Interview with the Balseraph

By Leath Sheales


Hello, my friend. Thank you for inviting me here today. What is that you say? No, I am not late. You distinctly said that our appointment should commence at 6:30 PM, not 6 PM as you apparently believe. I am quite sure, I have it written in my diary. Shall I retrieve it for you? Do you have your diary on you? No? Well, I think under the circumstances that you should believe me, since you have no proof yourself. What was that? You were wrong? Ah, yes, that I do believe. No, my friend, no apologies are necessary, it was a simple mistake anyone could have made, even myself.

So you wish to know what it is like to be a Balseraph, one of the holiest of the free? Well I can begin by telling you that despite what the hosts of Heaven may say, Balseraphs did not have far to Fall in the days of the rebellion. That is Heavenly propaganda for you. For all their Celestial beauty, the Seraphim pale before our true magnificence. The Seraphim, as you should be aware, resonate for truth, but their truth is a lie. The Seraphim believe that truth is absolute, that no one can corrupt it. Ask any Seraph and he will tell you. He will not be able to avoid telling you, so deluded is he in his lie. But I tell you today that the truth is dependant on the most subjective viewpoints. Show a husband sufficient proof that his wife is having an affair and then have a Seraph ask him if she is. To the Holy One, his affirmative answer will ring with God's own truth, for that is how the human believes the world to be, that is his truth. You and I know the real truth, however, that this poor man may have been deluded in his viewpoint by fabricated evidence. Prove this to the Seraph and he will deny it angrily, further compounding his acceptance of the lie. His limited Symphony detects only the subjective answer of the human as an objective conclusion. This exercise may be extended as evidence of the hidden truth I am about to tell you. Balseraphs did not 'Fall' during Lucifer's rebellion, as the Hosts say, rather they became enlightened.

I see the sceptical look on your face at that, but consider what I have told you and see that I speak truly. When a Balseraph speaks, he is able to strip away the subjectivity of the Truth that a Seraph must blindly follow and decipher that Truth as it was meant to be heard. A Balseraph is able to see the context of a statement and interpret what was meant and what was not meant. Additionally, the Balseraph may offer his interpretation of the Truth to the person who has spoken and see if they agree. Often they are able to see that what we say is what they meant. Show me a Seraphim who can do that. They are so busy trying to clean out their ears from the supposed 'false notes' of a lie that they can never offer their constructive help to the humans who speak to them.

What did you say? That we are not here to help humans? My dear friend, nothing could be further from the truth. This War we fight against Heaven has nothing to do with the Heavenly Hosts nor the Hordes of Hell. This War is about the humans whom we interact with. Each and every one of them can be recruited as our allies in this War, and to do this we must help them to see the Truth. That Heaven is a lie and God the great Oppressor. Consider this; if demons came from Hell in great numbers and slaughtered the humans without consideration to our goal, how long do you think it would take humanity to unite with the angels? That is not our plan and we can never allow it to become our plan. We must help the humans to understand their place in this Symphony and to join with us to overthrow the oppressors. I see that you are giving due thought to my words. That is good.

Well, my friend, I see by the time that our interview must come to an end. I have much to do and I am sure your master would also desire you to return to your tasks. No, I am quite sure that when you contacted me our agreement was for one half-hour interview, not a full hour. Yes, I have an excellent memory, and as we have already established you did not bring your diary. I can easily retrieve mine and prove to you... no, you accept my words. Good, I can see that we will be friends for a long time to come. Thankyou for this time, my friend, I enjoyed myself immensely. You agreed to pay for our drinks, did you not? Good. Until next time, keep safe. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions.

Leath Sheales.


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