Why Humans work for Angels

by Adam Canning (Dahak@compuserve.com)

From: Calabim@aol.com
}So much time is spent talking about how awful it is being an angel's servant and what pesky jerks they are that I wonder at the fact any have servants at all. I'd like to see a little discussion on the list and in printed material about how swell they can be and why I would WANT to risk my life for them. I mean, these servants can't ALL be being blackmailed!

A few possible other reasons, not all totally valid or justifiable but people are like that. [so overlap is inevitable]

1 - Powertrip
"Hey, I get to hang out with supernatural entites who want me to kill people every so often."

2 - Boredom
"Either I spend my time with really interesting things and shoot rather strange things or I carry on as a Cost Accountant."

3 - It's Gods Will
"God sent an Angel to tell me to do things, who am I to argue."

4 - Family Tradition
"My father before me served Mistress Dominique."

5 - Insanity
"These voices in my head tell me to do things."

6 - Personal feelings for the Angel in question
"Isn't he so cute? I know he's not human but does that matter when one is in love."

7 - Personal Intrest
"Well it may be dangerous but I've gained some friends with useful abilities out of it. Sometimes, though, you just have to bend the truth a little to get them to help out."

8 - Curiosity
"Well, I've seen the holy lance and a dragon and dozens of different demons and angels. How many people can say that?"

9 - Sense of Duty
"It's difficult to work wtih angels but when the chips are down we couldn't effectively fight the demons without their help."

10 - Sense of Honour
"Well, I thought the society of Light was just one of these clubs like the mason's, but I swore the oath to oppose evil and I'll be damned if I'm going to break my word -- figuratively and literally at that, I suppose."

11 - Pay
"Look, I do private eye work for this guy -- so who cares if he's a talking lion with wings and his boss is made of solid gold? The pay's good and it's no worse than process-serving on the Militias."

12 - Carried along by force of personality
"Well, gee, I don't know why I do it, just something to do, I guess."

13 - Redemmed Soldier of Hell
"They helped me get my soul back; now I'm going to help kick ass."

14 - Mutual Interest
"Yeah, I know he's one of Lawrence's Malakim, but he's no worse than most of the rookie partners I've had in my time on the beat and he has this nose for criminals."

15 - It's Cool
"Hey, it's like Buffy the Vampire slayer, for real!"

16 - Slow Illumination
"It took three years to discover my partner, Special Agent Mulder, was a Seraph of Litheroy, but I'm in too far to back out now."

17 - Revenge
"One of them there Cabalim blew up my wife and my children and house and my car, and I'm going to get them all for it and working with Gabby and her friends is going to help me do that."

18 - Peer Pressure
"This strange guy came round back when we was just a street gang, first we thought he was just a gook till he taught us these shit hard martial arts -- now we go round steaming demons rather than little old ladies; it's more dangerous but more fun and I'm with my mates so that's all right, ain't it?"

19 - Ignorance
"You mean I'm working for an angel? I thought I was working for a normal conspiricy!"

20 - Someone else's problem
"Look I'm a SEAL, I shoot people for Uncle Sam. I let the Officers worry about who we shoot."

21 - Archangel Eli


By Calabim@aol.com:

22: MUTUAL INTERESTS....I have some college age mortals who have been recruited. The philosopher of the group is quite appreciative of out Angel of Yves. The mortal who was considering a military career is awed by our resident Malakim of Micheal.

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