Kronos, Prince of Fate

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

The World is sliding towards the Pit; all it needs is one more little shove.


Kronos is the only remaining member of Hell with a direct tie to the Symphony, and he passes this connection on to his Servitors. When he Fell, however, his first sense of the universe's Fate was his own.

Kronos' Fate, which he believes to be unavoidable, is that he shall end his existence in Hell, alone.

Kronos has accepted his Fate - what else could he do? - as being inevitable. However, he has determined that if he is going to end his days in defeat, he will take as much of he can of the goodness and potential light of the world and plunge it into the same dark depths he is bound for.

Kronos has been very, very good at this job, and Armageddeon itself is considered to be his finest accomplishment, though all the Princes had a hand in it. Today, he commands the remaining organized armed forces of Hell - primarily Asmodeus' and Baal's former Servitors - as well as his old Servitors. He acts as Viceroy of Occupied Heaven and pro tempore ruler of Hades until a new Demon Prince may be named to fully replace Asmodeus. (Lucifer installed a Wordbound demon, the Demon of Subjugation, to do this, but as of yet he has not been granted the power of a Prince.)

In effect, Kronos runs the day-to-day operations of all Hell, since Saminga has no interest in it. Whereas Saminga rules by threat of power, Kronos holds a more insiduous grip over lesser demons. He is second in power after Saminga, though not by terribly much if Saminga lost the Granite Throne, and he does not bother to ask Saminga about chastizing or eliminating disobedient or troublesome demons anywhere in Hell.

Kronos is livid that Yves lives, and even more furious that Lucifer Redeemed. Where Yves sees Lucifer as holding the Destiny of Creation in his hands, Kronos sees Lucifer as the Fate of the world, and it is a sharp betrayal in Kronos' eyes to have such a dark Power become Light again. He is New Heaven's most implacable enemy, and only the fact that he has no ambition for rulership of Hell stays his hand now.

(stats listed only as they differ from the IN Rulebook)


Kronos is, for the most part, aloof from the politics of Hell. He has gone on record as neither supporting nor hindering any attempt at overthrow over Saminga - 'If Saminga is Fated to rule, he shall rule. If he is Fated to fall, he shall fall. It is not for me to interfere.' Malphas has given up completely on trying to manipulate him, not realizing that in some ways Kronos is subtly manipulating -him- for maximum chaos. Haagenti mocks him as before, irking the old Balseraph as much as ever. He ignores the rest as nonentities, all eventually Fated to join him in the Void...

HOSTILE: Haagenti


As acting commander of all Hell's forces, Kronos is more active than before, trying to shift all of Creation that much more into its Fate. As such, any demon under Kronos' command may attempt to summon him... but he still keeps a special attention for his chosen Servitors.



-3 if summoner is not a Servitor of Fate

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