Movie: Fear

By Josh "Tafka J." Voth

In Nomine is copyright 1997,
Steve Jackson Games Inc.

(Lyrics for the song 'Fear' are Copyright 1993, Sarah McLachlan. Used without permission.)

[Cue Music: Fear, by Sarah McLachlan.]

Text: Love is one of the strongest emotions. . .

   As if in remembrance two women embrace on a balcony. The camera pulls back to show the pair standing on a bridge between twin towers. Which in turn overlooks a vast illuminated field filled with the dreamscapes of humanity.

"Morning smiles /
like the face of a newborn child /
innocent unknowing."

   Several quick scenes show the pair working together to protect humanity's hopes and enforce its fears. It ends with Blandine letting go of Beleth's hand and letting her walk off with a brilliant looking Seraph. . .

"Winters end /
promises of a long lost friend, /
speaks to me of comfort,"


Text: . . .But for the Archangel of dreams. . .

   Blandine stands all alone on the balcony, looking out onto a gloomy Marches. Though you know her attentions are focused on a crooked tower opposite. . .

"but I fear /
I have nothing to give /
I have so much to lose here in this lonely place,"

   A single tear runs down her cheek.

"tangled up in our embrace /
there's nothing I'd like better than to fall,"

   Quick flashback to Beleth falling.

"but I fear /
I have nothing to give."


Text: . . .One emotion will prove stronger. . .

   Dozens of demons (Balseraphs, Calabim and Impudites) all rush quickly over a sandy dune, and are met by a group of angels (Cherubim and Malakim). The two clash in a valiant battle, and much blood is shed. This goes on for at least a minute.

   Cut to the camera moving closer to a twisted tor. A mass of swirling gray clouds embrace the broken fortress closely. Lighting strikes, and the whole region trembles.

"Wind in time /
rapes the flower trembling on the vine /
and nothing yields to shelter it,"

   From the darkness appears the contempt filled face of Beleth. Her visage is a mask of pure hatred. . .

"from above, /
they say temptation will destroy our love /
the never ending hunger,"


Text: . . .Will she be ready to face it?


"but I fear /
I have nothing to give"

   Blandine walking across the marches, toward an ever growing darkness.

"I have so much to lose here in this lonely place, /
tangled up in our embrace"

   Laurence, and Dominic rushing onto Blandine's balcony, only to find Yves standing there crying.

"there's nothing I'd like better than to fall,"

   Blandine, in chains, faces Beleth. . .


   [Title: "Fear"]

"but I fear"


"I have nothing to give. /
I have so much to lose. /
I have nothing to give. /
We have so much to lose...


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