In Nomine

Know Your Diabolicals

A Young Angel's Guide to the Fallen

By Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy, and others.

The entries for Alaemon, Demon Prince of Secrets (from the GM Screen adventure, Feast of Blades) & Fleurity are mostly by Austin Loomis.

Blandine David Dominic Eli Gabriel Janus Jean Jordi Laurence Marc Michael Novalis Yves Litheroy Christopher


#1: As delivered by a Servitor of Blandine (Dreams)


Balseraphs: Liars who can ruin a mortal's day, and cause them restless nights. Warnings about them can be hard to make "stick," due to their habit of waging war with words.

Djinn: These loveless creatures can make waking moments miserable for humans, stalking them and making them afraid to surrender to healing dreams -- not to mention that anxiety drives humans to the dark side of the Marches. The danger that they pose is more psychological, overall, but should be warned about.

Calabim: Much more physically dangerous -- if one of these is about, a warning to your assigned dreamer is definitely in order, and guarding their sleep with your own wakefulness may be required.

Habbalah: The emotional devastation that these insane creatures cause can plunge a dreamer into Beleth's side of the Marches without warning. Provide warning if possible, and soothe the turmoil as best you can. Dreams can offer a way to repair the damage, "from the inside out," as the mortal was wounded.

Lilim: More subtle than most other demons, these vixens will get their claws deeply into a human and you may not know till it's too late. They are also hard to warn a mortal against, being so "fun," so "friendly." At least there may be some clues in an assigned human's dreams that you may intrepret *without* slipping into Nightmare's side of the Marches to discover. Be wary of finding one inside a human's dreamscape, though, as they are undoubtedly seeking Needs there!

Shedim: Vile waking nightmares, taking the worst that humanity has within itself, and emphasizing it, *elaborating* on it. The horrible havoc they can cause -- in the possessed and those around the poor mortal -- is almost unbelievable. It is hard to rescue dreamers from Shedim or even warn them, as their dreamscapes usually wind up on Nightmare's side of the Marches the day the Shedite moves in.

Impudites: Another difficult Band to spot and warn against, as they are friendly and subtle in their draining attacks. Again, you may get some clues from watching a dreamscape, without necessarily having to pursue it into demonic territory.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: Though unlikely to interfere with dreaming mortals, these Servitors promote anxieties that can be noticed as dreams of endless doors, or lost things that cannot be found -- move quickly to ensure these do not turn into full nightmares; call in a Servitor of Revalations if you suspect more than passing interference from a demon of Secrets.

Andrealphus: There is a difference between dreams of honest desire -- even strange dreams -- and those sparked by Lust. It can be subtle, however, and care should be taken to distinguish between sleeping erotica and the dangerously selfish cravings inspired by these Servitors.

Asmodeus: These Servitors are more concerned with other demons than with humans, and will rarely be a problem for us.

Baal: The demons of the War are more concerned with killing angels and Soldiers than disrupting their dreams. Humans should be warned -- especially Soldiers -- and care should be taken to stay out of these demons' way.

Beleth: Those of Nightmare seek to thwart the good we do, on our own grounds. They are thieves of hope and violators of the human mind. They want only to torture and destroy humanity, from the inside out, filling their nights with terror and their exhausted days with paranoia and despair. They will give no quarter and need not be given any in return. Destruction is the only outcome between a meeting between us and the Servitors of Beleth -- and those ethereal spirits who work with her. They are evil; kill them...

Belial: Physically dangerous, and prone to random destruction. Be alert for these sorts in your territory, and warn your assigned dreamer(s) about the potential dangers. Fire detectors should be checked for fresh batteries.

Fleurity: Some of the concoctions he offers can shut a mortal out of the Marches completely. If one of your dreamers is trapped on Beleth's side and you can't get him free any other way, this is *almost* forgiveable. Any other time, it's not worth it. Be particularly aware of compounds that can *trap* a dreamer in the Marches -- the longer he's shut out of the waking world, the greater the chances his dreamscape will drift to Beleth's side on its own. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: They live to destroy people's hopes. Menunite help can get the human's dreamscape back to our side of the Marches. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: The Servitors of Haagenti are, surprisingly, more subtle than some -- be alert for dreams of financial troubles, or "binging" nightmares.

Kobal: The presence of one of these creatures in the corporeal realm can be a surreal nightmare for a mortal cursed with Kobalic attentions. Warnings and reassurances are in order here.

Kronos: Fate and Nightmare are hand in hand. Use dreams to remind your charge(s) of their hopes, of what they can aspire to. In the corporeal realm, seek out the demonic influence that troubles the human and deal with it.

Malphas: Division and Paranoia suit those of Factions -- another ally to Nightmares. Again, reassurance and warnings are necessary, as well as physical exertions.


Nybbas: The media is responsible for many things -- the evening news alone can be enough to send a dreamer to the wrong side of the Marches. If you can twist a nightmare of horror into a sitcom, however...

Saminga: Many mortals fear death, and require peaceful reassurances. Warnings about these Servitors is vital, however, for they seek mortal deaths!

Valefor: Another batch of thieves, and therefore a source of anxiety. Warn your dreamers if these sorts are in the area, and reassure them that what is *inside* is more important than mere physical possessions.

Vapula: Jean's emphasis on the "easy answers" and physicality of technology is bad enough -- Vapula's Servitors are even worse, plunging dreamers into surreal and horrifying dreamscapes of machinery they do not understand, where every button is the wrong one, and every dream-car has its gas and brakes switched around.

Lilith: Enigmatic Servitors; usually sources of disquiet in a dreamer, due to restlessness or fear of all order being stripped away from the mortal's life, and therefore to be warned against. But there has been the rare time that they have assisted our own ends, encouraging a human to follow his or her own dreams, instead of being enslaved to tedium or despair. It is probably coincidental, rather than intended, and dreamers influenced by a Servitor of Lilith should be carefully watched.


#2: As delivered by a Servitor of David (Stone)


Balseraphs: Liars will try to break people up, spreading their own paranoid worldview among the humans you seek to educate. They are a slow poison, usually, but a deadly one.

Djinn: With their apathy and unrelatedness, they can be dangerously "cool" loners. This does, however, make them vunerable if they have no-one to guard their backs.

Calabim: Dangerous and destructive. Try to stay out of range until they are provoked enough to lash out -- many are unstable enough to make this easy -- and then take them down as quickly as possible.

Habbalah: An emotional attack is an attack. Be alert. More, be alert to one attempting to manipulate you into a *misdirected* strike!

Lilim: These tricky creatures can be frustrating, as they generally prefer to talk and spy than to attack. You can tell if they are serving a Superior or under Geas, however -- the "free" ones will fight like cornered rats if you try to take them prisoner in any way. Then you can deal with them as you see fit.

Shedim: They don't care about attacking first -- but the body you strike is likely a victim as well. If you can, knock the host out, and deal with the Fleshless one celestially. Keep humans away during this!

Impudites: Conniving little things, more inclined to run than stand and fight. Human allies are invaluable here, if you can persuade them that such a wimp is actually a leech.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: A wait for one to attack can last days -- but when he *does* strike, only the most Perceptive will have any warning. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: Sometimes hard to provoke into the first blow, but will eventually spook if frightened. Ignore their propositions; they have no sense of "fair play" or "good faith" or anything else needed to forge strong relationships.

Asmodeus: Often, his demons will ignore you, and can sometimes be ignored. He hunts Renegades, who have forsaken what protection they had -- possibly even twice over. Toss his hounds a Renegade bone if you find it and it is troublesome.

Baal: Bloodthirsty. Give no quarter, expect none. A wait for them to attack will be short.

Beleth: Humans dream alone, and can be attacked by Nightmares. These Servitors can be problematic to deal with.

Belial: They will attack first, with whatever comes to hand, but they prefer fire. This is a good reason to live within stone walls, and not wooden ones. Crude but savage.

Fleurity: Increase patrols outside crack houses and shooting galleries. Sooner or later, they'll get paranoid enough to start something. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: The ideal opponents for us -- they practically *have* to strike first, and they can't hold back. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Disgusting. Can often be provoked into starting something, though. And then they are *your* meat.

