Interview with the Shedite

By Leath Sheales


Hey! How are you doing? I'm glad you gave me your description, I never know what I'm going to turn up in. Do you like him? His name's Steven. He was a quiet accounting student before I found him a few days ago. Now he's wanted for petty theft, grand theft auto, sexual assault and tonight we are going for murder-one. Then I'll find another.

So what's it like to be a Shedite? "Cool" is the best way to descibe it. We never have hang-ups about looks, height, weight or anything. If we don't like it, trade up. Find a newer, better model. We were descended from Kyriotates in the Fall, and man am I glad we abandoned that! The rebellion was about freedom, and we embody that! Or perhaps I should say we are Freedom's spirit. He he he. Anyway, Kyriotates go for multiple action, lots of hosts, completely blowing your mind sideways. It's kind of cool but I don't miss it. Shedim are specialists, We pick and choose our hosts carefully, going for the right one. We offer them freedom. Freedom of action and thought.. Now people say we corrupt, but do you know how hard it is to get someone to do something they absolutely hate? No way! We look for those who would if only they had the freedom, then we give it to them. Humans are such fun, all these desires and urges hidden behind veils of society. We open their minds, allow them to experience their fantasy. Not like the Kyriotates. They take over completely, controlling their hosts. We allow the host to ride along, offering advice and giving the odd push here or there when they are unsure. Kyriotates are like the ultimate masturbation machines, having sex with themselves, where we Shidim are the ultimate in understanding partners. Want to know how to really piss a Kyrio off? Shoot his host then take it from him. Sure it hurts a bit to have the damaged host, but you only need it for a second. It messes with their minds and gives them Dissonance. Great, hey?

Sure, we generallly only open a human's mind to the darker things, but humans enjoy what they call 'good stuff' all the time. We expand their horizons, give them opportunites they'd never have otherwise. Humans live such short lives, they should experience all they can here and now. If more humans knew the satisfaction of having sex with someone besides their husband or wife, or knew the joy of killing someone in their way, they'd do it. We show them what they want to know. We are social engineers, constructing humanity into perfect anarchy and corruption.

So, that's about it. Do you like this gun? We bought it off a street punk for a bargain! Now we're off to show Steve's miserable girlfriend that he can be a man. It'll be fun. Be sure to watch the news tonight, I'll wave to you. Bye!

By Leath Sheales.


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