Inteview with the Djinn

By Leath Sheales


!WARNING!- This one contains a little bit of bad language.

Hey! Yeah, I'm here. I had nothin' better to do anyway, so here I am. So, whaddya wanta know? What? What it's like to be a Djinn? Jeeze, I dunno why you'd care 'bout stuff like that, I sure as Hell don't. I mean, I am one, so why care about what it's like? Anyway, like I said, I'm not doin' anythin' better, so I'll bullshit on with you for a while.

Where d'you want to start? Doesn't worry me either way. The Fall? Okay. When Lucifer started his little Rebellion, he promised us that we'd have the freedom to do what we wanted after God was gone. He was a Seraph, we believed his words, so some Cherubim followed him. Now your basic Cherub is an jerk. He gets all up-tight bonded to something, then gets stroppy if you go and break it on him. Heh, some are cool enough, like Dominic's. They can 'tune themselves into someone then beat the snot outta him under the pretense of Judgement. Heh, but Dom's a jerk nobody likes. Kinda like Azzie but with a bigger stick shoved up his butt. I heard that Lucifer's Rebellion kinda twisted him and he fell but refused to accept it, like a Habbalite. So now he's like the ultimate Balseraph, lying to himself that he's still an angel and always wearin' those stupid robes in case someone notices. Heh, anyway, who cares? It makes no difference to me, but it's a cool thought.

Anyway, the Rebellion happened, Lucy Fell, blah blah, old news, who cares? So here we are, the Djinn, spent all our stupid Cherubic lives guarding crap and Lucifer says "You're free". So we don't have to guard any more. None of this stupid "tying your Forces to a stupid human" or nothin'. A few of 'em couldn't cut it, 'tuned 'emselves stupidly to everything, trying to gain their old lives back. End up breaking the things they 'tuned to from anger and make 'emselves Dissonant as Hell. The rest of us are smart, see? We realise that we don't have to care, so we're not gonna. See, we can wander 'round the place, not giving a shit 'bout nothin'. Sometimes we 'tune ourselves to something, just for the Hell of it, you know, not 'cause we care 'bout it, just 'cause we can! Then if you're lucky, you can kill it or have it killed, then step back and say "That didn't hurt", not like a stupid Cherub who'd be crying on the floor.

Anyway, that's about what it's like to be a Djinn. We don't care and we love it! You payin' for the drinks? Cool. I just had the coffee. No.. don't.. stop, DON'T TAKE MY FRIGGING CUP, YOU BASTARD, IT'S MINE!! What? No, I don't care, it's just a cool cup, think I'll hang onto it for a while. Piss off. Call me again someday, or don't. I don't care.

By Leath Sheales.


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