Kobal: These Servitors seek to make fools of us. Their jokes are sometimes attacks, and sometimes just short of them. If they become too much of a problem, you may have to enlist the aid of another Superior's Servitors. Just one should be enough to spook the demon into an attack, where they can be dealt with.

Kronos: Sly and cunning, these will probably try to avoid a direct confrontation, unless you have interfered blatently with their plans. Interfere blantently.

Malphas: Detestable breakers of bonds -- inspire them to strike at you at every opportunity.


Nybbas: These Servitors move in different realms than we do; it is unlikely you will meet many of them. If they do not strike at you, merely report them to other Servitors and continue with your work.

Saminga: Some have great offensive ability, some do not. Undead will likely appear near them, and you will have to be careful that their first strike does not land.

Valefor: Hit and run experts. Be able to take it, then trip them up.

Vapula: Sometimes you can spot them by their gadgets. Beware their Impudites! They can be *much* more dangerous than the usual breed!

Lilith: Do not make deals with her. Do not make deals with her Servitors -- either the temporary ones, or the Lilim serving out a Geas. One favor called in by a Demon Princess can wreak unimaginable havoc.



#3: As delivered by a Servitor of Dominic (Judgment)

[When I first undertook this, I had this strong temptation to run through the *Choirs* and *Archangels*, and then footnote it, "Oh, and there are demons out there too." But I didn't. Though it's easy enough to stereotype Judgment (*Nobody* likes Internal Security), it's probably, well, unjust.]


Balseraphs: Look well. This is what awaits a tainted Seraph. Paranoia and lies, substituting for the bright and perfect Truth. Their perverted personal symphony can fool even an angel, sometimes even a Seraph, for short periods of time. This can lead to dissonance for the angel. Especially be careful around the Balseraphs of Fate, who can immitate angels.

Djinn: Cherubim who abandon their charges and give in to apathy -- and the pain of loneliness. When questioning Cherubim, an Elohite in the triad is often useful, to detect the frst stirrings of apathy and cynicism. They are capable of stalking angels, and some will even attempt to stalk *you*. They are one of the demonic substitutes for Malakim.

Calabim: The fire and swift movement of Ofanim, turned to destruction and only destruction -- by their demonic resonance, or by their own hands. The other most common substitute for Malakim in Hell. When not indulging their entropic natures, they may have an attitude much like that of a Seraph or Elohite -- where the Ofanite is motion, a Calabite is stillness. Nearly all Calabim are Discordant; this seems to have something to do with their resonance -- it rends them even as it attacks others.

Habbalah: Elohim who have lost balance, and all sanity. Other demons will admit, at least to themselves, that they are demons. Full of shame and fear, Habbalah cling to the delusion that they still serve the Symphony. A falling Elohite is a dangerous, subtle thing, hard to root out because of this delusion -- and because only a fully-Fallen Habbalite is likely to manifest uncontrolled emotion at any time. An Elohite should always be part of a triad questioning another Elohite, but be careful -- if you encounter a Habbalite instead, their resonance can quickly cripple your Elohite, and possibly even cause *him* dissonance.

Lilim: These demons are the most dangerous to angels, as they see *anyone's* desires and needs, and enjoy collecting debts. *Especially* from angels. A seemingly sympathetic Lilim can quietly assemble any number of "little favors," and then place them on an unwary angel all at once, binding him to something that may be dissonant to his nature. They must, however, make eye-contact -- it may be safe enough to question a non-violent one if you are wearing sunglasses. Note that these are one of the Bands most likely to be associated with by angels -- and question carefully any angels near a Lilim who is Geas-bound to help them. To deal with a Lilim is bad enough; to acquire one of her debts from Lilith herself...

Shedim: Evil, subtle things -- no longer able to experience multiplicity, these Fallen Kyriotates become twisted to sadism, perverting the Kyrio need to safeguard their hosts to a need to destroy the host metaphorically and literally. Perhaps it is fury that they are confined to one vessel at a time. If a Kyrio cannot respond to you from more than one vessel, be wary and have the Seraph of the triad ask questions. Kyriotates and Shedim can be hard for even a Cherub to track; questioning of a Kyrio should be somewhere far from potential "escape-hosts," and with all the current hosts present and accounted for. If you are so fortunate as to be assigned a Bright Lilim (if, indeed, we have any on the force; such information is carefully guarded and no confirmations are to be given), she may be able to sense a proto-Shedite by its needs. Shedim can be driven out by rendering the host unconscious -- but direct blows will cause a disturbance in the Symphony.

Impudites: These seem the least dangerous of the Fallen -- like Mercurians, they cannot harm humanity directly. Perhaps because Mercurians are already so human-like, Impudites are as well: they have the shortest distance to Fall. However, instead of being friends and helpers, Impudites are leeches and parasites, and would be filled with self-disgust if they could only look at themselves in the true light of the Symphony. They are also, like Lilim, one of the more dangerous Bands to the unFallen -- nearly harmless in appearance, rarely fighters, they can sow doubt and temptation among weaker angels.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: The present Prince of Secrets is the greatest traitor since the First Fall. Fortunately for us, however, his minions are more concerned with their master's vendetta against Litheroy than with enticing others to join Alaemon in the Pit. They are, however, still worth investigating, as many times, the secrets they hide relate to a Casting Out or a Fall. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: Servitors of Lust, not being given to direct confrontations, are dangerous to angels -- they are willing to talk, and more than talk. They gain distinctions for seductions -- no doubt the more seduced an angel becomes, the higher the distinction among the forces of Lust. They are *most* interested in recruiting angels of Creation -- who are notoriously weak in affairs of the flesh. If you can, question these demons for their angelic conquests.

Asmodeus: These Servitors have their own concerns, which rarely include angels who are not Outcast.

Baal: These demons would sooner attack an angel than speak with one, and are little threat to the nature of their opponants. They will also go after triads, of course.

Beleth: These Servitors, if they become aware of you, may attempt to gain information from you. Other than that, they are a mixed threat -- they generally work by inducing fear, not by seduction to Hellish selfishness, but some are subtle enough to try. To steal away angels of Dream is their usual ambition, if they think of it.

Belial: Another group given to physical confrontation, and therefore less of a threat to the natures of our side than to their corporeal forms.

Fleurity: While more interested in corrupting mortals, these Servitors may take an interest in an angel who becomes addicted to Earthly substances. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: More of a threat to vessels than to the souls within them, but they can break the spirits of Soldiers by convincing them the War is a waste of time -- Heaven help us all if ever they do the same to an angel. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Angels are not given to the same needs as humans -- in particular, food is not required. In general, Servitors of Gluttony are more dangerous to human psychology than angelic nature, but bear watching. An angel who hordes items, or who enjoys the trappings of humanity too much, may have fallen under the sway of one of these.

Kobal: A group who, as a whole, would rather do something subtle and ironic. There is little more ironic than finding a way to trip an angel. Take these Servitors very, very seriously.

Kronos: To Fall is surely Fate for our kind, and thus something these demons would work towards. They -- and especially their Balseraphs -- are very, *very* dangerous to angels in their area. They are most interested in recruiting angels of Destiny.

Malphas: Another of the most dangerous set to encounter for an angel -- they specialize in breaking of bonds of trust, including those that exist between angels, or between an angel and Superior. Assisting in the removal of such a subtle creature is often wise.


Nybbas: Primarily dangerous in the form of seduction to a world where selfishness is glorified, and the good guys always win through no effort of their own.

Saminga: These demons are primarily concerned with making humans die, not swaying angels to their point of view, and are therefore less dangerous than others.

Valefor: They would be most dangerous to the angels of the Wind, if they did not fight so. Still, they are most likely to attempt to recruit a Tripped or Fallen Wind-servitor to their side, and bear watching for that alone. When Wind and Theft orbit in the same locals, ask questions -- and be *very* sure you're asking them of the correct celestials.

Vapula: Another almost direct conflict -- nevertheless, a slipping angel of Lightning will be enouraged downwards by a canny demon of Technology. (Especially Lilim of Technology.) They will also be interested in Elohim and Mercurians born of Creation -- take care that none shall become available.

