Saminga, Prince of Death

By: redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)

The horror which was Saminga smiled its rotted, hideous grin as it watched the latest harvest of souls in Abaddon. Several among the harvest were angels, Mercurians and Ofanim in particular, squirming and crying out in terror and agony as their souls were stripped randomly of forces. As he watched, one Angel's cry faded, and its Celestial body crumbled into nothingness.

Stupid angels, Saminga frowned. They die too hard and yield so little when they do. Human souls are so much better. They're good to the last Force.

Saminga sighed, turning away from the entertainment to attend to business. For some reason, he felt a need to sit on his chair for a while. Every day, for some reason, something called him down to the depths of Hell to check on it. He hated doing it - the puny Demon Princes were always there, nagging him about one inconsequential thing after another. We need your help to do this, we need your help to do that, they always say.

When will they quit nagging me about the little things and get to work on killing the rest of the humans? The War's over, the handful of puny free angels remaining are beneath the notice of the Ultimate Evil. Death will come to them in all its terror soon enough.

Saminga grinned happily as his servants bowed when he passed. Good lads. Very much what the Ultimate Evil should have in help. Not like others, oh no. Look at Malphas, he actually lets his Servants talk back to him, lets them have -ideas.- That's just wrong. Servants are there to obey, worship, and get stepped on. He knows, he was a servant once. Good one, too, until he ran away, very good.

Very bad now. The baddest. The Ultimate Evil. Nothing badder than him now. And every day his servants made sure his Evil spread across the world, one corpse at a time.

It's good to be Death.

Saminga is, if anything, even more insane than before Armageddeon. It would be very, very fair to say that the power his Word gained in the weeks leading up to the actual battle, as wars broke out all across the Earth, went straight to his head. To add to this power, he had personally gone among the humans and fed, building his power with their Forces, amusing himself by turning whole provinces into graveyards, or even zombie kingdoms. Transylvania was literally full of vampires now, as it should be. (Of course, they're getting plenty hungry with not a single human left in that part of Romania...)

When Lucifer Redeemed, the tiny part of Saminga's mind which held some sanity picked up on the power vacuum. Since Armageddeon, Saminga had grown more powerful than any other Demon Prince, but not strong enough by himself to stand if they all (or even if many, say three or more) ganged up against him. With the first alarm in Abaddon, Saminga was already on the Throne Lucifer had created, claiming it for himself, Attuning it to himself. Once on the throne, Saminga became unstoppable; he was, in truth, the Ultimate Evil.

Unfortunately for the forces of Hell, Saminga has no concept of what to do with this power. Most of the time he doesn't even realize the Throne adds to his power at all - he's always been the Ultimate Evil. He doesn't care about granting Words, or Principalities, or stamping out the few remaining Angels - all these things are beneath his attention. They don't matter. Only Death and obedience to Saminga matter.

Saminga, in effect, is New Heaven's strongest ally and worst foe rolled up into one. He's promoting Death more than ever, with Earth's population still in a steep negative population growth curve - 2.5 billion and dropping like a stone - but at the same time he's paralyzed Hell's power structure, with most of the remaining Demon Princes watching and waiting to see what he will do. Some, like Haagenti, wonder what his plan is; most of the rest know he HAS no plan, and worry as they look across the Marches to see the gleaming beacon of Hope mocking their victory.

(Info listed here only as changed from the IN Rulebook.)


Haagenti is Saminga's only ally of any sort. Haagenti doesn't bother him with useless trivia about renegade Princes and free Archangels. He just asks him where the food is and helps out Saminga's cause by having people gorge themselves to death and starve others at the same time. Kronos actually keeps the day-to-day business of the Occupation and Hell going, and stands silently beside Saminga in those brief times the Prince of Death sits in state on the Granite Throne; he obeys Saminga's orders, so Saminga indulges him. He couldn't care less about the rest of the Princes, which might be his undoing, especially since at least two of those Princes, possibly -all- of them, are plotting against him...

ALLIED: No one
ASSOCIATED: Haagenti, Kronos
HOSTILE: Everyone else

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