about you, but I'm leaving. Now."

A somewhat disheveled Tryphena and Zaccur run stealthy through a bunch of abandoned buildings and movie sets (hey, it's a low-budget flick on the Perdition side...). They look hunted, and Tryphena is outright scared.

Tryphena: "Angels. Why did it have to be angels? We weren't doing anything!"

Zaccur: "Well, there's that base of the Sword about a half-hour outside of town. Somebody must have tipped them off, though."

Tryphena: "Who'd be dumb enough to do that??"

Zaccur, seriously: "A traitor."

Zaccur and Tryphena, holed up somewhere. They speak in hushed, upset tones.

Tryphena: "Your role has gone to your head! We're not Gamesters, we just play them in front of the camera!"

Zaccur: "Look, we're each other's alibi -- that means that if we can't give Prince Nybbas the *real* traitor, we'll *both* be blamed."

Tryphena: "Well, the scripters did say they'd had the technical details checked out by a real Gamester..."



Tryphena and Zaccur are in dark clothes, breaking into a house.

Zaccur voiceover: "We should check the camera crew first -- they're only humans, one of them might have gone over."

Tryphena, whispering: "I don't even play Theft on the screen!"

Zaccur: "Shh, I've almost got this lock."

Zaccur and Tryphena, holding a flashlight over a paper in a dark office.

Zaccur: "You know what this means, don't you?"

Tryphena: "They've got the traitor at their base. We're dead."

Zaccur: "No, no, we just need to break him out."



Three thuggish "Demons in Black" types are in a car.

Demon 1 (Balseraph, driving): "Found 'em."

Demon 2 (Calabite, toying with a gun): "Think the Lilim's Renegade too?"

Demon 3 (Djinn): "Does it matter?"

Zaccur and Tryphena are driving along, speeding. Their windshield is in tatters. Tryphena is panicked looking, while Zaccur is grim.

Tryphena, wailing: "Who are they?? Why are they shooting at us??"

Zaccur: "They're some old acquaintances. I think they're after me."

Tryphena: "WHAT? WHY?"

Zaccur: "I expect they discovered where I went after I shattered my Heart."

Tryphena: "*WHAT*?"

Zaccur: "Do you suppose the Sword-angels would give us refuge from the Game, if we asked nicely?"

The car is tipped over and burning in the ditch, while Tryphena and Zaccur crawl away into underbrush, frantically. Another car is on an overpass, and shots are ringing out.

Tryphena: "You've made me Renegade!"

Zaccur: "Well, if we get the traitor, we can always ask Prince Nybbas to forgive us. Look at it this way -- when we get to the Sword-base, these people will cause a lot of confusion for us."

Tryphena: "So who are you running from, anyway?"

Zaccur, looking embarassed: "Ah, well, actually... the Prince of the Game."

Our Heros cowering as a car blows up in front of them.
Tryphena koshing the Calabite over the head with an Oscar statuette in an office.
Zaccur casually tripping one of the Sword-angels (from the earlier fight scene) in a hallway.
Tryphena and Zaccur accosting one of the camera crew in a bland "saferoom."

Tryphena, in a rage: "So *you're* the one who betrayed us to the angels!"

Zaccur, mildly: "Think you could put in a good word for us with them?"
Tryphena, hanging from a rooftop while the Calabite focuses on her, grinning evilly.
Djinn creeping up on an angelic sort while our Heros hide in the shadows behind both of them. Zaccur shrugs, then calls out, "Demon at six-o'clock!"
Zaccur casually tripping the Balseraph, in a similar hallway.
Tryphena stands over a fallen Zaccur, gun in her trembling hands. "You leave him alone! I've played a cop before, I know how these things work."
Tryphena helping a groggy Zaccur away from a room. He murmurs, "The safety was on, you know."
More explosions and running around screaming.
Some fight-scenes between various demons, angels, soldiers, whatnot...



Our Heros stand over the Calabite, who is battered unto dying. Zaccur is limping and looks much the worse for wear.

Calabite, smiling: "Doesn't matter, Renegade. We left a bomb in the armory, secondary objective. Your 'proof' is going to blow sky high in another twenty minutes, and Nybbas will have you both publically executed."

Zaccur, whispering: "A bomb..."

Tryphena: "All those people! Half of them don't even know what's going on!"

Zaccur, turning to go: "I've got to stop it."

Tryphena, hurrying after him: "You can't do it alone."

Zaccur, grimly: "I have to try."

Tryphena: "*We* have to try."


Our Heros sneaking around.
A bomb ticking away in an armory.
Seraphic sort staying his Malakite comrade from cutting down Tryphena, saying, "No, wait, she's telling the truth."
Zaccur crouched over the bomb.
The Balseraph (also bloody and battered) coming up behind somebody with a bloody big sword.
Tryphena grappling with the Balseraph for the sword. She's losing.

, commenting absently to the Seraphic fellow, "This is exciting. If I can't defuse this, there's probably going to be no one left alive here for me to possess."

Seraph: "Your kind doesn't go to Limbo, do they." (It's not a question.)

Zaccur: "Oh, sure we do. We just never get out. But it'd be better than what would happen to 'Fena as a 'traitor.' I'm sure she'd be executed prettily. Pity I wouldn't get to watch."

Seraph: "You're terrified -- and you don't want her hurt."

Zaccur: "That too. Here goes nothing."

He holds a pair of wirecutters and tightens his grasp on them.

The music goes dead, and we cut away to the black screen with the ScreechCaps title:




Zaccur holding Tryphena on a rooftop, half-helping, half-pulling her away from the edge. She clutches at him and looks back.

Tryphena: "You came back..."

Zaccur: "I get so tired of betraying my friends sometimes."
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