Lilith: At once the most and least dangerous Servitors and Princess -- she cares little for corrupting angels, but should she acquire a Geas upon one, she thinks nothing of selling it to whoever will meet her price, be that human, spirit, angel or demon. Likewise, her temporary Servitors are rarely seeking Tripped converts to her ranks, as she does not keep permanent ranks. If you find that an angel has called upon Lilith, be sure to question that angel thoroughly and report *immediately* upon discovering the extent of the damage. She can be an "easy out," that will tangle an angel in Geasa against his nature until he Falls.


#4: As delivered by a Servitor of Eli (Creation)


Balseraphs: You could say that they're creative with the truth, but that's about all you can say for them. They're out of touch with reality, and by their own Will -- living off in that dreamworld of theirs just isn't good for them. They'll also cheerfully tell some mortal that *they're* no good, destroying self-confidence. Bad enough when most humans or demons do that, but a Balseraph can make the victim believe it.

Djinn: They're really rather sad, but quite dangerous. Watch out for them trying to destroy something beautiful.

Calabim: These lunatics just destroy, period. Keep them away from *everything* -- get creative with destroying their vessels.

Habbalah: If they weren't so focused on their twisted "testing" and "service," they could almost be useful -- to inspire emotions is something nearly every artist wants to do! But they're the distorted flipside of Elohim, so they can't be dealt with in any sane way. A shame; some of them are quite decorative, corporeally.

Lilim: Real fun at parties, if you've been able to extort a Promise that they won't Geas anybody there. Gotta watch out for who they're serving, though -- or who their Geasa might get traded to. Don't tell them anything tactically important, and remember that even if you find one who's wavering, once they're Geased into something, they will *not* stay friendly if it conflicts! Not to mention Dominic's lot will come sniffing around if they hear you've been talking to one.

Shedim: Destroyers and corrupters. There is nothing good in these Fallen. Get creative in finding ways to knock the host out and force the Shedite into the "open" where it can get beat up on celestially!

Impudites: They steal the best fires from the human spirit, reducing people's ability to create and find beauty in the world by pulling away the "high points" that humans spend Essence to reach. And the poor mortals don't even realize that their world is going gray and apathetic and hollow! Get these parasites away as fast as you can!

Servitors of...

Aleamon: These guys spend a lot of time trying to track down the boss. If you feel the need to find him, follow one. If not, get creative with laying false trails. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: The Servitors of Lust are the perversion of all that is beautiful about the act and art of Creation -- of new life, of a bond, of pleasure and joy. They twist it so that all the "pleasure" is inside one person's head, without any empathy to "double the fun". It can take some serious work to clean up the psychological and emotional damage after a Servitor of Lust has been toying with someone -- not to mention the physical damage in many cases! They get some kind of bennies if they actually seduce an angel, so watch out -- they probably think we're easy marks. Don't know what would happen if *they* got seduced by one of us; probably either dissonance to them, or they twist it so it was "their idea." Not likely to be a good idea to experiment.

And, curse them and their PR, anything they can do, *we've* been doing *better* long before they existed! Yes, even the trick with the ice cream and chocolate sauce. And I can tell what you're thinking with that look on your face -- yes, even *that*... Want a demo?

Asmodeus: The flip-side of Dominic, who is a pain in the pinfeathers. At least Azzi sticks to demons, though. Supposedly. Watch out for Dominic's gestapo, though, even after Azzi's lot have moved on or been kicked out -- rumor mill has it they'll work together occasionally.

Baal: These guys will take you down without asking questions first -- don't bother trying to talk, they're not interested. If you're outnumbered, better run away and think of something fast! They don't give up, either.

Beleth: Spooky lady, and her Servitors are all spooky too. Not to mention dangerous! How can a mortal get anything done when he's falling asleep during the day? Get these guys away from you and your charges -- and try to be subtle enough that they don't *know* who toasted their vessel, and can't come back for revenge.

Belial: Another flaming lunatic -- meet one of these guys, and it's a fight for sure.

Fleurity: If he'd just be content with natural highs, and if he didn't turn them into a tool of damnation, I could almost like the guy. But then, if he *could* be content with them, I guess he'd have been an Elohite. If you can Transubstantiate, my advice is to turn the hard stuff into something harmless, or nearly so, before it gets out to the street. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: Just plain bummers. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Another perverter of pleasure and appreciation of the joys surrounding us. Try ipecac syrup or diuretics. If you do it right, they'll blame it on their own Kobal, *and* you can hit them while they've got their pants down.

Kobal: His servitors just love to taunt us about our Archangel wandering around like a human. Don't let it bother you. Tell them, "Yeah, but look behind you!" Occasionally it works. Sometimes, if you're really good with your Abracadabra, you can create a boulder above them, too. They don't have a monopoly on _Toon_ effects.

Kronos: These people are cold, and they tend to take out the best and brightest of humanity. They are *dangerous*, and you really need to get rid of them as soon as you find them.

Malphas: Someone else who destroys relationships -- usually require clean-up after you've kicked them out of the corporeal realm.


Nybbas: The real reason that TV and movies are so often recycled pablum, when they could be great vehicles for creativity. Still, sometimes you can slip something by that's *good*, and they won't notice till it's too late. Just watch out for their so-called "editing" jobs. They *hate* real creativity.

Saminga: Death should be part of the natural cycle of life, but it gets distorted or cheated by these guys. Undead are disgusting things. Nine times out of ten, you'll be doing the poor undead a favor by returning his Forces to the Symphony, even if the self-awareness is lost. And the tenth time, you're doing the rest of the world a *big* favor by ridding it of a megalomaniacal psychotic mummy.

Valefor: Have you noticed that these guys look like the flip-side of our own Janus? Try and limit the damage as they blow through town -- they do have some appreciation of art, and will happily show that appreciation by depriving everyone else of the art in question.

Vapula: The "creative" ones -- flipsides of our own Mercurians and Elohim -- never leave Hell. But some of their toys do, in the possession of demons. The Impudites are most dangerous to celestials; at least you don't find Calabim working here!

Lilith: This lady and her servitors can be pretty enigmatic -- it's safest to assume the worst, of course, since she *is* living in Hell, but sometimes you wonder what she's really after. And you could start feeling sorry for her kids -- *they* have to go it alone too, and don't even get any Freedom Attunements, just dissonance if they let themselves get stuck in something.


#5: As delivered by a Servitor of Gabriel (Fire)


Balseraphs: Can be spotted most often by Fire's Seraphim, Cherubim, Ofanim, Elohim, and sometimes Kyriotates -- as well as by Malakim. Chances are usually fifty-fifty whether you've spotted one of the combat-oriented ones, so take care.

Djinn: Though they seek to shield themselves in perfect apathy, they can sometimes be found by the enjoyment they take in failing to help their temporarily attuned. They are also liable to flee justice, and so Ofanim may find them. Djinn are often physically formidable.

Calabim: Violent destroyers, physically dangerous and with a powerful resonance. Kyriotates find these most often. Stay out of their range, bring them down from a distance!

Habbalah: Most often found by Elohim, which can be difficult to deal with, as Habbalah distort the clear thinking of their unFallen opposites. Be careful, and if an Elohite asks you for assistance against a Habbalah, give it. Logically, the best ones to find Habbalah are (unfortunately) the worst ones to deal with them.

Lilim: Most often spotted by Seraphim, Cherubim, and Elohim -- take care that they do not have a chance to ensnare you by sensing a need to kill them, and allowing you to do so. Dark glasses can help here, as the Tempters must make eye contact.

Shedim: Most often found by Seraphim, Elohim, and Kyriotates. The problem is to wait until it is seen how damaged the host was by the possession -- a Mercurian may need to be called in, after the Shedite has been somehow exorcised. Shedim live for cruelty, and should be exterminated at every opportunity...*celestially*.

Impudites: Most often found by Seraphim and Cherubim. They are clever, if not often very corporeally dangerous.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: Most often found by Seraphim, Cherubim, Ofanim and Mercurians. In the cleansing light of Heaven's Fire, all secrets are exposed. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: Most often found by Cherubs, Elohim, and Seraphim. Explain that not all burning passions are sexual; use props and demonstrations. A Mercurian may be needed to deal with the demon's victims.

