Attunements for Oannes, Archangel of the Waters

By Douglas Muir


Seraphim (restricted): Oannes' Seraphim could dissolve falsehood, cleansing the Symphony of lies. With a touch, they could cause disguises, camouflage, and other physical forms of deceit to simply melt away. Living beings touched by these angels would get a Will roll to resist; if it failed, the pure Truth would flood through them. They would not be compelled to speak or act, but they would be unable to lie in any way for hours equal to their check digit -- silence, or truth, would be their only options. Balseraphs particularly hated and feared these angels.

Cherubim (restricted): The Cherubim of the Waters could "conduct" their resonance through water for increased effect. If the subject of their attunement was in contact with at least a handful of water (or ice or snow, or a large quantity of fog or steam), they would automatically succeed in resonating, and with a 6 on the check digit. They could also remove resonance with no chance for dissonance by bathing or washing the subject.

Ofanim (restricted): With a touch, Oannes' Wheels could convert up to 10 gallons/Corporeal Force of water into steam (a gallon of water makes about 30 cubic yards of vapor). The Ofanim could see through their own vapors clearly, but all others were blinded; all Songs, Resonances, Attunements, and attacks not made at point blank range would be penalized at least -4.

Elohim (restricted): Elohim of the Waters were like calm reflecting pools. They not only could sense emotions and motivations, but explain them, in such a way as to make the other see himself objectively and clearly. The emotional equivalent of Yves' Divine Logic attunement, this could be used in a variety of ways -- to calm, to bring self-understanding, or to deter a hasty and dangerous action -- depending on the circumstances. Subjects hostile to the angel would get a Will roll to resist.

Malakim: The Virtues of the Waters were Heaven's shapeshifters. Simply by making a Will roll, they could alter their vessels as per the Celestial Song of Form... but with a duration of days times the check digit.

Kyriotates (restricted): If their host was touching a body of water (a small pond or larger), these Dominations could take celestial form without disturbing the Symphony. Furthermore, time spent in the water in celestial form would not count against their time limit for finding another host.

Mercurians: Oannes' Mercurians were charged with helping humans use water; they sailed ships, ran bathhouses, and helped design irrigation canals. They could instantly locate leaks or seepage in any structure, and any structure built by them would be completely leak-proof for years equal to the angel's total Forces. Further, they could recognize tainted water or drink with a glance, and remove the taint with a touch.

Aquatic Passage: By stepping into any body of water, the angel could dissolve his corporeal vessel into it, and move through the water undetectably at up to the speed of sound in water (roughly 1000 mph). The angel could thus step into a mountain stream, and emerge an hour later at the distant sea island. The angel remained aware of his immediate surroundings while dissolved, and could "recondense" his vessel at any time.

Part the Waters: If the angel desired it, any body of water would part to allow passage to the angel, and anyone accompanying him. Both "any body" and "anyone accompanying him" were interpreted liberally -- this attunement could make a tunnel through a glacier or a dry trail along ocean bottom, and hundreds of humans could accompany the angel if he willed it. The passage would collapse when the angel willed it.

Rites (no longer functional, of course)


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