Soldiers of Humanity

by Hatcher Rhanyr

This group is dedicated to a purpose that humanity should be allowed to decide their own fate or destiny without Celestial interference. They feel that in the Celestial War there is only one thing is guaranteed, that whomever wins, humanity will always lose. So this group tries to prevent either side from gaining substantially in the War.

Members of The Soldiers are ranked in a military fashion according to who is in command. All beginning members are given the rank of Private. As of the past year there were approximately 250 Privates world wide.

[As far as game mechanics go Privates should have 4-5 Total Forces]

Directly above the Privates in rank are the Sergeants. It is rumored that for ever five Privates there is one Sergeant. So therefore there should be approximately 50 Sergeants.

[Sergeants should have at least 5 Forces. Some may have 6 Forces but these are rare individuals]

Above the Sergeants are the Lieutenants. Like their lower ranking members for ever five Sergeants there should be one Lieutenant, so that would make 10 Lieutenants.

[Lieutenants should have six forces]

The next highest rank is that of Captain. Supposedly there are only two Captains, one for each hemisphere.

[The Captains should have 7 Forces]

Finally there is the General. He/she oversees the entire organization.

[Please Note that I may detail the Captains of the Soldiers and the General at a later time. I might detail some of the Lieutenants as well as some Sergeants too]

Abilities of the Soldiers

Some of the members of the Soldiers of Humanity have displayed some abilities not generally granted human beings. Privates rarely ever display any of these abilities as they are not high enough rank yet. Most Sergeants possess the Song of Healing (Corporeal/1). This can vary with the individual but no Sergeant should posses this song at a higher level than 2. Lieutenants often possess the Song of Healing (Corporeal/3). The Captains supposedly possess the Song of Healing (Corporeal/5). Finally the General supposedly possess this Song at Level 6.

The Soldiers of Humanity may be able to use other songs, or abilities but the Song of Healing is the only one known to be possessed by most members.

Adventure Seed

If the PC's are Human

The PC's are approached by an enigmatic individual stating that he is a Sergeant in The Soldiers of Humanity. He's been watching the PC's for some time now and feels that it is time that they learn that in the end human beings are the ones who will suffer. This Sergeant may be a good way of introducing the PC's into an IN Campaign as the Soldiers of Humanity wage war on both Angels and Demons alike.

If the PC's are Celestial

Recently the PC's have learned about this group calling themselves the Soldiers of Humanity. The PC's have been assigned by their superiors to investigate this new organization and determine it's potential as a threat to the War. Under no certain terms are the PC's suppose to engage with the Soldiers... "Yet". The Soldiers themselves though are under no such restrictions and when they become aware of the PC's (which eventually they will), they'll try everything they know to get in the PC's way and prevent them from doing anything.

My Thoughts

I am planning on using this organization in my games. The S/H should be considered extremists. They might even be lumped into the Terrorist category, however in most cases they do not want to hurt people, just that innocent people were involved with the Celestials (which in their mindframe doesn't make them innocent any more).

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