Asmodeus: He allies himself with Dominic at times, hunting Renegades and Outcasts. Show no mercy. Can be spotted by all Choirs save Mercurians.

Baal: Violent and bloodthirsty. Kyriotates usually find them first. They will give no quarter, and deserve none themselves.

Beleth: Found most frequently by Elohim, or harassing someone a Mercurian has discovered. A difficult target, but well worth taking out.

Belial: *BURN*BURN*BURN*BURN*BURN ON SIGHT!!! Show these foul corrupters what the Word of Fire *truly* means! Most often spotted by Kyriotates.

Fleurity: Almost any Choir has a chance to detect them, but Seraphim, Elohim and the occasional Kyrio have the highest success rates, and Mercurians will sometimes find a Servitor of Drugs among a patient's connections. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: From preliminary reports, it seems that Elohim and Kyriotates have the best chances to spot demons of Hardcore. They serve destruction -- give them what they serve. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Due to the requirements of their disgusting Prince, these Servitors are most often found by Seraphim.

Kobal: Most often discovered by Elohim. Annoying creatures, who seem almost unaware of the cruelty that they do.

Kronos: Discovered by Elohim, Seraphim and sometimes Ofanim. They are always seeking to ruin the lives of mortals, and should have a decided taste of their own bitter poison.

Malphas: Somtimes difficult to spot -- Seraphim and Elohim have the best chances. If the Servitor of Factions is working on other demons, let him (if he has not been spotted via attunement), then take out the others while they argue.


Nybbas: Seraphim find these Servitors most often. If not spotted via attunment, they are a relatively low priority -- though they may try to get some news-person to follow you around, and make a big thing of "vigilantism".

Saminga: Sometimes difficult to discover, as they enjoy killing more than the inflicting of pain. Kyriotates have the best chance. Spare them not.

Valefor: Found by Ofanim most, but also Seraphim. Bring them to justice... Returning what they have stolen is a plus.

Vapula: Surprisingly hard to spot at times! Seraphim and Elohim have the best chances, as Vapula's crowd don't care about -- and even enjoy! -- the dangerous side effects of their little toys and teachings.

Lilith: Some of her temporary Servitors will be picked up. Some will not, especially the Geas-bound "Free" Lilim. The ones that can be detected are, of course, targets. The ones that are not attunement-discovered may not be worth pursuing, though you should of course take care that they not learn anything tactically useful from you.


#6: As delivered by a Servitor of Janus (Wind)

[Probably an Ofanite...]


Balseraphs: With their talent for fibs, they could really stir things up -- if only they didn't start believing in their lies themselves, and getting so *fixated* about them.

Djinn: And speaking of fixations, these guys go for that kind of thing -- watch out for picking their pockets, since they may be able to track their stuff for a while! They try to be status quo guys, which makes them no fun.

Calabim: The vicious, destructive ones -- they could shake things up too (don't talk to our Malakim about it, though; touchy guys, Malakim), but they're just a little too random about it. Too likely to burn themselves out without really *changing* anything.

Habbalah: They'll change your mind for you if they can, but you just can't get past their obsession on "weak is bad, karmic crush, psychic stomp, mental mangle" Mission.

Lilim: Buncha Bad Girls, but most of them got no interest in changing things -- just taking advantage of it for themselves. Shame we don't have more of them on our side, though! They look cool in leather jackets and chaps, and the Free lot are almost understandable!

Shedim: Talk about _Invasion of the Body Snatchers_! If only they weren't so *intent* on trashing their vessels and their vessels' lives, you could see where they'd be good at shaking people's thinking up.

Impudites: Essence-leeches, and they've just got no *style* about it! How's a human supposed to take chances and feel the rush when there's no Essence around to fuel that rush? Besides, property's only stuff; Essence is starting to get a little more personal.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: These guys find stuff, and then go hiding it. They're big on blackmail. But that just makes it a bigger challenge to find what they hid, and then tuck it somewhere *else* for safe-keeping.

Andrealphus: Pick their pockets -- they're usually carrying some neat toys. Either that, or get the shirt off their backs -- they're happy enough to part with *that*! Look cool in leather.

Asmodeus: Have you ever seen the look on these guys' faces when you've swooped in and grabbed up a Renegade out from under their noses? Talk about a *kick*! Really serious lot, though, for Servitors of "The Game."

Baal: Oh, no fun at all -- they just want to kill any angel they see. They've got no sense of play, just military fuss, fuss, fuss and destrution.

Beleth: Spooky bunch, but you can usually avoid 'em.

Belial: Two targets here -- fuel from their flamethrowers, and pins from their grenades (before they get thrown, of course!). That *really* makes them mad (as if they weren't P.O.'ed to begin with). Watch out that their "urban renewal" projects don't get out of hand, or hurt anyone. If they get obnoxious, see if you can find one of our Malakim, and fight Fire with heavy explosives!

Fleurity: Bill Burroughs said that when you stop growing, you start dying. *That* was sensible, but then he said that an addict never stops growing, which is obvious BS. Maybe someone in a perpetual kick-and-relapse cycle, like old Bill Lee himself, never stops growing, but even that can turn into stasis. The ones that get you going can be useful, but drugs, just in general, are traps. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: There's a fine line between shaking people's thinking and just breaking their spirits. These bozos want to erase that line. I vote we erase *them* first. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Stuff, stuff, stuff -- these people obsess over stuff! They get humans doing it too, either food or metaphoric "consumables." This is just no fun!

Kobal: At least *somebody* on that side has a sense of humor -- you start to wonder, with Azzi and Baal around. Shame that it's all cynical -- it's a start, but the constant emphasis on *Dark* just gets *old* after a while!

Kronos: Scary guys, take themselves way too seriously. They're trying to make the universe a frozen, dead place. No fun!

Malphas: Breaking up relationships has nothing to do with kicking the status quo in the seat of the pants. These people are annoying twits!


Nybbas: Crazy, how these people will *pervert* change into status quo! Sitcoms and series where all this great, lunatic stuff happens -- but then next day or week, nothing's changed! The Media reduces the unusual to *formula*! 'Scuse me while I pound my head against this stopsign here. Hey, wow! Dents! Where was I...?

Saminga: Oh, yeah, this guy -- he wants *everything* to be static, unmoving, dead. We want things to be *alive* and *moving*! You find some of his mummies and stuff? Just run them down, then back up and do it again...

Valefor: Like "Theft" is any compition to *us*. Okay, they're hard to hold onto, and they've got some interesting abilities... That doesn't mean that we're not Numero Uno around here! Still, keep your secret handshake and decoder ring -- sometimes, well, it's a little hard to tell, and it's always nasty to get into an unexpected rumble. They'll be happy to chase you, too.

Vapula: Okay, so Vaps gives his goon-squads all these neat toys, right? Then, if they *lose* those toys, he gets P.O.'ed, right? C'mon, you're a bright kid: you can figure out where this is going...

Lilith: Freedom and Wind -- you'd think that her people and us would be natural buddies, wouldn't you? But she's on the *wrong side*! Why's she doing that? Give her people a look over to see what they're up to, and treat 'em like demons when it's just too evil.


From: Austin George Loomis <>

#7: As delivered by a Servitor of Jean (Lightning)


Balseraphs: Their lies encourage mortals and angels alike to become mired in loose and muddy thinking, thwarting enlightenment. Still, the spark of truth shines through to the perceptive.

Djinn: This Band is rarely much of a problem, save in the area of raw muscle and their attunement ability -- as one of Hell's substitutes for Malakim, they make adequate thugs. The occasional obsessives can be a true danger.

Calabim: One of the few nearly-positive aspects of Vapula is that he employs none of the Destroyers. Keep them away from fragile objects, such as your equipment or your vessel.

Habbalah: It is only inexcusably muddy thinking that allows this Band to believe they serve God's will, and it is saddening that so many of them refuse to be enlightened in this matter.

