Interview with the Lilim

By Leath Sheales


Why hello. No, it was no trouble, I'm always happy to help someone like you. Someday you may be able to help me with something, but let's not worry about that right now.

I've been told you've already interviewed demons from most of the major Bands, and now it's my turn. Well, I'll tell you what I can, which may be a little or a lot. What is it worth to you? Okay.

We, the Lilim, are like no other being in creation. People are constantly debating what we are and what we are not, but here's what I can reveal to you: we are Lilim. Pure and simple, we defy classification. Now every Demon Prince can fracture a few of their own Forces off and make a new demon of any other Band except us. Each of us is a separate, unique individual made by our Mother, and the other demons both love and hate us for it. Now I'm not going to tell you how Mother makes us, that would be worth more than mine annd your existences combined. The others, including the Demon Princes, love us because we are so useful. Nobody can do what we do, no one can fill our role. We gather power over others, with Geases. Why, is up to each Lilim. Some do it for their Prince. Some do it for Freedom and some do it purely for fun and power. Each Lilim costs a Prince to aquire, and they treat us like the prized investments we are. No Lilim will ever be given menial jobs, unless they really annoy their Prince. We are above and beyond the common Hell-spawned scum. This is why the others hate us as well. We are better than them, more valuable than them, and they know it. So sometimes we have to watch our backs. That's why the Sisters stick together. They'll watch out for each other, warning of danger, and one day we'll return the favour.

Another reason they hate us is that Lilim never Fell. Unlike others, we are not flawed, imperfect, pathetic copies of our Divine cousins. We are Lilim, special and unique. I've heard of a few Lilim who have exercised their love of freedom and have gone Bright. They don't change who they are. I've heard that the few Archangels who can get their hands on a Lilim treat them as even more valuable than the Demon Princes do. Now that's an ego boost. Unfortunately these Bright few make life for the rest of us more complicated, because now Asmodeus watches the rest of us more carefully than ever. Oh well.

Anyway, I must be going. It was so pleasing to have this little talk with you. Please, I'll pay for the drinks, don't trouble yourself. We'll just say that you owe me one.

By Leath Sheales.


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