A Little History, or,
"What Ever Happened to Khalid?"

From one of Derek's emails to the In Nomine List.
This is Copyright 1997 Derek Pearcy/SJ Games, as appropriate.

[Khalid's] the only big guy we know of who wasn't at least mentioned anywhere in the book. In the modern day, Khalid is not merely the protecter of Faith, but the guardian Archangel of Islam. This puts him at odds with Laurence, Archangel of the Sword, who is the guardian Archangel of Christianity, and Dominic, the tight-sphinctered Archangel of Judgment.

Almost 1500 years ago, Gabriel, Archangel of Fire, narrated the Koran to Mohammed and started Islam. Islam became an incredible threat to Christianity. Uriel, as the Archangel of Purity and that era's protector of Christianity, convinced Dominic that Gabriel's actions were heretical -- even though she'd been ordered to do so by Yves, the inscrutible Archangel of Destiny -- and tried to have her exiled from Heaven. Khalid (along with others, most notably Michael, Archangel of War) grew mistrustful of Yves, even though Yves moved with political machinations to stop Dominic's persecution of Gabriel. Gabriel left Heaven of her own accord, building a new mosque in the caldera of a volcano which sits on the edge between the ethereal landscapes of Blandine, Archangel of Dreams, and the furthermost edge of Heaven.

It would be impossible for him to mass Heaven's armies to attack the volcano on their own perimeter; the Seraphim Council would not have allowed it. Uriel knew he would have to raze Blandine's end of the Marches as an excuse to get at Gabriel.

At this time, both Laurence and Khalid were powerful angels of Purity in the service of Uriel. Uriel waged war on the Earth's creatures of myth, knowing the dragons to be a favorite of Gabriel, and eventually took the battle to the Marches -- the ethereal realm of dreams which lays between the celestial realms of Heaven and Hell, and the Earth -- and attacked the remaining creatures of myth while getting a head start on taking out the pagan gods. Many hid in the Far Marches, or the dark side of the ethereal realm (ruled by Beleth, Demon Princess of Nightmares); many were slain by the agents of Uriel.

In a move that surprised everyone, Uriel was recalled to Paradise by God for his pains, leaving a power vacuum in the celestial hierarchy. Khalid was furious when Laurence took Uriel's place as leader of Heaven's troops and protector of Christianity, thinking himself to be a more experienced choice. Khalid, not only to snub his nose at Laurence but to show support for Gabriel, took up stewardship of Islam and became Archangel of Faith. He'll be included in the supplement introducing Islam, but I don't know when that will be. He may show up in an issue of Pyramid before then. He's a bad-ass and I'd like to see him in people's games; we just didn't seem to have the room to do justice to Islam and all the issues Khalid has to grapple with in just two pages.

(By the way, Uriel gets a little play in Night Music, as we introduce the Purifiers, the Vatican's secret cult of Soldiers of God. You'll see Uriel up close and personal in The Marches, the supplement scheduled after Night Music, when we introduce the angelic Servitors of Purity who have retained contact with their Superior and continue to do his work in the lands of the remaining pagan dieties. The Marches also fleshes out the Servitors of Blandine, Archangel of Dreams, and Beleth, Demon Princess of Nightmares and shelterer of the surviving creatures of myth.)

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