Lilim: Ambiguous creatures, the Daughters of Lilith are often as willing to work for the Light as to serve the Darkness. Find out where their preference lies; Elohim may even be able to persuade them to our side. If they remain determined to oppose you, you may oppose them with clear conscience.

Shedim: The very nature of these beings thwarts true inspiration, and occasionally, a Shedite with subtlety and patience will incite its host to some form of sabotage. Sadly, the most expedient ways of driving the Fleshless one out into the open involve damaging the host.

Impudites: These creatures drain the Essence that inspires humans, thus dimming the spark of wisdom. Enlighten their victims as to their nature, then use the Generator's power to administer electro-convulsive therapy to the charmer. Be especially alert to Technology's Takers, who can sense Essence levels and thus often spot celestials.

Servitors of...

Alaemon: If he acted only to suppress those inventions for which mortals are not yet prepared, the present Prince of Secrets would perhaps be preferable to his former Superior, the often-meddlesome Litheroy. Sadly, however, his Servitors also conceal those devices that could *better* humanity's lot, which makes him as much our enemy, and Vapula's friend, as his predecessor Gebbeleth.

Andrealphus: A technician on the job can ill afford to be distracted by lust. The Servitors of this Word only occasionally take an interest in us, but we must keep a firm grip on the passions when they do.

Asmodeus: The Servitors of the Game only rarely concern themselves with angelic matters. Occasionally, one of Vapula's Servitors will seek new employment; be prepared to offer safe haven to the Renegade against the hounds of Hell.

Baal: The Prince of the War relies strongly on Vapula's devices for a tactical advantage. Use Kyriotates to sabotage them from within.

Beleth: The greatest danger posed by Nightmares is that humans may come to fear their own imaginations. If approached delicately and apprised of the nature of the situation, Blandine's Servitors will help against their opposites, despite her antipathy to Lightning.

Belial: Only the Prince of Fire has the sort of mind that would think of the flamethrower -- and only Vapula would actually have constructed such a literally infernal device. Kyriotates have found that Servitors of Belial aren't as free to use their flamethrowers on those around them if the devices turn against their wielders...

Fleurity: A woefully inadequate substitute for true inspiration, and an example of the abuse received by ideas in diabolical hands.

Furfur: They provide the opposite of inspiration. Pull the plug on them.

Haagenti: Gluttony's Prince is in many ways Vapula's tool -- Nybbas' media encourage the relentless consumption of every available resource, and the technology of Tartarus has, in a matter of centuries, put that well within the scope of human ability. Exaggerate it though they may, the Servitors of Jordi and Novalis have a valid point in this.

Kobal: Objectively, we must admit, without irony, works such as "Dilbert" and the writings of Dave Barry would be impossible (or, at best, greatly reduced in effectiveness) -- and without their telling portraits of the corporate and societal follies on which Vapula thrives, the Prince of Technology would have a much tighter grip on Earth. Still, the Servitors of Dark Humor are more often the sort to laugh when a mortal is maimed by industrial machinery, and in the long run, by encouraging humans to treat *everything* as a joke, Kobal more often helps than hinders Vapula.

Kronos: His Servitors often seek to turn a promising inventor, destined to create something that will benefit mankind, into the means for Vapula to unleash some fateful creation on Earth. There is no shame in seeking the assistance of Yves' Servitors to bring a targeted genius back to an enlightened path.

Malphas: All fear corrupts, and absolute fear -- that is, paranoia, the Prince of Factions' stock in trade -- tends to corrupt absolutely. Where there is no trust, there can be no progress; Malphas and Beleth are truly fitting allies.


Nybbas: The products of this purveyor of nonstop noise are specifically designed to deaden inspiration and encourage loose and muddy thinking. The advance of the Media represents Vapula's greatest triumph, and this former Servitor of Technology remains on good terms with his quondam Superior -- making him our second direst enemy, after the Habbalite Prince himself.

Saminga: The Prince of Death is hostile with Vapula, but that has little meaning, as the Prince of Death is said to be on poor terms with most of the Descending Hierarchy. Moreover, Saminga has been reported to take pleasure from incidents in which technology served his Word, as it did at Bhopal and Chernobyl.

Valefor: Humanity was very nearly ready for Tesla's electrotherapy when the Prince of Theft stole it. Since then, Vapula's assorted "cures," some fraudulent and others painful, have been humanity's only hope in the face of a problem caused first and foremost by the by-products of his devices. The inference presented -- that Valefor may have stolen the cancer-cure on a request from Tartarus -- is admittedly not certain, but the possibility cannot yet be wholly ruled out.

Vapula: The Prince of Technology is, of course, our most direct foe. His minions encourage humans to become dependent on machines, rather than using their own admittedly limited minds and possibly expanding their own boundaries. We must thwart his infernal devices at every turn, without, of course, falling ourselves into the trap of giving mankind the easy answers.

Lilith: Freedom is a decidedly two-edged Word. Many creations of our own Halls serve *true* freedom -- the perfect freedom that comes from service to the Symphony -- as well as, if not better than, those that emerge from the workshops of Tartarus. Treat her Servitors as you would her Daughters; treat the Princess herself the same, only more so, and with the caveat that at this time, she appears highly unlikely to return to the Host. Perhaps one day she will see the light.


#8: As delivered by a Servitor of Jordi (Animals)


Balseraphs: They feed on their lies, and need humans around to believe them. Animals are usually beneath their notice.

Djinn: They will kick dogs, throw rocks at cats, and poison birds, all in the name of not caring. They are nasty. Dispose of them as they become obvious; take care to use a strong vessel, as they are often in strong vessels.

Calabim: Their resonance is so uncontrolled, they may lash out at innocent animals, just because the animal is there. Attack from a distance.

Habbalah: Animals are usually beneath their notice, though sometimes they can make one vicious, or cause a human to act counter to the animal's interests. Distance attacks are best.

Lilim: They have not figured out how to get Geasa out of animals, and usually ignore them -- except when they acquire one to fulfill a mortal's desires. That, however, is often not in the animal's best interests. Watch for this and be ready to rescue an ill-considered "pet" from an incompetant "owner."

Shedim: They do not possess animals, but will happily inspire their hosts to cause animals harm. Stop them before they get that far.

Impudites: Generally don't care about animals.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: Unimportant to us -- most concerned with keeping secrets from humans. Tell our friends when you see a Servitor of Secrets, then go on about your business. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: Only care about animals they can train to "assist" them. Vile, but not usually cruel, save by ignoring their "pets." It is worth getting them on cruelty-to-animals charges, though, and removing their "living props" from their care.

Asmodeus: Will hunt down Renegades, and only rarely have relevance.

Baal: Will attack any angels they find, no matter what the form. Deal with them and go on.

Beleth: Is more concerned with humans than animals -- though the nightmares she sends can make humans fear or hate snakes, insects, and other "less pretty" creatures.

Belial: Will burn anything for fun, especialy angels. Deal with them and go on.

Fleurity: Typical human decadence. Not generally our concern. Report them to other angels and go on about your business. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: Vicious, unnatural creatures. Give them the fight they're itching for. Remember, killing them doesn't solve anything, but it keeps them out of your fur while you decide what to do next. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Vile creatures, who waste the flesh of animals raised for food, waste the sacrifice of animals raised for fur, waste the energy of those animals that provide milk and eggs. Waste them; it's only fair.

Kobal: These will be happy to use an animal in a joke, and are perfectly willing to bring harm to the animal. Discourage this. Forcibly.

Kronos: Rarely concerned with the Fates of animals.

Malphas: Rarely concerned with animals.


Nybbas: Stunt animals are only so many props to these demons; attempt to prevent the Servitors of the Media from obtaining and abusing animals.

Saminga: Though more concerned with humans, Death-demons will happily kill animals as well. Remove them when you find them.

Valefor: Are not prone to stealing animals, usually, but have no compunctions about speeding up to run one over. Slash their tires, then use a wolverine vessel to explain some more things about slashing.

Vapula: Enjoy animal testing, if not as much as human testing. Watch out for these Impudites -- some of them are able to tell you're no normal lab rabbit.

Lilith: Rarely concerned with animals.


From: Austin George Loomis <>

#9: As delivered by a (Malakite) Servitor of the Sword (Laurence)


Balseraphs: Some of these are worthy opponents; others prefer to spout their lies from outwith the place of battle. Show them that the edge of truth cuts in two directions.

Djinn: Use the power of the Hunt to remind them that they are not the only ones able to track a foe unerringly. Be warned -- they are worthy opponents. If they be not attuned to you, they can fight back; even if so, they may be clever enough that they interpret your attack as a request to be harmed.

Calabim: These destroyers are a poor substitute for Malakim, but not without their own dangers. Other demons stay well back from Calabim; if not actively attacking one, you should do likewise.

Habbalah: Let the punishment of these creatures be tempered with pity for their delusion.

Lilim: Destroy the temptresses -- but if a Lilim should glimpse in your eyes the need to slay her vessel, be willing to stand down and let her go rather than enter debt to a creature of Hell.

Shedim: If madness could be manifest in celestial form, it would wear the shape of a Shedite. Best is to drive the Fleshless one from its stolen body and strike it down celestially. Sadly, however, this is not always possible, particularly if the Shedite have been in its host long enough to drive out all trace of honor and decency. In those cases, at least, you may strike down the mortal without regret. The others are a necessary tragedy; comfort yourself if you can with the thought that the final fault lies with the Corruptor, and pray that the creature may meet its judgment soon.

Impudites: This Band is Honor's opposite. They use the friendship Mercurians offer as a mask to drain the energies of the human soul. Attack them if you can, but bear in mind -- like their counterpart Choir, they are free to attack celestials.

Servitors of...

Alaemon: This Prince is the worst possible mockery of honor -- a Fallen angel, become the opposite of his former Archangel's Word. Servitors of this traitor to the Symphony are to be thwarted at every turn, and their persons and schemes exposed in the Sword's name and that of the noble Litheroy.

Andrealphus: The greatest danger we face from the Servitors of Lust is that their nascent religion of Self may displace the Faith entirely. The second greatest is that of a more personal seduction; they are very skilled at such things, we learn, and gain Distinctions for enticing angels to submit to their detestable lusts. We must be on our guard.

Asmodeus: The Servitors of the Game are a danger only to the Outcast and their own side. That Dominic's triads work with them is -- must be -- a necessary evil, allowing the Servitors of Judgment to determine which Outcasts and Renegades are in truth seeking redemption.

Baal: War's Prince is a worthy opponent, though he absent himself from the ranks of battle. As with Malakim and with the Servitors of Michael, Servitors of infernal War can never retreat save by direct order. Since their Prince will never give such an order, let us not ourselves turn Turk in the face of their attack.

Beleth: The soi-disant Queen of the Night concentrates more on the Marches than she does on the corporeal realm. When a Soldier's dreams become haunted by a Servitor of Nightmares, there is no dishonor in standing aside to let Blandine's Servitors handle matters.

Belial: This crude rabble fancies itself great warriors, and they are not wholly wrong in this estimation -- sufficiently heated, even metal melts. Press on through the flames to quench them at their source, in your blood or that of the Fire-starter's vessel.

Fleurity: The Prince of Drugs does more to advance the infernal cause in a day than many another Prince can achieve in a year. His particular service to Saminga makes him especially repugnant. Strike down his Servitors wherever situate.

Furfur: With time, the Servitors of Hardcore may become worthy opponents. As it stands, they are a nuisance, but one with which we must contend as we find it.

Haagenti: These overfed miscreants should rid themselves of their excess weight. Pay particular attention to the lumps of ugly fat atop their necks, which they only use for chewing their food anyway.

Kobal: Everything, even honor, is a joke to these Servitors. Let them taste your blade, and see who has the last laugh.

Kronos: Hell's subtlest and most important Prince may count us beneath his notice. Let us do our best to prove him wrong.

Malphas: These detestable creatures seek to undermine all trust and all faith. You may strike them down without regret.


Nybbas: The Media's Servitors are the foremost threat to the Faith in this degenerate age; only his ally the Prince of Lust approaches his role in the destruction of humanity's ties to the Symphony. They rarely if ever resort to direct battle, but are no less dangerous for that.

Saminga: The Prince of Death is our most direct opponent, as commander of Hell's front-rank Soldiers and overlord of the Undead. It is a shame, then, that he is so devoid of honor, or indeed any worthy attributes save perhaps a certain low animal cunning. His individual Servitors are not wholly devoid of worthwhile traits, but they do approach that level.

Valefor: The similarities of his Servitor's to those of Janus threaten, at times, to outweigh the differences. The difference is that Janus has never been found lying to angels. Be wary.

Vapula: Technology's Prince, we learn, seeks to make a god of the Machine, that his personal symphony may drown out the one true Symphony. Let us work to overturn his soulless clockwork deity *now*, before another Uriel becomes necessary.

Lilith: The screech owl is not to be trusted. Strike down her daughters unless it would mean entering debt to the one you slay.


From: Austin George Loomis <>

#10: As delivered by a (Mercurian) Servitor of Trade (Marc)

[probably stationed in England]


Balseraphs: The ultimate snake-oil salesmen. Even a Master of Finance can be rooked by these chaps if he's not careful.

Djinn: A Hobbesian lot -- nasty, brutish, and short. More concerned with breaking things -- bulls in the china shop. Have shop security (in the form of fellow celestials) keep them out.

Calabim: Another violent, insane lot, more interesting in destroying than in dealing. Mind your valuables when they're around.

Habbalah: Can send your trading partners into turmoil. Be careful around this lot.

Lilim: You might think the deal-making powers of these young ladies would be no match for a Divine Contract, or the Chief's Distinctions. You'd be half-right, I'll give you credit for that. The *real* danger in doing a deal with a Temptress is that you never know when she's going to call in the favour...or what it's going to cost you. If you must negotiate with a Lilim (or, indeed, *any* demon, but especially one of these young ladies), use your Attunements to put the situation on *your* terms.

Shedim: Is there anything more vile than stealing some poor mortal's body and driving it into spiritual bankruptcy? I rather think not...

Impudites: ...although the way Takers operate comes bloody close. To steal the very Essence out from under people (and the odd careless angel), giving only an illusion of friendship in return? Shut this lot down when you can.

Servitors of...

Alaemon: Showing your whole hand isn't always prudent, but the level of secrecy this lot like is an outright barrier to honest dealings. And they've a down on Litheroy, who's not a bad sort as Seraphim go.

Andrealphus: Lust's Servitors take what God and Eli intended as a free exchange of pleasure and turn it into another means of robbery. And the poncy blighter's working with Nybbas, too.

Asmodeus: You're not apt to meet up with one of this lot unless you Trip, in which case you should know that they're not amenable to doing deals. Rather like Dominic, actually, only slightly worse. Interestingly, the Game's higher Distinctions can spot honest and dishonest dealers almost as well as our Word's Mercurians.

Baal: Their Superior is surprisingly gentlemanly, given the violence inherent in his Word and embodied in his Servitors. If you can't get them stopped beforehand, salvage what you can when they've gone.

Beleth: Rather like Habbalah -- more a psy-ops than a hands-on sort. The Nightmare makers enjoy toying with human minds. When they go after one of your clients, Blandine's lot are useful for security.

Belial: Madmen who delight in destruction of everything we hold dear. The importance of good security, from one of the War party for choice, cannot be overstated.

Fleurity: They make free trade almost as much of a bad joke as Nybbas' lot do. Free trade is about giving value for value, dash it all -- not a cheap holiday in other people's misery!

Furfur: His sort have always been more interested in *taking* what they want than paying a fair price for it.

Haagenti: A loathsome little pest, who encourages people to buy things they don't even need, or to hoard or waste what they already have. That sort of thing is *decidedly* bad for business.

Kobal: A decided enigma. On the one wing, he *is* an Impudite, like Andrealphus and Nybbas, and he's the foster-brother of that voracious mutant Haagenti (among other disreputable friends). On the other wing, he doesn't spend as much time on Earth as most low-Section Superiors. It's almost enough to make one wonder what he's playing at...All I can say is, keep a weather-eye open.

Kronos: The Servitors of Fate derive a sadistic glee from turning some promising businessman into a monopolistic robber-baron -- we have them to thank for the 1890s, which began to set in mortals' minds the image of businessmen as pinstriped pirates. Yves, gentleman and scholar that he is, will help you against his opposite number, or his Servitors will at any event, but ask nicely.

Malphas: His whole purpose in life is to undermine the trust on which the marketplace depends. Fight this in every way you can. A Divine Contract is a good way to *ensure* trust.


Nybbas: I cannot sufficiently stress the degree to which the Media befoul everything they touch. They make art into trash, commerce into robbery, and war into sport. And, as one of the Other Side's own spokesmen once put it, "Provisos of equal time are not served by one side having access to two hundred million people in prime-time while opposing views are provided with a soapbox on the corner." Disgusting from start to end.

Saminga: A collection of low-class thugs. Hell's muscle, overly prone to being flexed. Another argument for good shop security.

Valefor: It continually baffles me that otherwise intelligent celestials can mistake followers of this jumped-up pickpocket for Servitors of Janus, who is a true gentleman if occasionally eccentric. Oh, I'll grant the superficial similarities, but the differences between them run far too deep. The Wind works only to uproot those who become too inflexible to deal with their fellows. Servitors of Theft take for the sheer joy of taking, and with no regard for the loss they cause their victims.

Vapula: This lot have a nasty tendency to sell humans high-tech dreams, only to miss out mention of certain nasty side-effects. And Nybbas got his start as a Servitor of Technology, which marks two points against them all by itself.

Lilith: Everything I said about her Daughters goes double for the Mother -- above all, *never* let yourself get in debt to her if alternatives remain. While she *will* do deals with our side, and we sometimes even come out ahead, keep in mind at all times that she *is* officially a Demon Princess and *does* live in Hell.


#11: As delivered by a Servitor of Michael (War)


Balseraphs: Split between "behind the scenes" saboteurs or propagandizers, and highly combat-capable front (or mid-)liners. Fortunately, though clever, their underlings have learned not to entirely trust them. If they talk, don't listen.

Djinn: They seem to exist for physical combat -- they and the Calabim are what demons use instead of Malakim, when they need muscle. Djinn also make dangerous spies -- if they grab you (or your car, or some other possession) with their resonance, they can track your movements. Watch for this. It can be useful if you know they did it and they don't know you know...

Calabim: Vicious beasts -- watch out for their resonance, but watch out for more mundane attacks, too! Between their resonance and the strong vessels they favor, they are primary targets. Nearly all of them have some kind of Discord, which can sometimes help you spot them.

Habbalah: If you have Elohim in your team, these are second priority to take down, right behind Calabim. Likely to be most vicious celestially.

Lilim: Rarely front-line types, but can be vicious in celestial form. They are more often found as spies and troublemakers. Their resonance can be a threat to any undercover work, and they are generally more perceptive than the average demon. If you can get one officially in your debt (make her swear Geas on herself!) without betraying your side, do it. It's tactically sound.

Shedim: Tricky to deal with, since they're always in some poor mortal's body. Knocking the host out and creaming the Shedite celestially sometimes works, though. Knocking the host out in a Tether is a good trick if you can manage it, but most are a little too canny to get into that situation.

Impudites: Vicious little rats, best dealt with by human servants or soldiers, as they cannot kill humans without dissonance.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: Keep everything aboveboard and the Servitors of Secrets can't do you any real harm. Watch out for Distinguished types with invisible Corpus -- they can hit you harder than you expect. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: They will try to seduce you at the drop of any item of clothing you care to mention. This can be disconcerting, but fear not, as they intend to stab you in the back even as they inhale deeply and say they'll do "just anything" to be spared. Do not spare them unless tactically useful; do *not* allow yourself to think you can change them by showing real affection. It only rarely works.

Asmodeus: They are generally more concerned with demonic affairs than angelic ones; if necessary, they can be de-prioritized, but never turn your back on one. Do *not* allow yourself to be dissonant or discordant if you meet one, lest it have the attunement to chain you in your own sins.

Baal: Vicious and bloodthirsty. Expect a bloodbath when you meet these Servitors. Bring home trophies, as you will have earned them. Top priority targets.

Beleth: Sneaky, sly, and liable to creep around to stab you in the back, or terrorize any human companions or associates. Hellishly hard to target, but don't make the mistake of assuming they're not worth it. They're just not a top priority.

Belial: Nearly as aggressive as Servitors of the War, and liable to ten times as much collatoral damage. Priority targets, second to Baal.

Fleurity: The glassy-eyed sock-puppet on Saminga's rotting hand. Not really a high priority, but if they're dumb enough to start something, you may as well finish it. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: Good for a scrap when you need to work off some tension. They can't back down any more than we or Baal's crew can. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Don't eat anything when Servitors of Haagenti are around. Other than that, these are fairly minor nuisances as demons go.

Kobal: They may try to play tricks on you, but are rarely especially combat-capable.

Kronos: Fate works against Destiny. See what they're trying for, then take them out.

Malphas: Watch out for attempts to sway *your* loyalties, but otherwise these are not front-line fighters.


Nybbas: Though otherwise nothing particularly special, combat-wise, these demons always have a human or two around to protect them or help them out. They are also often the sort of people who will be able to call upon mortal law enforcement, so take them out quickly and quietly, and don't leave fingerprints.

Saminga: Some of the Servitors of Death are more combat capable than others -- and the ones who are, are nasty. They are particularly able to deal with any human allies you have, without noise. Some have undead servants, who can be troublesome.

Valefor: Their higher distinctions can spot spies automatically -- be wary around these demons, for they may lead you into a trap. If you can foil them for a few days, though, they will have to move on. They are more likely to sneak around, feint, and try to get you from behind than to engage in a real fight. Some are quite clever.

Vapula: Not the sorts to engage in stand-up fights -- no Calabim, for one thing. The Impudites are often able to spot other celestials, though, and can do some nasty things. Make them the primary targets and mop up their bodyguards afterwards. Watch out for deadman switches and other diabolical booby traps. If you can take their toys away, they get frantic.

Lilith: A strange one. She usually uses her Lilim (she's got the Geasa on them anyway), and they're more likely to be celestial fighters than corporeal ones. Sometimes she has temporary servitors from another Band -- it can be hard to tell her Servitors from Baal's, as their dissonances have certain similarities. A Servitor of Lilith will be able to run away, but not surrender -- unless you can negotiate something agreeable with them. This is sometimes worthwhile -- if you corner one of these, speak quickly; a would-be Free Lilim would usually rather make a deal than lose a vessel. They can be good sources of tactical information.


#13: As delivered by a Servitor of Yves (Destiny)


Balseraphs: They lie. Use Seraphim of Destiny and those with Divine Logic to confound them.

Djinn: They pretend not to care. But keep them away from those with bright Destinies -- a Djinn can prey upon some people's weaknesses.

Calabim: Destroyers, violent and dangerous. Call in help if necessary, or find some clever way to dispose of them without getting close.

Habbalah: Dangerous to mortals, very dangerous. Cut them loose from the Destinied as quickly as possible.

Lilim: Their resonance is a two-edged sword -- if they fulfill a need, there is no telling whether the need was a selfish, Fated need, or one that will reach towards Destiny. The Geasa imposed afterwards, however, are almost always a step towards Fate. These demons are the most fascinating, however, as they have never known what it is to *not* be Fallen. Very rarely, they are curious; prize those, especially the ones seeking Freedom for themselves. They can be useful. Do not get ensnared in their Geasa, but acquiring small favors from *them* can be most useful. A Bright Lilim of Destiny is a powerful entity.

Shedim: These are poison in a mortal's heart, working for Fate whether they serve Kronos or not. They are not a trial to make a mortal stronger, they are a rot at the mortal's heart, that can only weaken. But they are hard, dreadfully hard, to pry out of their chosen host. Still, if you have seen Destiny in the eyes of that host at some point, you must make the attempt.

Impudites: Generally the least dangerous, in some ways, though they steal the luck that may be crucial to a mortal's achievement of Destiny. Prying them clear is difficult -- they are very ingratiating -- but nececssary. At least they cannot kill humans trivially, for the most part, thus Fate is not inescapable.

Servitors of...

Aleamon: Alaemon has surrendered to his Fate now, it seems. His Servitors, however, are by no means beyond rescue. [Austin Loomis]

Andrealphus: Bad relationships, such as these Servitors specilize in, are nearly always paths to Fate. It can take a great deal of work to salvage the emotional wreckage they leave behind, but if you get the Servitor of Lust away quickly enough, the event can be turned towards a strengthening of the mortal's soul. Still, they leave scars.

Asmodeus: If you can find who they are pursuing, it might be worth it to see if that Renegade has a Destiny -- some do. Otherwise, merely try to keep them away from your charges.

Baal: These Servitors will attack any angel, and must be dealt with in kind. Use whatever means necessary that do not cause you dissonance.

Beleth: Effective in destroying hope and promoting fear and faulty judgment in humans. It is hard to truly rid yourself or your charges of these Servitors, though, as they may take up an Ethereal existance. You may require assistance from a Servitor of Blandine.

Belial: Brutal and destructive, but their activities are usually merely murderous, rather than cunning -- they will threaten the existance of your charges, but not necessarily their Destinies.

Fleurity: Though he rose in Haagenti's service, Fleurity has made himself a tool of Kronos, enticing humans to *choose* Fate over Destiny. Thwart these Servitors at every opportunity. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: Only time will tell whether Hell's newest Prince becomes a true threat or remains merely a nuisance. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: These Servitors can amplify desires within mortals, potentially causing debt-related Fates to come about. Remove them as soon as you may.

Kobal: By deadening mortals to tragedy, they make Fate less fearsome. And they would glory in the ironies of a mortal dying to Fate at the last moment, when Destiny was within reach. They are more dangerous than even they know, and must be dealt with quickly.

Kronos: These are, of course, our bitterest enemies. Where Servitors of Kronos are, there you should be too, thwarting them, removing their foul influence from the mortals they attack. A special course on the dangers and warning signs of the Bands of Fate will be given in the St. Peter room, tomorrow.

Malphas: Factionalization and paranoia are what these Servitors specialize in. If your charges are particularly vunerable to this, the Servitors of Malphas can be very dangerous; if you are lucky, these will be only minor threats. Still, they *are* threats.


Nybbas: Distressingly aligned with Fate, though the Servitors of the Media do not always realize this. In particular, their human servants are at extreme risk of meeting their Fates before we can do anythig about it. Sometimes our efforts are best bent towards freeing those indirectly captivated. Sometimes, Destiny can even work *through* movies or television, in which case you must only be subtle enough that they don't notice that you have done good -- until it is too late for them.

Saminga: More interested in killing humans than in bringing them to their Fates. Half are capable of silent kills, formidible in corporeal combat. Many have vicious undead around them.

Valefor: To those who believe in Robin Hood, these hoodlums can be very dangerous, leading mortals to "fun" and abandoning them just as they discover crime is more often a path to Fate than not... Fortunately, you usually only have to deal with them for a few days at a time.

Vapula: They can, and will, twist technological geniuses to Fated infamy of creating death-machines. Some have demon-created devices that can spot celestials, and can be most inconvenient.

Lilith: Servitors of Lilith are enigmatic creatures -- "Freedom" is a Word that can be read selfishly or unselfishly, and it is not always clear which way Lilith herself intreprets it at any given moment. Watch carefully and interfere if they are promoting human Fates, but don't assume that the actions are automatically unconducive to Destiny. They *probably* are, but... Sometimes we wonder what Lilith's Destiny was -- or is.


By: Adam Canning <Dahak@CompuServe.COM>

#14: As delivered by a Servitor of Litheroy (Revelation)


Balseraphs: They cannot even accept the way the universe is. Show them their mistakes. And weep for the misguided servants of truth.

Djinn: They hide their true feelings from themselves, As deviant as you will find.

Calabim: Not really our concern; all they do is destroy.

Habbalah: They bend people's truths. Prevent them.

Lilim: They expose truth, for their own benefit. If you have no secret desires, they cannot fulfill them.

Shedim: They hide behind peoples eyes, their vile secret perversions to perform. Destroy them.

Impudites: they hide their leeching behind smiles and chatter. Expose them.

Servitors of...

Alaemon: Traitors to our ranks, they must be opposed as they try to hide things to gain power.

Andrealphus: They like the squalid secrets of the brothel and the drugden.

Asmodeus: Why does he work with Dominic? His minions destroy the truth in minor ways and hide more than they reveal.

Baal: Open as far as the Demon Princes go; his lies and secrets are those of a military bent.

Beleth: They bend the truth and hide the light of the soul. Show their victims the truth.

Belial: They have few secrets but refuse to believe that fire is the servant not the master.

Fleurity: They tell us things about ourselves that we may not wish to know, but we must face them, and help mortals face them, head-on. We must also unmask the Servitors of Drugs for what they are -- Friends of the Quest and Masters of Discovery will have advantages in tracking them to their squalid lairs. [Austin Loomis]

Furfur: They use the truth as a weapon. Feel free to return the favor. [Austin Loomis]

Haagenti: Send them a diet plan.

Kobal: Their jokes pervert the world to hurt humans, cure them with the truth.

Kronos: They try to hide the fates of men to lead them to hell. Show these truths so that their victims can reach heaven.

Malphas: Through lies they work to destroy the fabric of society. Use the needle of truth to sew it back up.


Nybbas: They pervert the greatest medium for the revelation of truth and mock us with their cheque book journalism.

Saminga: They hide their undead among the living and work to prevent souls from arriving at the revelation. Pity his ex-human minions because they believed his lies.

Valefor: They steal things to hide them from the world. Find them and reveal them.

Vapula: Watch them they have lots of tricks in their bag [Brain Hacking Included] but they help our ends as well as hinder. The humans believe Roger Cook and Micheal Moore more than they believe the tabloids. Television is the best way to expose the truth available. If you have to fight them talk to Orc first.

Lilith: She has been our ally as much as our enemy. Freedom engenders revelation.


By: Adam Canning <Dahak@CompuServe.COM>

#15: As delivered by a Servitor of Christopher (Children)


Balseraphs: Don't talk to strange Celestials. There are few stranger.

Djinn Not even teddy bears cheer them up.

Calabim: They can destroy even child-proof toys.

Habbalah: They make children cry for fun and they claim to be angels. They have to go.

Lilim: Some lilim now specialise in baseball cards and other collectibles stocking up for the future. Mark them down for destruction.

Shedim: They are stranger. They can twist children to do anything

Impudites: Dont play with people you don't know. This lot can make anyone smile even if you should not.

Servitors of...

Alamemon: Lying is wrong, even when it is not. Secrets etch the pure crystal of innocence and cloud it with the darkness of adulthood.

Andrealphus: Child sexual abuse is among their favour activities. Kill them before they destroy innocence.

Asmodeus: He rarely troubles us for the innocent have no fear of games.

Baal: Really likes Action Men and toy guns. And real ones -- a definite bad influence.

Beleth: The Bogeymen. Seek Blandine's agents to help you chase away the dream monsters.

Belial: Fire burns. Treat it with caution.


Furfur: A classic example of the evils of Rock Music. Subliminally twisting the minds of the innocent. Nothing for it but ear plugs.

Haagenti: There are little children in Africa who do not get enough to eat each night. Haagenti would make it all children every where.

Kobal: Their jokes pervert the innocent in a very dangerous way.

Kronos: Watch for his minions. They will show you by their actions which children need the most protection.

Malphas: The innocent have no faction politics. How he grinds his teeth about that.


Nybbas: Thanks to Nybbas, Television rots the soul like fizzy drinks rot teeth.

Saminga: Undead are icky. It is the knowledge that death can take you that marks the passage to adulthood.

Valefor: Theft is wrong. Roaring around on motorcycles gives a bad rolemodel for children. All in all not one to let near your charges.

Vapula: he invented the video game which leaches at innocence and prevents social activity.

Lilith: She doesn't like children because they tie you down and take away from your freedom. Look what she has done to her own daughters.


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